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Which one /fa/?
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this one
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are the trumps /fa/?

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How do I let people know I'm dressing normcore and not just being an autistm shoe engineering tier shitter?
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it must be little bit ironic, imagine yourself as post-hipster
Way ahead of you there buddy
It's basically down to fit + your personality

stick to slim/skinny fitting jeans so it's ckear you aren't a K Mart shopping hick and it only works if you are actually a pretentious hip fucker

so i bought bowler hat recently.
would be thankful for some female inspo
all i've found just feels too.. hipster-ish
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normal outfit kleiner.png
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i work as a software engineer in an office and i just cant wear shirts(with buttons, in germany they are called hemd). they are always way to flabby at my belly, but too tight at my chest(you can see them spread at the buttons)

i also have way to short legs and a too big ass. most trousers just highlight my ass, so i just stick with black/darkblue chinos from h&m

first picture is my normal and casual outfit, which i also wear to work(+ sizes/girth). second my better stuff, which i dont wear because things never fit and it just feels wrong

any tipps and tricks for my situation? maybe someone can recommend a brand? or am i to harsh?

please officewearthread!
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office2 kliner.png
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push :(
get your clothes tailored
id recommend getting something more higher end to make it actually worth the cost of getting tailored though, but it you do that your clothes will be much nicer quality and last longer if you take care of them

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After a year of browsing this board, I have concluded that it is the worst and by far the least informed on 4chan. You guys try to be cool and fail hard.

That is all. On your way.
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contribute and post your fit please
i noticed that too, also fa is r9k tier.
lose the tie, op - too reddit

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how retarded would it be if I cut a pair of discreet holes in my clap beanie, for my the tips of my ears to poke through?

>it's winter, cold as fuck, have to wear a beanie outside otherwise my head will freeze
>got piercings in my upper ear cartilage, they don't tolerate being compressed by anything
>if I wear a beanie my ears hurt like hell
>if I don't, I'll catch the cold or freeze to death

I mean..would you?
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I mean having cartilage piercings sounds gay af but couldn't you just get a different type of beanie? The knitted type have more give to them and shouldn't compress your ears badly. There are also about million other types of hats that don't even cover your ears and still keep you warm
Just do it, being in pain is worse than looking retarded.

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Ok, so I am looking for some good looking black boots. I kinda like the docs 1461(pic related)

But I am not into the sole at all

Post Black boots inspo & good pairs
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sorry for the small pic
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Anyone know where to get some half decent quality GAT-type sneakers for a nice price (MMM is out the budget for me), preferably with sensible EU shipping rates? Love to have the original surplus ones, but no idea where I'd have to go to get them...
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just save up your money if you want the MMMs
Thing is I'd actually prefer the originals, but the material quality of MMM is probably significantly better

It isn't. MMM just has slightly better silhouette but quality wise it's no worth the price you're paying.

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what hair products did he use? how do i get my hair lookin like this
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Idk why don't you go ask him

Oh wait
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>we can be HEROES
>just for one day

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W2C effay pea cots
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Sandro - Officer Coat

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am i /fa/?
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you have a fucking grey tank top. how the fuck is that /fa/
you're /fit/ but not /fa/
u just jelly :^)

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brands? pics?
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not even once
What do you intend to wear with this?

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My friend gave me a fresh pair. I know they can look good wit baby blue jeans. Can you guys tell me fit ideas of pics of people rocking these?
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literally every fucking person wears them now.
you should kill yourself if you think about "rocking" them

you just a copy of a copy of a copy if you ever wear them
I just found a pari for $5 at a thrift store
The same way every other fuccboi wears them

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Is John Lydon effay?
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How do you want your hair, fa m?
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Is Barry Lyndon effay?

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What does /fa/ think of zara?
Is it a good place to cop stuff from and is it considered effay?
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is this bait
almost everything in zara is shit tier quality and overpriced, spend your money in better stores or buy for half the price at aliexpress/taobao
mall tier, its a step above H&M but below Nordstrom
>its a step above H&M


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