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Rate me

Please be gentle oWo
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hope you are hanging yourself faggot
castrate yourself
where'd you get the top, h&m? go back to fucking /r/streetwear you piece of shit.

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Redpill me on the no shampoo meme. Are there any actual benefits and if so, what are they?

Pic completely unrelated.
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I don't shampoo, but I rinse and condition. I don't think my hair looks any better, but neither does it look worse. And I don't buy shampoo.
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Fucking listen to me right now anon

I've been doing my hair slicked back for like a 6 months now and the product made it look weird, I was using shampoo every day.

I stopped using shampoo 6 days ago, only taking a regular shower once a day, and my hair has never been better.

I could not recommend dropping shampoo more.

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You must pick one style for the rest of your life.
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preppy easily
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Full Hyde
preppy of course (though I didn't know "preppy" meant "mfa"

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New cringe thread
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fucking kek
Kill yourself if you actually found that funny

His style is top tier .
Any ideas on the shoe brand ?
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asos tan chelsea
stupid questions in fuckboygeneral or where 2 cop. ffs
His style is fucking shit.

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How can I get into prep style?
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Fuck off you preppy faggots. None of you skinny fat dark eyebagged losers can ever pull this look off.
Start off with fratcore and as winter / fall come along, move into chinos and sweaters until you find the right look

If you're a poorfag like me, go to thrift stores. Prep is timeless and there's sooo much good stuff if you know what to look for.
Prep was made for ugly people. As long as you aren't black or overweight, you can look good in it.

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Anyone here shop on Taobao?
Any reccomendations on Taobao stores?

My gf shops a lot there and there are honestly fucking gorgeous, very well designed pieces at very low prices as far as womenswear goes

But all the menswear I've found is hideous and tacky as shit
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Example of some random cool womenswear store we just found

But all the menswear is ugly as shit
Reddit has designer rep where they're constantly sifting through taobao and posting the good stuff. Most of it is Gucci or Versace stuff
I'm not looking for reps of hype pieces tho, just good designs of good construction quality and at Taobao prices

The pieces my gf buys are seriously great, quality and designs much better than any western high street brands and comparable or even lower prices

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photo (2).jpg
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Last one was cool.

What do you think about scout patches? Some goat designs and layouts.
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bought pic related when it was originally released, and even then it was restock from cancelled payments.

sold it for 50-60 Euros couple of years ago.

now it's worth around 1000 Euros.
Shit, that looks beautiful.
I remember seeing a patch on here forever ago of two men being hanged with one of them pushing the other down and trying to stand on his shoulders. I think it was copied from a painting. Appreciate any help.

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What are some /fa/ pins
Or share some of the ones you have
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I'll give u a bump
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these are autistic

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Alright boys, I need some Hawaiian shirt inspo.
Post what you have.
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so adorable.jpg
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Bowling shirts are also due for a fashionable comeback
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Dayum... that actor is actually a Jew.
It's something different, and I think it's super high value.
you just don't see people in Hawaiian unless they're a somebody.

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Let's get a room inspo thread going

how the fuck do you arrange a 30'x11' room?
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>Star Wars
>popular-culture crap in general
I literally just grabbed a picture of a room I found you fucking mongoloids

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What does /fa/ think of 2010s fashion?
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Unfortunately, i am not an aesthetic race so i was wondering a series of suggestions for me to improve my style
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you look like a duck in these sneakers
>this body
>this sneakers

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what makes middle easterners effay?

Was Bill Evans effay?
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Yes. He does the 60s whiteboy look really well (sadly he fell victim to the times in the late 70s and started wearing the wide-collared, load-print shirts). Pretty hard look to pull off today. I don't have inspo but would welcome it.

Not to mention, he's probably one of the top 5 musicians, like, ever. His music has such a unique sound, the mixture of jazz and classical is just right. His stuff is serene enough that you can let it take you away, yet complex enough to please even the most technique-minded listener.

Fun fact: it is believed that he wrote the infamous "Blue in Green" as well as "Flamenco Sketches" off of Miles Davis' seminal "Kind of Blue" album.

Here's a little selection of my favorite tunes of his and a few pics I had on my computer:





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