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Has Anyone Bought something off Ioffer?
>Are they legit or a scam?
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Bought once, everything was as expected. Would buy again if I saw something cool.

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Uhhhhhh i need a neat windbreaker for the next season and i saw joji wearing this one in a video, where can i find one like this or other windbreaker
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that's a long cig
thats a hoodie dummy

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fucking ugly.jpg
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why are orange clothes so fucking ugly /fa?
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it can work on some black people
but yeh, its an ugly colour that doesn't work at all on most
It's a color the human mind associates with dangerous wildlife and it is also very bright and crass.
Orange looks find if you're one or more of the following:

1. Using it sparingly
2. Being attractive

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Why would anybody actually pay the ridiculous scalper prices for these things?
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Because it makes you look cool at high school

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Is this effay?
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decide for yourself

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I don't wear it often but I've started to wear it more now that summer's here
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It's not effay at all my guy
If you have to make a new thread to get approval on any clothing you own then it's automatically not effay, where whatever you want. Also, your hat is fucking awful.

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Can anyone help me identify this watch that I found at an estate sale?

It says Ulysse Nardin Chronometer Co. Automatic on the front, and 10k Gold Filled D&A on the back.

Any information would be useful for listing it, also I would be grateful if someone could tell me how to open it, so that I can see if there are any ID #s and to take better pictures.

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Btw, I think it is from the 50s or 60s based on the little info I could find. Here is a picture of the back.

daily reminder
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How do I ask my barber for this kind of hair. Naturally it's a pretty bad photo and any other alternatives I can find only feature Nazis (which is an obvs no no), so word for word how can I ask for this.

Also how often do you guys get a hair cut to remain effay?
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just show him the pic and tell him you're not a nazi
Undercut fade
learn to cut it yourself.

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I want to order this wrist watch from watchesplusw.com

Does it look too cheap for business or formal attire?
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Don't buy watches from clothes brands, so dnc.
Listen to this anon. Just looks like a poor person trying to be rich or fashionable.
Also a black stainless steel band is never appropriate for formal attire.

If you want something formal and have a tight budget look into a seiko or orient.
No. Get the new Rolex Daytona.

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Hey fa
Any way to remove this graphic on a cotton hat without removing the colour?
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What is the width of the chain?
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I have an interview for a job at a library tomorrow. Does this look appropriate, or is it too old-fashioned?
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Depends on what it's for. Looks about right if its for a bank or position as a train conductor.
outfit's fine
I hate to say this but your face looks kinda fucked up. I get a very impersonal vibe from you and I think you should consider seeing a plastic surgeon. Sorry if this makes you feel bad.

If I see you at my local library tomorrow i'm going to kill you

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What type of shoes would
go with a flamingo dress?
If you were just going to
wear it out and not dance.
Like on a date etc..
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Something sleek and svelt.
The legs are essential to
that cut. You want the ankles
in the picture as well as the
feet. Black with straps would
provide some sexy accents.
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Spanish and Latin
culture is so passionate,
sexy. Hot blooded latin

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I've been wondering this for quite some time upon first discovering this board... I've heard New Balance does a good job of structuring their shoes.
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Calm down
My Meermin boots are the best fitting pieces of footwear I've ever put on in my entire life.

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