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What's the best way to get unused, urban outfitters style clothing at somewhere around Old Navy prices?
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thread is now over
Thanks bruh

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How could fat guys still look fashionable while being overweight?

Any tips for fatbros?
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Loose fat you fatfuck

Nice clothes encourage you tonstay at the weight you are.

You really want to motivate yourself to lose weight? Dress like shit in clothes you hate.

Skinny jeans, shitty vans, and pop punk band tees a size too small

Next time you're wanting a cheat meal loon in the mirror
wear clothes that fit.
too loose is just as bad as too tight.

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How terrible are these shoes? I plan mostly on going to this shitty club with them, probably gonna wear some black skinny jeans and a black t shirt with white don diablo logo on it.

Link for more pics:
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Are you using terrible in a good or bad sense buddy?
Bad I suppose, to put it in another way.
How likely am I to get bitches and not get funny looks from people while wearing these shoes?
Legit question.
the fact that youre asking that question means that youre not going to get bitches at any time

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sup /fa/
can i get good looking jordans for just 120$ ?
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>>>/ktt/ Is that way nigger
the fuck is /ktt/
From sale maybe

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Let Artificial Intelligence guess your attractiveness and age



/FA/ IT'S confirmed by A.I i'm STUNNING
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>it seems the person in the picture is under 18
>we do not display results for underaged persons
Jesus fucking Christ
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Rate my beard /fa/
I did it it myself
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1 because i know 100% here are ppl who can't grow a beard
top bait
pic unrelated, right?

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Seven Sisters Style (14).jpg
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starving artist/poor philosopher Core
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I'll bump this.
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Thoughts on Puma brand? I always disliked most of their clothes but I'm a fan of one of their hoodies however it has branding all over it. What do most people think of them? Will people think I look like shit because it has the brand name all over it?
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they are give and take. puma carson's are a nice, cheaper alternatives to nike or adidas shoes. as far as the logo, it isn't bad, but the association with Lacoste and Indian/Spanish/Caribbean nationalities is heavy.
It's more a brand worn by chavs & slavs here. I just want to know if people will look down on me if I got Puma written across the front of the hoodie
bape bape bape bape

Are winter vests effay?
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Bean looking to cop a nice one
as someone who wears one semi consistently. not particularly. a lot of people like them, even more people dislike them. i think they are an underplayed way to add an extra layer to a fit, i usually wear more rugged stuff, like wool and canvas, so it makes an interesting middle layer between a flannel and a shearling jacket, in my opinion.
the visual, aesthetic, textural, dichotomy sometimes elevates a fit, sometimes is bad. the OP looks bad imho.

but just wear what you want to wear, not what the internet tells you to wear. thats the only way to actually look good. if i had a dollar for every time i saw some /fa/ posterchild who looked super embarrassed and uncomfortable in his clothes, man i could have drunk a lot more last semester. and trust me, people notice.

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Hello /fa/

I recently bought this,any ideas on what to wear it with ?
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absolutely nothing else. it stands alone.
>buying designer clothes and not knowing how to style them
lmaoing @ your existence tobh familia
Verry nice cop, also looking for peacoat/caban inspo.

but also where to cop a nice caban? SLP is to expensive more like 400 buck or something?

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Remember when this was /fa/ in 2008?
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But it wasn't really effay at all, so no.
Can someone explain how Kanye went from dressing like shit to being the God of fashion?
designers and his shit wife tell him what to wear and he also isn't a fashion god, he still looks like shrek. youre just a pleb

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How do you maintain stubble /fa/?

Buzz it with clippers after not shaving for 7 days?
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pretty easy man, shit tons of youtube vids on it too.
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More pics of Zayn's god tier facial hair

I'm middle eastern too but I haven't figured out how to make use of my facial hair genetics

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Where to cop long t-shirts for layering ?
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Or more importantly, w2c sweatshirt?

(Rick, represent?, H&M)

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Alcowave thread

Any tips on how to attain perfect limb ├Žsthetic?

>Recommended reading:
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Whenever I go out when it's windy, this happens. my hair is is frizzy, I can never wear it loose. Actually, it's always in a single braid to prevent it from going everywhere, but as you can see, a single braid can't even handle wind. My hair is definitely healthy. I don't have split ends, I rarely use shampoo, always condition, weekly hair masks, no chemicals, always have coconut and argan oil in it, never use heat or harmful chemicals. I take such great care because I don't want to damage it and make it even more frizzy. But obviously it is still unmanageable. The fuck do I do with it, /fa/?
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well, you need to start using chemicals: anti frizz mousse
Well I have tried using hair mousse a while ago, but I don't like how it makes my hair dry and hard. Makes it almost impossible to brush. Do you know if hair mousses are damaging to your hair? I know many hair products contain alcohol and other stuff that makes it dry out and break.
Have you tried moisturizing hand lotion? It works perfectly for my hair as well.

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