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What haircut do you guys recommend for someone with receding hairline? Should I just neck myself? Pic somewhat related.
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almost every man over the age of 20 has it

stop being such a fucking bitch about it

talk to your hairdresser

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When are we gonna get back to the GOAT decade (70s) fashion wise?
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And more... Is coming back op.
loewe right now is more about jonathan creating his ultimate gay twink fantasy dream boys rather than doing it for the actual art

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Cop or not?
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i would say no but post this in the cop/knot thread

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What are your opinions on "premium quality" H&M products? Any experiences?
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Just be yourself
I don't believe they exist
The leather goods are decent and will last you a couple of seasons (bags, belts, shoes) but the design can be "off". Kind of like at Zara. Like all H&M products something doesn't fit right, don't buy it. The wool and silk they use isn't great but if you're looking for something simple, it's worth a try. It's inconsistent and if you can, try not to buy things online and be critical of what you're getting. If you're not paying full price for PQ at H&M then you're getting a deal. If you are, just be wary.

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>"He still wears sneakers"
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>he's over the age of 23
If you're too old for sneakers you're too old for 4chan
This is what's wrong with this board. Too many underage, it used to be mostly people in their 20s and now its a bunch of 16 year olds.
thread took off

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If I just bought five or six of these and rotated them around would that be acceptable or would it alienate me from everyone?
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only if you beat your wife while wearing it
What if you just beat your meat while wearing it
top effay

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what do I wear with this shirt without looking like a chav or a jock?

im currently thinking black skinny jeans and a beat pair of stans
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self bump
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dead board
nobody cares about your gay thread. you should post shit like this in the fuccboi thread

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Are some of the hairstyles on young-stalin.com a literal joke?
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Some of them look like they're too lazy to get a haircut but they're cousin is getting married to their grandma put a ton of product in their hair and combed it for them then took a photo 0.01 milliseconds before the lightest breeze makes it look like complete shit.
What is a good hair length? I like my hair medium length, and all those 'short' hair photos are perfectly reasonable medium length imo
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I mean....

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(Ignore cringy sword)
Can /fa/ make a good looking fit incorporating the gambeson?
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Bro a gambeson is armor. Its like you wouldnt incorporate military bullet proof vests into a fit. If you like the look why not get some quilted jacket.
(ignore cringy horse)
Can /fa/ make a good looking fit incorporating the full gothic armour?
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How do you guys know what size to order when buying shoes online? I'm looking at a pair of sneakers, and reviews are mixed on sizing. Some people say they fit TTS, others say they run small, a few say they run large... And I won't be able to return them because they're final sale. What would you guys do, in this position?

>pic unrelated
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Yes? This is still the issue? Maybe I should have mentioned, but this is exactly what the people in the reviews have done, and it has still come out incorrectly. I think the company just through up a general sizing, and makes shoes without taking care for that.

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QTDDTOT, I'll start: is 70$ too much to spend on a PU purse off Amazon?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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literally anything
skinny is the ideal body type in the fashion world. literally anything works. why is this a thread?
6'3 160-165 lbs
What should be my ideal body weight?

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What are some good all-black boots?
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can never go wrong with some Doc Martens breh
invest in guidi
rick also acceptable
milt surp for "until then"
I got some pretty decent ones on clearance at a Clarkes store. Just shop around. Make sure you try them on before you buy them though

Why do so many east asians wear overalls?
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ITT: Post your favorite pair of shoes/sneakers that you own.

Ill start: Adidas cloudfoam racers, all black.
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Get on boost already ffs
They're my comfy beaters
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The best beater for the price

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