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File: Men-suspenders.jpg (70KB, 415x500px)Image search: [Google]
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is there any suspender inspo?
are they effay?
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File: men-styles-suspenders.jpg (220KB, 736x981px)Image search: [Google]
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Very effay. And more comfortable than a belt imo. Looks good with beard
I doubt thosd tight ass pants would need suspenders
They look kinda silly when they're superfluous or a belt would look better. With casual clothing they definitely look better with more relaxed comfier fits. With a formal suit they're a must.

File: 018-153 Onitsuka Tiger.jpg (272KB, 640x427px)Image search: [Google]
018-153 Onitsuka Tiger.jpg
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Fuccboy tier
Love them, wish they will release the Mexico 66 in White/Black
Great cheap shoes

File: IMG_0113.jpg (104KB, 1045x699px)Image search: [Google]
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Is there anything more faggy than chelseas?
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t a l k s h i t p o s t f i t

I have no sense of fashion.
Post some female inspo
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File: 1979_PUMA no1 logo.jpg (14KB, 730x365px)Image search: [Google]
1979_PUMA no1 logo.jpg
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Protip: You can't

>Nike and Jordans (don't make me laugh, you like trash quality meme nigger shoes)

>Adidas (the only relevant thing they ever had was boost and a nigger named Kanye besides that you can only wear because you're a white girl who likes superstars)

>Converse (You have to be 18 or up to post here)

>NEW balance (Your grandad is the only one who should wear this piece of history)

>Kswiss (who?)
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go back to /pol/
skechers tbqh
Go back to the 99cent store for good t-shirt deals

File: IMG_0542.jpg (226KB, 1080x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Can you get more sleazy than this?
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Yes. My roommate drives an offwhite 80s caddilac and only wears wrinkled slacks/patterned button downs
Works as an independent lawyer and fucks his clients, smokes meth, coke, and heroin for fun on the weekends. Never not drunk, always listening to red hot chili peppers
He's a trip
the car is a bit too shiny, but yeah, cool fit
natty af

File: SPhotoEditor-20170912_213043.jpg (1MB, 1517x1517px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1517x1517px
I made the nose surgery. Even my mouth has been fixed. What you think, effay?
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Literally don't know which is before and after.

You've deleted the nostrils on the left so I assume that's the before shot.
you look the same, lmfao
looked better before

File: N4Vjpcg.jpg (53KB, 600x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Ask your stupid questions and fuccboi shit here.

I'll start, Black jeans, black boots, navy jacket.
Would a graphic tee be pushing it or plain white be all round better?
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Are Solovair as good as people say or are they just a meme?
does thrifting a pair of chucks the lowest of the low
white T
I've had a pair of 11 eye derby boots and they've been fantastic
not with the right attitude

File: fgffff.jpg (409KB, 869x973px)Image search: [Google]
409KB, 869x973px
post your face
get rated
get constructive criticism
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>Get constructive criticism
As if you could do anything really meaninful about the face you were born with.
constructive criticism relating to overall image, not just face. i.e. skin care, hair, style.
I mean, you can.. It's just really basic stuff that everyone already knows.

use accutane.
>lacking definition
lose weight
plastic surgery
>weak chin
>bad hairstyle for face
change hairstyle
have dentist fix.

File: florence 1989.jpg (894KB, 2856x2142px)Image search: [Google]
florence 1989.jpg
894KB, 2856x2142px
Found some old pics. Need ID on my old shoes.
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File: 000_3792.jpg (785KB, 2856x2142px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1992.jpg (974KB, 2856x2142px)Image search: [Google]
974KB, 2856x2142px
ID on these shoes?
File: 1991.jpg (904KB, 2142x2856px)Image search: [Google]
904KB, 2142x2856px
i was such cutie
woulda made a nice trap. my butt is naturally big

File: ph3a0osnsw2qbwe.png (560KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
560KB, 800x800px
Stores can't keep them in stock because the items immediately sell out.

How do you feel about this?
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Wearing make up is gay.
No one here even wears makeup. Fuck off.
She is a nice nigress, but her giant forehead ruins everything and also she is a nigger with a giant forehead

File: raf.jpg (170KB, 1917x974px)Image search: [Google]
170KB, 1917x974px
so this is what the people who talk about raf simons look like...
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like gorgio moroders autistic cousin
still better than most of /fa/
post modern hipster
still get more pussy than most /fa/gs

File: ss.jpg (11KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Are there any decent looking Adidas casual shoes that don't run ridiculously narrow? My foot is slightly wide but fits a normal width in just about every other brand. But Adidas fits snug af. The Superstars 2s fit fine but I don't want to look like a wigger. I have a gift card to Adidas so I gotta make this work.
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I've never tried primeknit. Would that be better for a wider food since it's more stretchable?
File: Adidas-Made-in-Germay-1.jpg (244KB, 1600x1060px)Image search: [Google]
244KB, 1600x1060px
Knitted sneakers are ugly, desu.

File: suit.jpg (32KB, 540x685px)Image search: [Google]
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Where's a good cheap place to get a suit, /fa/? I have a job interview on Monday and idk where to look. There's a Men's Warehouse near me but it seems like a very normie store.
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Men's wear house will make you buy more than you need. My sister's boyfriend went there for a jacket for a wedding (or a suit I forget) but he walked out with a new belt hat shoes and like 3 pair of socks. He didn't realise what he did until he left the store cause they a very good sellers.
>very normie store
>posting a picture of the most normie suit
Just go to the store
macys bar iii
j crew

File: 622.jpg (47KB, 312x737px)Image search: [Google]
47KB, 312x737px
I just got a job at Jcrew and need to know what to where? They told me they don't have a specific dress code but that I had to casually dressed up but not too dressy.
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Have a look at their website and dress in the same style their models are wearing. You're representing the brand, after all.
Blazer, shirt, dark jeans.
Pop into any Jcrew store, look at how the employees are dressed, do the same

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