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Hello /fa/ how are you today?

What do you guys think of Superdry?

Basically I work for Superdry (In a relatively unimportant position) and just wondered how you position them compared to other stuff out there in a similar price bracket. Just out of personal curiosity really.
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garbage mall tier stuff
quality and fabric is pretty good but most of their stuff looks like shit
garbage tier only middle class chinks wear them

I'm going out for a big night on the town with friends at the end of the month. Planning on rocking this look here, wondering though if I should sub the brown with red/burgundy? What do effay think
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lmao, youve never been out have you?
why dress like that when you're supposedly getting shitfaced

what's the point?

what's the best place to get turtleneck shirts from?
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ur mums cunt xD
good post faggot
Jil Sander

Will be there soon, what to do now /fa/ ? Is Acne Archive worth it?
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yes it is, but train you hear hearing someone with aphasia chewing gum.

i just got a pair of these. should i buy protective soles? if so, which/where? if not, how would i get them resoled?
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No, walking on good leather is the most pleasing feeling/sound ever. You have sneakers for rubber.

From what I understand, it's better to wear them for a bit and after a few months once the leather has worn down, take them to a cobbler to get one installed. I have a pair of aw13 cowboy boots and I was considering the same thing, but decided against it since the cobbler would just sand down the sole and the heel anyway. Might as well enjoy walking on the leather while you can.
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Good cobblers can do amazing jobs.

These are goodyears of course (no clue how Saint Laurent tacks on the sole)

But if your cobbler has skills he can handle it easily.

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What type of glasses does Anthony Fantano wear?
I actually really dig the style and I need a pair.
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Raythony Bantano
Cuckold's Spectacles

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I don't want to wear tight clothing any more. Post loose clothes inspo.
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is this supposed to be ironic
who is this semen demon?

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i own this tank top an i was wondering if its autistic to wear a blank white or black t shirt underneath it since its cold outside and only get to wear it in the summer
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ya dont do that
don't ever wear a t shirt under a tank top do you know how dumb that would look
It would be an older hiphop look but if you work on it it might be okay

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Didn't see a fitting thread to post this in.
Overdue for a haircut, I'm learning towards buzzing it and letting it grow out. Convince me to or not to pls.
>discuss, ask hair questions, get opinions, etc.
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Should I buzz it down to like a 1 or 2 or just to the length of whichever part of my hair is shortest?
I dunno, try a 1 all the way around and see if you like it.

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Quick! /fa/, how would you describe his fashion sense?
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>Fashion sense from a headshot

No, we won't roast your friend because you're mad at him.
op is a fag core

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posts results uggos

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I don't know how much I trust this site considering the least attractive female scored higher than the other two.
>Error: under 18

TFW you're a cherub gay faced twink

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I mostly wear simpler stuff: black or grey jeans, solid tees, neutral sweaters, dark hoodies, rick leather jackets, vintage wool coats.

I'm leaning towards the raf velcro highs.

Anyone have a better suggestions?
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if I had that money set aside for shoes, I'd get either a pair of nice shell cordovan shoes


modern raf highs are made in portugal fyi

Ultimately there is no best shoe, just get what you think suits you/your wardrobe.
>spending $1000 on shoes without knowing for sure what you want
not a good idea lmao

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is it fa to have no friends except girls that only like you because they think you're attractive
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lol no
No that's /r9k/ fanfic
i actually dont have friends and it sucks a lot im really lonely

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I'm looking for a cheap alternative for these ankle boots ($40 or less). Any help finding something similar for me?

male btw
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not going to happen.
up your budget to $100-$150 and you'll find some.
and in that price range, all your choices will be shit
go to payless lmao

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Has anyone else's /fa/ness gotten them laid?

I'm an ugly mexican manlet and white girls compliment my fits all the time. I'm pretty sure that's the only reason I got laid.
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I'm with you OP
Cute half-Japanese girl at a party told me she would dress just like me if she were a boy, I told her thanks and "we should hang out sometime."

She succ me that night.
was it nice succ

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