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What is /fa/s opinion on black jeans?
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good thread
They're jeans, and they're black...
I wear them frequently, and can confirm that >>12643789 is correct.

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Like new, only worn once. Size 10 US Mens.

500 Chan Coins ($15) reserve.

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lol this is a joke right
It's an actual listing on an actual marketplace. How is it a joke?

$15 isn't that bad for brand almost new shoes.
Wouldn't pay a penny for those lmao

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How do people learn to fashion and keep evolving with the times? Also how do they discover new brands and learn about the history of designers and the meaning behind runway shows and seasons? If I hadn't discovered /fa/ I probably wouldn't have ever heard of popular brands like Rick or say Undercover, CDG and whatever. But at the end of the day other than IG this is truly my only exposure to fashion and I don't really know anything about it and just of if some popular names and I don't really have a "sense" of style I guess. I definitely don't consider my self fashionable even though I would like to be.
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the internet, books, word of mouth. It's that simple really.
"The spread of commodity-images by the mass media, produces "waves of enthusiasm for a given product" resulting in "moments of fervent exaltation similar to the ecstasies of the convulsions and miracles of the old religious fetishism."
Id on jacket?

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ITT: Post your personal best fits and rate others

If you post multiple fits I'll break your arms
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Damn, what happened to Gordon Ramsey?

Is this /fa/?
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No, that's a Habbo.
id trousers?
>not dressing in HC clothing
Disgusting casual.

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Can I get more images like this? They're very fun to look at.
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I'll post what i have saved

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You are all ignorantly walking around with your stupid "Nikes" and "Adidas", and don't even know about the vans with the electric blue soles? These are truly the Pinnacle of fashion. both high class and low profile these shoes go with any outfit. And for the low cost of 40 US dollars they can be yours.
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suck shit, man
Vans are honestly shit desu.
Full sentences, please.

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Oh also, socks/legwear thread (fuccbois are encouraged!).

Let's get this ball rollin'
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Thinking of cosplaying something like this. Is this style look even effay?
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Cosplaying exists in a vacuum, it's not fashion, you're playing dress up. With that in mind, it can either look like shit, or really fucking great, so it all depends on how you execute it.
Ok jeez I was just looking for some advice because it was my first time. I wasn't sure what to cosplay as because I have brown skin.
There's nothing wrong with cosplaying m8. I don't recommend wearing cosplay in day to day life though.

Have fun Anon.

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Where do you guys get your haircuts?
How do you ensure the cutter does what you ask for?

This year I've had to buzz my head because of a shitter barber, and I got a fresh cut yesterday with another barber leading me to want to buzz again but I'm just going to live with it.

I want to know if I should try to find a friend to cut my hair or is there a surefire way I don't have to continue this cycle.

pic related: me when I liked my hair.
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Is there a good place to start? I wouldn't mind if I knew how to.
I usually just get a friend to cut my hair, then grow it out long, then get a friend to cut it short.
Its nice having a varying hair style i guess

If they fuck it up too much ill just buzz it because thats always /fa/, the only problem is trying to grow it out again it'll always look a bit awkward until it gets some length

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ITT: most /fa/ musicians
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Please stop making these threads.

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thanks in advance.
pic not related.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What's the best outlet for "slouchcore" clothing? As a person with bad posture, it's the type of clothing that I need.

Pic related is what I mean.
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oh shit i dress exactly like this

Just stop
Where do you shop?

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where ya shopping at? i like how this looks
i actually like this
Bump for answer

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