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im gonna regret this.png
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is all hope lost cuz of my long midface? should i get a chin shave and jaw implants...?
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go fish for compliments on reddit
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life isnt worth living.png
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im not fishing for fucking compliments, i just tried to hook up and went to a party for the first time in a long fucking while. i lost alot of weight and actually tried to become a bit fit (my abs are showing and my arms have a vein each). i get rejected by other gay guys all the fucking time and im fucking sick and they call me horseface. did i think im ugly? no not rly, but theyre right, my face is fucking long. id look so much better if it was properly fucking balanced. anyways can someone fucking help me and not annoy the shit out of me im almost done with this shit fuckplace earth anyway

also if i put a lighter near the tanking-area, will i blow up? will it be painless?
>jaw implants
Don't do this.

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Does /fa/ have a useful guide to buying glasses in terms of what suits x/y headshape? I've bought several pairs now and it always feels like a dice roll.
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1- Don't buy frames that covers your eyebrow

Okay, anything else?
There's no set rules on face shape to frame shape. Certain frames go in and out of style and others are bold, work for certain personalities and don't for others. Seriously, ask an optometrist who you think looks good in their frames, ask their opinion. Or draw the frames in your face, wear it for a week and if you like it, it's probably worth buying.

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What does effay think of the whole bulky sneaker trend?
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that's what my safety shoes would look like if I dropped them in a bucket of white paint
those look great. id ?
Looks good on skinny korean qts

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Right /fa/
Need you guys to list as many fashion styles as you can.
Eg: techwear, normcore, vintage, greaser, preppy.
You get the idea.
Much appreciated.
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my personal style
What's Mac's style? (Guy on the left)

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What other fashion boards are there that provide decent advice?
>Inb4 r/mfa
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/r/streetwear is pretty epic ngl

i go there pretty frequently, it has really got my shwag lookin right
none. absolute 0. the only option really is learning some super basic stuff like color coordination and fits then voraciously devouring fashion blogs or even checking out trends on online board. but advice wise, i wouldn't trust any forum. just look for outfits you like, try to figure out why exactly you like them and see if you can incorporate it into your own style.

I'm gonna post some fashion inspo and if someone could let me know what the style(s) are called then that would be super helpful.

Also relevant blogs/tumblrs and how to start building a wardrobe in this style would be great.
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how do you pull off a light wash denim jacket with wool in the inside? drop some inspo
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be a butch lesbian
whoa I've been sent back in time to 2015 /fa/...

I have to warn everyone about 9/11
they had their 3 months comeback in 2016, not 15

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what's the most fashionable kind of underwear to wear?
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Low rise bikini cut, mesh if possible.
if female
>satin panties
>lace trim that doesnt clash with colour
>any cut that isnt boyshort

if male
>the same

Where do women get business suits? My sister is changing jobs from impoverished non-profit employee doing good in the world to capitalist leech sucking the blood from others and needs to replace the "colorful" social studies wardrobe that she has right now.

She asked me for advice on what to wear on a business trip for this new job and the only thing I could say is to wear a suit. All I know about suits is GEORGE ZIMMER FROM THE MEN'S WEARHOUSE and what the sexy Asian business ladies in fem-dom porn wear. As far as I know there's no store for women where you can get two suits for the price of one and like the way you look, guaranteed.

My sister is the successful child in the family and I am the piece of shit posting on 4chan so I would really like to help out here. What is the standard in women's business attire?
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this seems suspicious, why would your sister ask your advice on womenswear when she most likely know you're what you are?
Low self esteem and an unreasonable faith in her younger brother, probably. I don't really get it either but I want to try and do some good for once.

Where can I get quality belts at size 28? I'm about a 26 waist so size 30 belts (the lowest most places go) are a bit too big.

Also, what different kinds of belts should I get for casual wear with jeans/t-shirt? I want to expand my variety.
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just buy boy's belts man, you get to save money AND look youthful!
I might get one belt with a subtle logo buckle if it was something I like

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tumblr hi fa.png
1MB, 790x1307px
Fuck it, show off your tastes I guess

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> mostly fashion with a little art and girls
>b&w, stills, music, occasional personal post
send me your stupid questions.

>pictures of left behind beercans. Hasn't updated in forever but I'm playing with the idea of a reboot.

You'll find a job someday, keep pushing. You have worth.

Don't hate it, don't love it, kind of bland. It's consistent though
File: Screenshots1a1.jpg (674KB, 873x800px)Image search: [Google]
674KB, 873x800px
>night photography - concert posters
>nature - architecture - black and white
>art - music - typography - design
>illustrations - sci-fi - dystopia
>glow - urban - aesthetics - aviation
>fashion - history - automotive
>reblogs and original content
>some nsfw

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Who else here Hawaiian/pacific vibes fashion?
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File: upload8462899529858423666.jpg (167KB, 445x543px)Image search: [Google]
167KB, 445x543px
I like it but it seems kinda difficult to pull off 100%. Any suggestions for brands or stores?

Superdry has some decent prints but some of them have been sold out for a while
absolutely disgusting
Op here. I've used Aeropostale fir most of my chill vibe stuff but the store is kinda shit rn

File: F A D E D.png (3MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
F A D E D.png
3MB, 1920x1080px
hey /fa/ saw this tank top from a movie (kid cannibals, if anyone wanted to know) and I've been looking for it with little to no luck, can someone help me out?
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Fucking legend, thank you
Kid cannabis was fucking awful

File: IMG_0834.jpg (25KB, 376x476px)Image search: [Google]
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How does /fa/ feel about this & what would go great with it?
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man its a denim jacket

im tired of you newfaggots making these dumb threads asking what matches with what/needing someone to plan your fucking outfit for you instead of reading the sticky
Low quality trash and it's OH YEAH - YELLOW!
>what did he mean by this?

I'm a denim dude. I AM INTO REAL DENIM WORKWEAR HERITAGE AMERICANA! Rogue Territory, Left Field NYC, Tellason the list goes on....
I already got my own outfit for it you whinny bitch, I'm basically asking what would they do

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Should I cop?
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Yes if you're starting 6th grade this Monday

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