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What is nsa-core? I need inspo that is not Edward Snowden.
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Is it grandpa-tier to tuck your shirt/sweater and have your pants high up?

I think it looks much better than the low pants untucked shirt meme we see today desu
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Are you
A.) At the yatch club? With Sperrys for shoes?
B.) Amongst the presence of the wealthy and high class?
If neither don't do it man
I am B) and I go to the finest boarding school in the country. That being said, this is still old school.
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do it man

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I am visiting from the states, I really like the way people dress here. What is the core outfit/what are the stores I should check out while I'm here?
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where are you in the states exactly?


Dark Streetwear

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Are women welcome on this board?
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only if they post their feet when asked so
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Anyone know where I can cop a jacket like this?
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>>>fuccboi general
fuccboi general, but google tan windbreakers

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I need some help. I've never come to /fa/ before, but I think you guys will know what to do. I need a cane. Right now I have one of those junky medical store canes, but the issue is I hate looking like an only man with it.

I want a cane with some style, but isn't ostentatious. Something fit for a 27 year old and everyday use. Any suggestions?

Pic unrelated, closest thing I have to something for /fa/
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Why do you need a cane senpai?

MS makes me walk like a, well, something that doesn't walk good.
microsoft fucks with ur walking idont understand

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What core is this?
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if it werent for the socks the dude on the right would look good desu imo senpai
Neo Cuck core

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Preferably with leather sole. What is /fa/s opinion on buying used shoes?
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You won't get a quality shoe for 60. It's not even worth trying. Save up for a John Lobb or something
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laughed so hard at john lobb.

I have nothing against lobbs but god damn that bait.
look for bally brogues on ebay, you can get a nice second hand pair starting at 40-50

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Are these boots really as bad as you guys make them out to be. I understand that /r/mfa loves them, but I think it's justified as they seem like a solid shoe. What are your honest thoughts? What are some other alternatives around the same price range?
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they're fine and people here only dislike them because of the boogeyman
this. it's just representative of reddit.
check into chelsea boots if you want
They're babbys first "boot". I bought lambskin chukkas from jonhnston and murphy when that meme was in full swing though. Clarks dbs are remarkably uncomfortable, get some insoles for sure.

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Post links
Post DIY projects
Post inspo
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For pins and patches
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Well /fa/?
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desu it wouldn't even look that bad on a different person and if it had less gaudy metal
oh shit i didn't notice the hood, without that too
this is literally what the next slp collection will look like after hedi is gone baka

What core is this?
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how does he even ride his board with these shoes?

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What are your thoughts on foot duvets?
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foot fuve.jpg
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I'm really glad you finally posted this thread, 4chan's fashion board has a blaring hole it in that can only be filled with more foot duvet threads.

(Scarlet > all)

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You get 3 items from the SS shows - what are they, /fa/?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=3V-W8gq0vMc#t=24 - those lovely wooden necklaces

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=t546mA2MKyo#t=643 - dress to gift to a grill desu

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=2jO4hLkQ4I4#t=169 - boring choice, but very nice longsleeve.
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why make it ss when fw just happened?
I guess because SS is hitting stores now?

I thought about this for a bit and I looked at some of the collections again, but I really didn't find a lot of stuff I really MUST have. But I kind of want to cop everything from Tim Coppens' last collection.


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Hi. Does it look nice on me?
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W2c pants?
thanks, which one specifically?

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