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How do I wash hairspray out of my hair doing the no poo method; I've been using only water to wash my hair for a while now
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you do know theres shampoo thats considered no poo right?
use cooking oil mixed with some coconut butter twice a week without water, let it dry in direct sunlight and keep in hair for a day then rinse it out later that night
No poo? Did someone tell you you have to rub poop in your hair?

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Similar Tattoos, planning to get something like this on muy wrist/forearm
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Couldnt find any other tattoo like such on google images

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What's this style of sunglass called? I've heard people refer to them as tea house or something.
Where would one cop a pair?
Sunglass thread?
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they're called garbage
jap glasses circa WWII
>tea house
tea shades

Post some effay training fits?
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what kind of trousers are these?
I can't seem to find similar fitting ones.
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i believe those are dickies. i have a pair and the fabric seems similar. also the fairly straight leg is the same

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Hey, I'm really into loose type jeans whilst skating, but the brands i've been wearing are all so expensive.

What are some cheap-ish quality jean brands that offer a loose cut on jeans? I'm a bloke btw.
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I want the yellow shorts girl to take a dump on me
don't we all

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Is being slightly skinny fat the most effay body type?

>look just as good in any fit as a twink faggot but less gay
>something effay about not caring
>not a narcissistic muscle fag
>personality is more important in being effay than your shirtless body

I like it. Post inspo0
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No being lazy and out of shape is not fashionable unless you're a beautiful teenager
File: IMG_1680.png (1MB, 640x1136px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw when you're skinny fat but have a lil too much ass and tum to be like these guys

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Let's pay $5687426598326935 on designer clothes take pictures of ourselves using the timer on our cameras while awkwardly standing around our parents house for fun!
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We now that you can't afford it, that's fine.Don't get bitter anon, you'll be better someday.
let people do what they want and shut up.
nice outfit but the manlet heel raise is yugh
this is jah we're talking about, he buys the stuff for a fit pic and then flips it for profit

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What are some places outside of /fa/ that you look at for inspiration for outfits, color coordination,etc?

Recently I've been watching a lot of movies and short films and find them to be great for this, but I've also take to noticing colors around me irl.
A mew habit I've formes is that whenever I go to hotels now I've begun to notice the interior more and take pictures so I can reference them later.
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Fashion magazines naturally. Also sometimes character concept art (I like drawing new characters so I often look at concept arts)
But I think you can find inspiration anywhere, in the small things, not just for fashion but for art in general. Just like you said with hotel interiors (I like that idea). I think you can even find inspiration in music.
Military aircraft.

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Where can I get new Chinos that fit like this? These are my year-old Tommy Hilfiger Straight Fit Denton Chinos. I bought them at the end of last summer and at this point they're full of holes and stains (paint and some varnish, not food) and I need to replace them. The last time I tried this was about 6 months ago when I bough the Tommy Hilfiger Mercer Chino and didn't like the fit anywhere near as much.

What are some Chinos I can buy that look like this? Preferably they would come in blue as well.

I am 6'2'', 160lbs, and am wearing a 32/34. More pics incoming.

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File: Chino2.jpg (328KB, 3024x4032px)Image search: [Google]
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File: Chino3.jpg (354KB, 3024x4032px)Image search: [Google]
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File: Chino4.jpg (396KB, 3024x4032px)Image search: [Google]
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what up bois I'm looking for some lowkey NYC brands. Glooks bb
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File: TOPMAN black ladder crew neck.jpg (136KB, 1024x874px)Image search: [Google]
TOPMAN black ladder crew neck.jpg
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Are laddered sweaters common to come around every season or is the meme dead?
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>are these effay
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>Is this classic/staple shoe /fa/
gee i dunno

Is Tim Riggins fa?
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is hillaray clitton a lying evil bitch?.

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I really wanna get into high fashion. The scene, the designers, the models and all that. How do I go about it ??
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Start going to free local fashion shows from local designers. Start visiting high end shops even for just snooping around. Get a fashion degree (optional) or do research on fashion through the years to get an idea of how society changes its tastes. Finally start paying attention to high end brands like : (for starters) Rick Owens, RAF Simons, Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander wang, Givenchy, Versace etc etc

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