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>shit quality shirt
>shit quality jeans
>shoes untied
>fat fuck body

what the fuck is even going on in this picture?
why would anyone mix a collard shirt and sweats

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What's a good fashion forum?
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Why the fuck is /fa/ so afraid of color or standing out? So many people here try to blend in by allowing themselves to let /fa/ decide what looks good.
ktt XD

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Discuss the upcoming 2016 hair trend

Dumping inspo
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Anyone know what these Nike's are called?
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Nike SB (super bitch) Booty Snatchers
They only came out with one pair before realizing how gay they were. Looks like you were the lucky guy who got that one pair! Put them up for sale on eBay, you'll probably get a dollar and 3 HIV positive blowjobs for them from faggots like you.

Be honest, if you had the money which outfit would you wear and why?
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lebrons body, clothes and beard
Shumperts hair
>implying I don't have the money
>implying I'd wear any of those
you dont necessarily need money to dress that way.

you can find shit that looks similar or exactly like that stuff at affordable prices. sure, the quality may not be the same and you wont have a designer's name tag inside, but that's not all that important.

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>This hat will never exist

Kill me
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w2c phone
Instead of being a bitch you could learn how to design hats and recreate it. You have a great reference photo right there.
why not? if you want something and it doesn't exist why not just make it rather than whining

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im going out to buy some clothes.
would you kindly help a tasteless anon with some tips, tricks and infographics?
Im a white male in his 20's
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>pic completely unrelated
>that gif

man, i hate those kind of days
yeah, i know.
should've changed the filename to "me at life"

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What does /fa/ think of my jacket and whole outfit? As shoes I wear black Vans
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Noiceee, link?
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hoodie under a sherling + collar ... Has that ever worked?
hoodies trash nice try tho

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How do i get over my fear of going in designer shops

im worried that the staff will sense how basic i am because I'll probably be wearing COS and uniqlo
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stop being autistic
Just walk in with your dick hanging out
if you have money to spend, they wont care

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hi fa
is it possible to shrink shoes?
bought a pair a size too big, and they are white, so they look fucking huge
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Throw them in the dryer to shrink
what you want to do:
remove laces and set washing machine to tumble for half an hour
put only the shoes in the washing machine
after that, put shoes in dryer for an hour at medium heat i think

my stans were too big but they fit perfect now
thank you. I'll try it out
does it ruin the shoes badly?

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Always on the lookout for awesome/weird online stores especially if they have decent prices. not super into brand recognition just like it to look good. sharing with you some of my favourites see if you have anything to contribute.


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The master plan looks dope af
yeah awesome idea, limited release of one product over several months. means that everything is unavailable but if you follow it you can get something one time.
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>internet fashion

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pic related
where to get jedi- or sith-core boots that are NOT jackboots?
Also general star-wars-core thread if you are interested
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w2c similar jacket + boot
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count dooku.jpg
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this fit is so dope

what do you think about supra shoes
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They're fine.

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>not wearing sneakers
>why are you so dressed up anon?
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>not just wearing nice, expensive sneakers
stay pleb
I love how you call them expensive, like that's the reason you bought them. Embarrassing 2bh.
>"Why are you so dressed up, Anon?"
>"I'm not."

Nothing more needs to be said.

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Is Rooney Mara/fa/? What is some essential autismcore?
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/fa/ approved, OP.
>Hello Anon
I don't care how much people hate on her. She's such a fucking qt!

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