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Here is my next pair of black sneakers. mw577


and don't steal my steez niggers
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autism shoes
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i might cop

v nice

What's the most /fa/ haircut that requires no effort or upkeep?
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buzzcut but it depends on whether you have a good face or not
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I tried this but my hair frizzes so much
Messy bowl cut for asians

how do chads dress nowadays? I'd imagine they don't wear preppy shit or whatever unless it's a flyover state.

Are chads all hypebeasts now?
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Urban Outfitters

all the "chads" I know (i.e 6'0"+, muscular, conventionally handsome, wealthy, etc.) are too varied.

1 i know wears button ups and regular black chinos

Another one I know wears YSL-style clothes

and the rest pretty much fall under one or both of those categories
All the Chads at my uni either wear prep or dress like rich middle schoolers. Even my Chad brother falls into the latter category.

>mfw I've never paid more than 50$ for clothes/shoes
Why does /fa/ enjoy wasting their money so much ?
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>never paid more than 50$ for shoes
show me a picture of your smart shoes right now
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The fuck are smart shoes? Whatever. This my favourite pair of shoes.

>those disgusting letters

Its not a surprise you couldn't afford it anyways

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I am desperate I need these pants I've looked everywhere I need to know w2c
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Looks discontinued, can't find it on the site.

Good news is high waist is very in right now-- you should be able to find something similar just about anywhere.
Thank you so much, at least I know the brand now
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W2c jacket

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Whats the best place to go online shopping and search through a variety of styles?
those are the only ones i kinda look through but theyre pretty shitty, anyone have anything better?
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Route one for the skate Fag
redbubble if your looking for somthing your fan of ie anime,movies,books

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post examples of /prep windbreaker
pic unrelated af
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oh god dammnit

is tanner braungardt /effay/?

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what the fuck is he wearing
Suburban high school fuccboi core.

*blocks your path*
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putin heh.jpg
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are you a gay?
Surprisingly he's married to a woman. If you can believe it.

Is this classy, /fa/?
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Hey guys
My classic pair of simple black vans authentics has gotten old and worn out so I wanted to buy another one
But then I stumbled upon these and I'm kind of inclined to give them a shot
Are adidas gazelles /fa/pproved? And if so which color is the best in your opinion senpais
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Or maybe
>are they /fa/ approved
Shut the fuck up. I also like both op and black ones so it's up to you b
How old is your vans?

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What are some good sites to keep up with high fashion? Not High Snobriety fuck boy + shitty hip hop stuff, nor crappy Vogue which appeals to mid aged women.
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bump, I'm also interested in this
>owned by vice
>sjw bullshit
>obsessed with nigger culture


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I want to buy some Lloyd 1888 shoes, like wheeler schwarz from the attached picture and I've found a Spain website with really cheap 1888 series shoes (they usually go 350 eur + ) -> http://www.casaconesa.es/lloyd-1888-wheeler-hombre-zapatos-con-cordones-ll112a06lq11-negro-p-726.html

Is it safe to buy from these kind of websites? Does Spain have lots of fake shoes?
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that's a scam site.
Did you find anything online that says it's a scam website? How can I check otherwise if it's fake?

Opinion on this Panama Jack boots?

I'm on the fence about buying them. I'm a Spaniard and will be travelling around, so I think it's kinda funny to have the "Made in Spain" tag, but I also think the logo in there is kinda ugly. Curious about what others think.
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Lurker on /k/, read about the concept of grey man but idk how could I actually dress to not call attention.

Pic semi-related, some "shoot-me-first" pants
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Blue jeans
Plaid button down
Normie shoes

You will be literally invisible
ill copy paste what i wrote to some other guy

Go people watching in the city you want to be in. If you wear some uniform to prevent standing out - you will probably stand out very much. A dark urban ninja will look out of place. The trick is to dress like they do, find a nice balance dressing in the cheap and obscure brands and shitty clothing and shitty coordination that the normal people wear. The effortlessness of normality that the low class achieves in that area, that's what you want to emulate as naturally as possible
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Like this opie

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