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ITT We post fits, inspo, recent cops, BST (buy/sell/trade), C/N (cop/not), and discuss all things Nordic Streetwear.

Examples of Nordic Streetwear Brands

>Norse Projects

>Mads Norgaard

>Scotch & Soda

>Samsoe & Samsoe

Currently there is a pretty good sale going on (up to 40%) for the SS15 and AW15 Norse Projects.Menswear.
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Norse Projects AW15 Menswear
A Normandy-striped shirt is an essential component of a Nordic Streetwear wardrobe.
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Denim shirts are very present in almost every AW15 Menswear collections

Shoe sneaker general

Not sure how I like these yet. Thinking about getting a pair for a grill
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Cop or not? Its usable with shorts?
File: puma match vulc.jpg (64KB, 1425x1425px)Image search: [Google]
puma match vulc.jpg
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These are coming on saturday, wish they would hurry the fuck up.
Looking to cop something different soon, something all black, still looking tho.

Meme shoes, look better in all white tbf but if it's for a girl, alright.

see the cop or not thread

Do you wear glasses? ITT Lets see what effay eyewear you got.
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Contacts are 100% more efficient. Also i haye the way glasses fit on my head.
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These, but in a dark turtleshell colour.
File: bbglasses.jpg (6KB, 225x168px)Image search: [Google]
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these bad boyz
Burberry b1006 frame

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Are there any effay anime?

Pic related
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Jojo's is pretty good
You can't do that man

Asking a question and giving the best answer

That's not fair
ikr never thought I'd agree with a tripfag

didn't look like there was a fuccboi general in the catalog.

my question is: is it possible to wear white or off-white chinos/denim without looking incredibly mfa core? i'm thinking i could pull them off in a more minimalist fit but i feel like it would also leer into being very preppy
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>very preppy
very light denim is fine, otherwise it depends on the fit
actually no, it's pretty bad

What is a shoe last? I have trouble differentiating between lasts because I'm not sure at what I should be looking.

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Post your favorite type of shoes. Anything from sneakers to military boots.
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Rosh One is a pretty nice model in my opinion
File: ClarksWallabeesTaupeSuede4.jpg (325KB, 1600x1063px)Image search: [Google]
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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Previous thread: https://boards.4chan.org/fa/thread/10764448/thinspo-thinspo-general#top

FAQ/glossary/links: http://hastebin.com/raw/qanedewaki

Did you survive the holidays, or eat too much and gain? Ready for the New Year where everyone else is watching what they eat too?

Both male and female thinspo welcome.
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File: molllllyyy.jpg (68KB, 774x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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>Did you survive the holidays, or eat too much and gain?
As a masochist I love the hate I get when I refuse food offered to me whilst the skinniest in the room. So na, I'm still good.
>Ready for the New Year where everyone else is watching what they eat too?
I've been at it for a while now. It's funny to see how quickly so many new faces at the gym come and go.

Hair styles thread?
Ok yes pls
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Can I fugg you're anime?
Lol maybe
File: C360_2015-12-29-18-14-01-725.jpg (91KB, 720x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Does this type of braid look ok?

File: zookid11.jpg (15KB, 485x295px)Image search: [Google]
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sorta effay. his music is pleb-tier trash though
what the
Tyler, the Creator

How close can you get on my age and location from the the post? And some guesses/recommendations on other looks too
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File: 1451346379714.png (130KB, 2000x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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Template to play along
legit goyard or rep? if legit, mid 30's. if rep, mid 20's.
it was a gift, so obviously I can't be sure, but I'd be 98% sure its real

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Happy New Years /fa/. Be sure to rate and follow :)

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actually pretty good.

8/10 followed.

nice url

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Is there anything more effortless and timeless than clean long hair? Nothing is more /fa/
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File: Marcel-Castenmiller_2-700x1050.jpg (117KB, 700x1050px)Image search: [Google]
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I don't think so

File: craig-michael-james.png (168KB, 432x278px)Image search: [Google]
168KB, 432x278px

the london /fa/ whatsapp is opening its doors to new members

the chat has been around for over 2 years now and is currently at 29 members with too many successful meetups to count

join if u're into

the email we were using before has expired so send ur phone number to [email protected] for access
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as well to be honest

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Here is my view of timeless fashion, things that are always in style, always look good, and you don't have to keep up with the trends.

STOP doing the following:

1. Wearing jogging/basketball shoes/. They don’t look good or stylish. I keep seeing Nike, Adidas, etc. If you want a pair of Adidas, get a nice pair of sambas.

2. Baseball caps. These automatically knock a point off. There is nothing “nice” or stylish about them.

3. Phones are not an accessory, and nobody cares what your phone is.

4. Vans, sketchers, converse…sigh. Be creative. Those are basic at it gets. If you want to be stylish with a pair of Converse, get a pair from John Varvatos.


Get a nice pair of desert boots or chukkas, from Clarks, Frye, Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole, etc.

Get a nice pair of cowboy boots

Get a nice pair of retro Asics (Onitsuka tigers), or Diesels or New Balance classics.

Do not wear undershirts. Wear the shirt you want to wear.

Get a nice leather jacket. Superdry and Diesel have some awesome fitted ones. Girls will always check a guy out in a nice leather jacket.

Wear different shades of colors, almost everything I see here is either white, black or grey. Wear greens and purples more often.

For work, get a least one pair of wingtips for the office.

Watches are a waste of money. You have a phone. Do not wear glasses unless you HAVE to have them. This includes sunglasses. They are not a fashion piece.

Wear blue jeans for anything casual, avoid khakis unless you are going into the office
Buy some nice western/plaid shirts

Lastly, don’t wear hoodies or sweaters unless it’s actually cold outside. Hoodies in general are not a fashion piece.

Do not dress how you see models dressed in pictures. Develop your own style over time. Get it to match your hair/eye color and physical features.

If anyone wants me to post brands or stores that carry each thing I stated here, just ask.
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I'd love to see what your suggestions are for women.
Nice bait, you almost had me
"I just read the MFA guide to fashion and I know evverything now"

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Post /fa/ boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, thongs, etc.
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The other day I came home from a long day in the library and frivolously copped some Calvin Kleins. Normally I cop from Topman & H&M but this was a good feel
dont feel like posting pictures, CK micro modal, 2UNDR swingshirt, Saxx platinum
Malepower, Intimen.

Freshpair is my SHIT, I love the fact that thongs keeps my butt from getting grody due to lack of air to the skin.

Some day the peeping thong will be a guy thing and I will love it.

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