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can some one explain techwear to me.
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Not really much to explain. If you want to look like a gigantic autist in public, you spend hundreds of dollars for techwear.
Looks pretty cool
Only works in metro areas
Ideally north east coast
Don't bother in flyover country
it's fun to embrace the cyberpunk future we already live in

Are Zippos effay?
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ye boii
>cigarette fedoras
Sadly fedora tier.

If you wanna go for the retro utilitarian look just cop a chinese IMCO knockoff from eBay.

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helium party.jpg
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>One chance at life
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>One chance at life
>average dong
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at least you didnt start balding at 16 like little ol me over here

I kinda like I lost my chance to be a silver fox
and my chance at being
>Under 6 ft.

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Hi again senpai; so I asked if I was possibly getting any jobs soon, SLP girl said she wanted me on the spring summer runway but had to run it through with her boss and wanted more pics. Sent more (shit, homemade) pics, and after a week she said they had decided not to have me on ss16. So should I just give up now? Is this what they do when they aren't interested in you but don't want to say it
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Get a friend to take good pics of you you flaming faggot.
i mean they did say they didnt want you for ss16
they literally said theyre not interested in your
find a real job anon
I have "good" pics now that I took for agency but is it any use if they "don't want me for ss16" /at all

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is adderall effay?
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File: 20160108_150804-1.jpg (2MB, 2592x1929px)Image search: [Google]
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Why wouldn't it be?
if ur taking drugs for a fashion statement then ur doing something wrong.
I want to know if cheap amphetamines like Ritalin and Speed are effay.

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I know i'm hot , but i want to change up something.

Wearing shirts and jackets got boring , also haircut what would fit me?
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>I know i'm hot

I would be hot as well if I had four chins
File: 2016-01-09-02-27-18.jpg (192KB, 1200x811px)Image search: [Google]
192KB, 1200x811px

No b8 , just hot as hell

File: Screenshot_2016-01-08-18-59-18.png (281KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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Will these actually glow or is it just the color, I don't want to look like a 10 year old
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>I don't want to look like a 10 year old

If you don't want to look like a 10 year old why are you buying Jordans
Thank you for answering my yes or no question
>making a whole thread for a y/n question

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It's Colombia an effay country
>Also Latinoamerica general inspo thread
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From a Colombian family, most cousins from Bogota and the country tend to over hype mall brands(Ralph, Levi, etc) so if there's a fashionable district, I haven't seen it.
Colombia might actually be one of the most UN-EFFAY countries on the face of this planet.
i just watched narcos on netflix with my roommate and wow coloumbia seems pretty crazy!!

living in dangerous countries seems pretty /fa/ but everyone was fat and brown so i guess it cancels out right?

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Prepare for even more underaged teens to come here
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>implying this board isn't 3/4 underage already
drop of piss in the shitbucket
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File: ricky.jpg (12KB, 319x254px)Image search: [Google]
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are their jeans really that bad? got a pair of the max used cash (for $160) and they're a little stretchier than I normally go for, but the fit is pretty good.

Don't want to keep them though if the jeans are just gonna fall apart in a year.
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the only issues i've heard of when dealing with acne jeans are:

crotch blow outs on the raw denim
the jeans are cut off grain and wrap around the leg instead of falling straight

crotch blow outs are due to the le denim head fags not washing their nasty ass jeans

the off grain cut is not excusable and should not be an issue at this price point and definitely are a red flag for me
My favorite blue jeans are my Mic Rigid (29). I've had them for three years and no issues. Crotch space is a bit tight, but you get used to it. Don't do anything stupid in them as the added pressure may result in tears, but I commute via cycling and have no damage. Fit is really nice though
yeah crotch blowout and stretching seem to be the biggest issues people have with APC and acne jeans, but that only really can happen if they're way too small and you aren't washing them. I bought my actual size and definetely will wash so neither should be an issue.

sweet I'm keeping them.

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do you think that the future of fashion will be more technological or more natural?
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good kveshchion
People from the early 20th century predicted that we'd all be wearing uniforms by now. Turns out it's been the exact goddamn opposite, even with our massive technological developments.

I think the near future will be like what Children of Men was for the year that movie was made. Very familiar but with very subtle changes that have always been changing, like lapel width, skirt heights, pant sizes etc. Maybe more trendless what with the internet. Thoughts?

How many of you spend tons of money on clothes but have never travelled the world?
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>Leave America
>Have my basic rights stripped
>Get raped by Middle-eastern and African men
>See things I could see in pictures and film
>Have more money to travel NA
>Best nature and scenery in the world

Why would I leave the US?
I do both. One usually informs the other, really.
what a cuck. don't come to europe either, we don't want fags like you

File: ss+(2016-01-09+at+09.25.13).jpg (51KB, 677x222px)Image search: [Google]
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What's everyones thoughts on this cap? getting it made and made the logo myself.

It's basically a render of my dog wearing glasses.
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photo of my dog in question
uhh i guess it didnt upload properly
File: ss+(2016-01-09+at+09.29.32).jpg (11KB, 303x265px)Image search: [Google]
11KB, 303x265px
full photo of cap.

File: IMG_0164-2.jpg (63KB, 890x593px)Image search: [Google]
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Thoughts? Should I cop?
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File: IMG_0166-2.jpg (58KB, 890x593px)Image search: [Google]
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Pretty fresh, i would cop

File: image.jpg (241KB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Haircut in two hours. What should I get?
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The Mumbai special
File: image.jpg (291KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Not bait. I actually just haven't gotten a haircut in a long time. Here's my last.

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