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I realize this is a small pic but can anyone tell the make/cut of these jeans? Doesn't have to be exact, I just want something similar
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levis 510/511
Thank you kind anon

yohji could be a good example, what else?
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yohji is lovely
Rick works so well on women, it's incredible.

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Could this shirt be /fa/?

Idk if people will like it because I live in upstate NY and its filled with low IQ trailer trash
https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1845/0839/products/[email protected]?v=1500418919
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>Could this shirt be /fa/?
no, but you can always pretend that it is
>Idk if people will like it
who cares? you fucking pussy
Wrong link

who gives a shit if its "/fa/" or not? this boards opinions are garbage as a whole. Just buy it and wear it if you want to, not everyone is going to like it, that is their problem not your problem.

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hey /fa/

I recelntly bought myself glasses with a colored frame. They are grey/blue on the outside, and orange on the inside. I really liked how they go with my face, I liked the funky colors and poof, I bought it.

Now that I'm out of the shop I am getting a bit worried. I am a femanon with short hair. It's going to be hard not to look tumblr as fuck.
Also I think I need to buy a whole new wardrobe now, since I need my clothes to go with the orange, right? I don't really know how to dress when wearing flashy glasses.

IIt would be awesome if you could name some bloggers or models or whatever who wear colored glasses so I can get some inspiration.

Can colored frames even look non-autistic?
Did I done goofed?
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Female can wear the most stupidest shit and get away with it
Really? I think when it comes to glasses it's the opposite. I've seen many older guys wear eccentric glasses and they pull it off nicely.

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what should i aim for aesthetics wise if i want a girl with similar aesthetics to this? what is the male equivalent of this?
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This shows a fertile person with good genetics. The equivalent of this would be showing off your muscles.
One of those torn up tank tops with really long arm openings, like the tumblr boys wear.
or like a button up unbuttoned that reveals your abdominal muscles
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no, im pretty sure the female equivalent of typical fit gym guy is a bimbo or a basic but hot blonde girl
how did this fag do it

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What kinda sunglass is this? What sould i write on google to find similer ones?
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Those look like moscot lemtosh or the more expensive version that Johnny Depp wears.

is tonsure effay? post inspo
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Where do i cop this shirt?
Can't even rock this cut because of receding hairline

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I have about $200 to spend on a formal outfit (jacket not really necessary)

I already have black dress shoes in good shape.

Need some advice or inspo on pairing the shoes to a suit, summer colors ideal but a year-long outfit would be better.
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don't buy a $200 suit

white shirt grey or navy pants no tie unless you want to look like a salesman

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What2do with my high ass hairline? Dont rly think it's receeding cus its been this way forever. Scandinavian genes or sumtin. What cut should i get?
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nothin or itll look like ur hair is huge
It's fine
I wish I had your hair fyi looks fresh

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>the state of streetwear in 2017
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>new money taste
What do you expect, kys for watching this.
jesus christ, /thread

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Too long for my taste, I really like the slp ones that are cropped, but they're way more expensive.
File: 733044_mrp_ou_xl.jpg (91KB, 960x1002px)Image search: [Google]
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good, buy


I'm 5ft 9, so eh whatever

the rust one is AMAZING!

which jacket have you linked?

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What is everyone's opinion on Sukajans?
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I like the aesthetic. Depends on how you attempt it. If you look like a nu-male or a dweeb without it, you're gonna look like a nu-male or a dweeb with it.
They can be cool, but if you give off any sense of being awkward on a regular basis, it will be magnified exorbitantly wearing this. Also, don't wear it with fuccboi clothes either. No vans or any shit like that.
I live in Japan and own one of these and I wear it with Jordans and shit lol.

What type of collar is that?
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Is that Rosberg?
ask in fuckboy general and delete this thread newfag

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Hi folks,

Looking for a bit of advice regarding this jacket. Apologies if this belongs in a different thread rather than its own separate one.

I've been interested in buying this Fjallraven jacket, which is obviously heavily M-65/field jacket inspired. However, I've read on here a few people saying that you shouldn't wear field jackets if you're skinny, which brings me to my current dilemma. I'm 6"2, quite broad shouldered, 155lbs. Can a field jacket-like work on me or will it look off? I thought the navy colour would help distinguish it from the typical green field jacket designs, which might help, but maybe I'm overthinking it all, a common (and frustrating) trait of mine.

Would appreciate any advice, helpful or otherwise.

Thanks /fa/
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post a pic of yourself
>However, I've read on here a few people saying that you shouldn't wear field jackets if you're skinny
The best way to know, is to try it on.
If it fits, and you can pull if off, then go for it.
Not really much more than that imo as it's just a basic fjällräven jacket.

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