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Cam confirmed for most effay football player??
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He's a shitty leader who is one more bad season away from being a bust
in my mind he already is
Stephen a hasn't called him a bust yet, skip hasn't called him a bust yet, sir Charles hasn't drunkenly ranted about him yet, lebaron hasn't deleted him from ig yet
Thus it isn't official

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I want to print a picture of myself and stick it to the wall. How effay am I?
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what anime are you from

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Do you have to shave your legs in order to wear women's clothes?
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How about dont wear clothes not meant for your sex.
How about I wear what I want.
You can wear what you want but desu this looks really bad

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Does /fa/ wear Han kjobenhavn? Just got this logo hoodie for about 80 bucks. Was it worth it?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Also are diy tank tops and green Nike's effay?
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He should lose the tank top
What should I replace it with?
Probably a nice fitting shirt

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I haven't seen an ID thread lately so let's do it again.
Can anyone ID this piece?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

What's the most /fa/ dog breed?
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weimaraner and doberman

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I want to know what my mother's vintage louis vuitton tote bag's worth is and how much it used to cost
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that's not vintage, 3 dollars
How much DID it cost???

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What's the best brand of men's skinny jeans for 50$ and under?
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cheap monday

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Im in Las Vegas. Are there any effay shops along the strip or are there like hidden gems outside the regular tourist spots?
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The strip has excellent shopping.
>The Forum Shops (Lots of designer stores, niketown)
>Crystals (Super high end)
>Fashion Show (Nice big regular mall)
>The Canal (Nice Barneys store, few others, good people watching)

Check out North Premium Outlets have tons of stores, lots of mid-level designer type brands (Rag and Bone, All Saints, Helmut Lang, etc.) lots of foreigners its hilarious

Skip "Miracle Mile" it's p trash

Feature Sneaker Boutique is just down the road from Fashion Show, lots of Jap brands/streetwear. Cool store for sure worth checking out, lots of good food around there (China town area)
Thanks anon

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Looking for good designer clothes stores in cleveland which aren't super over priced. Everything at the mall is either crappy brands like abercromby and american eagle, cheap garbage, or baggy old man department store stuff. Where is a nice place to shop in cleveland? I'm upset because I just want some good looking stuff to wear for going back to school, and I feel like I'm in some alternative reality where nice clothes only exist in pictures.
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There is no nice place. It's nigcity over thar
Thred so stop bumping
Just buy clothes online
And don't even think about buying ilthy

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Hey guys recently I purchased a pair of shoes from Stock X for the first time and the process was going smoothly they revived them and authenticated them. However on the 24th they created a shipping label with UPS but the tracking number says that they haven't picked up or that they don't have the shoes. I called UPS and they said the same thing. When I contacted Stock X they told me that the website should update soon. Is stock x known to keep shoes for awhile before shipping them out or is it UPS that just has bad tracking? They were supposed to be delivered today but UPS is still showing they do not have them. Can anyone share their experiences so I might know what the problem is. Thanks guys (pic not related)
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>not buying general releases off the nike site
contact stock x i guess, if it was shipped, it's in the UPS system
He said pic not related. Where did he say they were GR's?

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is samurai armor /fa/ ???
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not since the tokugawa shogunate

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Is there any /fa/ stores to shop?? My local mall has absolutely nothing in the entire store that looked interesting, except Levi jeans which I like. I checked Dillards, Macys, Mens Express Ware, and I hate Abercromby and American Eagle, because all their stuff has their logo on it.

Someone recommended I shop at a store called ZARA. Would that have nice shirts? Someone in another thread said that there's good alternatives to H&M. Ironically that's what the guys at Dillards and Macys told me to do, was to go shop at H&M. But I just got back from H&M to return a bunch of shirts, because two of them shrunk in the wash.

There's a Banana Republic near me, but I know nothing about that place. I'm just annoyed because all the shirts you get at these department stores are so baggy. H&M was the only place which has nice, slim fitting shirts. But the problem is they're so cheap, I don't want shirts that won't fit me or that I have to avoid putting in the drier because they'll shrink.
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protip: it's called designer clothing
Is there a specific store which sells designer clothing? I live in the Cleveland area.
don't shop at zara, it's supremely overpriced for how shit the quality is. HM is good to buy basics from because it's cheap but yeah the quality s terrible as well. i end up just buying new items from them every half season or season. just find nicer department stores like nordstrom/lord&taylor/neiman marcus

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versace jacket.jpg
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I was going to buy this for $225 lightly used, is that overpriced?

More pics to come.
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File: vj1.jpg (125KB, 1320x1760px)Image search: [Google]
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$100 max

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