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is dunkirk effay?
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>no black characters
>no females

there's actually a couple of Haitians you can see very briefly that were fighting for france.
still not enough melanin. Where were all the black kings and queens?

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Best colour for browline glasses?

Pic related

Best colours in terms of matching clothing, or everyday use?
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Anyone want to fill in?
Black top, gold or silver bottom, faggot

I buzz my hair short, due to being too lazy to style it. I dress pretty much exactly like Shia. Can that possibly be /fa/
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What can /fa/ tell me about this brand?
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File: sand.png (204KB, 602x301px)Image search: [Google]
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For old men
T. A dane

So its good if i want to dress more formally? Talking blazers here

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File: Suéteres-rosas-2015-5.jpg (150KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Where can I buy a sweater like this that fits a male? Preferably cheap. I'm a gay bodybuilder who wants to dress cute, pls no bully
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ask people to make it for you. What you ask for is too niche to be sold senpai
Bump. Also interested
You will never, not in a million years, find a sweater like that will hug your body buying online.

File: 9uidziLNQ32OGQlk8G0w.png (358KB, 720x720px)Image search: [Google]
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brand new fucking items and i cant even get 50% of their retail value + i gotta eat the fees + shipping

grailed is nothign but poorfag pieces of shit now
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maybe what you are selling is not in high demand
what are you selling? I hope youre not a fag with [SEND OFFERS] in your title and dont reply for 3 fucking days
link ur shit

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I've been wearing shoes for forty years, I'm not autistic, I know how to do my shoelaces.

THESE fucking things! This is the first shoes I ever had in my entire sentient life that I keep having to re-tie them every 15 minutes! And I'm almost sure that I'm not going senile.

What's worst is that they are matching the subtle offwhite shade of the leather, can't just replace them by any random shoelaces. Where
do you get shoelaces of the same very light offwhite shade?

Why no one ever talks about these evil fucking og gat shoelaces?
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Have you tried double knotting them?
File: Simple-Knot-For-Scout31 copy.gif (17KB, 1072x739px)Image search: [Google]
Simple-Knot-For-Scout31 copy.gif
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I tried doing a knot first, then tie them on top of the knot - no difference,
Make a double knot, tie them and make a knot with the loops

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Can I buy something like pic related to force my eyes open? I've been trying for about four months now.
I literally can't put on contact lenses and I'm tired of my hipster glasses turning my average, decent 7 face into a 5.
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either more rigid lenses or leave your finger on the lens (and eyeball) as you close down your lids to squigie all the air out without the lens falling off
wait till you turn 18 you'll stop being scared of touching your eye
I'm 18 though, it's not like I'm afraid of touching my eye. I physically can't put them in because the second I touch my eye lashes I automatically blink. I train myself by literally sitting around and poking at my eyes. Fuck off.

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Any tips for dying hair black? I have thin shortish hair but growing it out. Bleached it and that makes it look way less thin, idk why. I've wanted to dye it black for a while (especially when it gets longer) but worried a) it'll look thinner than before b) it'll completely wash me out (super pale) and c) stripping the colour will be too damaging
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Youre right about the effects of dying your hair again after bleaching that shit will kill it. and if your hair is thinner the darker it is the hard it is to hide.
Yeah, figured out also at one point. Oh well, I don't mind sticking to blonde all my life (until I grey anyway), i'll just get a black wig or something if i'm that bothered

sup /fa/,

most guys I see are wearing tight black pants. are they wearing skinny jeans or another type of pants?
i don't get close enough to differentiate the material to see if they are jeans or not.

what /fa/ boots work in the winter as something i wear to the office before changing into dress shoes? timberland and iron rangers don't look like they have good traction in their soles (inb4 neither of these are /fa/ boots)
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i've seen iron ranger boots with vibram soles, but the last time i bought a shoe with those soles, they squeaked whenever they got wet
for the most part these days you're going to see _slim_ fit jeans or chinos, genuine skinny jeans (there is a difference) are on their way out
new iron rangers have vibram mini lug soles, so there's some traction at least

File: dunlop volleys.jpg (20KB, 480x336px)Image search: [Google]
dunlop volleys.jpg
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Are Volleys /fa/?
Was thinking about copping a pair for my new beater,
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File: volleys.jpg (31KB, 650x366px)Image search: [Google]
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if they cost 8 times as much i think fa would like them

File: FredPerryTn.jpg (59KB, 500x336px)Image search: [Google]
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Where to cop fred perry in usa?
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I'm looking for some brands that have nice cardigans out right now for this fall and winter. I'm a dude. My color palette is primary color top/dark/light blue bottom with navy slip ons. What color would go nice? Any more info?
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File: IMG_6848.png (151KB, 454x480px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm a guy btw.

File: IMG_1583.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
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Are these jeans dad jeans?
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Why not?
I don't know.

Could you repeat the question?

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