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post your hair goals
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Shoe collection thread

Thoughts on mine?

>w2c new stairs?
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Here's a years worth of collecting
Missing a pair of wolf grey Jordan 1's that I just got, and some vans, converse, boots and other stuff I don't really wear anymore

lowkey heat in there. good collection
What do you wear with your wallabees?
What's the pair with the white toe cap?

Lots of heat btw

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>tfw he will never be my older BF

why live, /fa/, he's so dreamy
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Are zoot suits /fa/?
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Yes verry /fa/
Absolutely not. They looked ridiculous then, and still do. But I guess looking ridiculous never stopped anyone on /fa/.
jojo reference

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Old thread dying a slow sad death, let's have a good one boys
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Fill me up boys yum yum

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Has anyone had any experience using fromjapan to buy clothes like bape and undercover?
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Paid for two yohji things off yahoo auctions. When you see the prices it costs another like 80 for domestic shipping then international, also their commission is like 10% but they make you pay for the paypal fees 4% on the total. So yeah prep another 100 for fees.

Didn't see a cop or not thread so let's go. Mine are red Doc oxfords. I need a versatile fall shoe that will hold up okay and I get a generous discount + no shipping with Docs so that's the only brand I'm looking at. Should I bite or nah?
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You look like a tool in your tweed blazer and cricket sweater.

Dress like a preppy man in the 21st century
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what is this style called?
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scandinavian delight.
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>levi's not made in america
>chelsea boots
>skinny jeans
>avant-garde fashion outside of artistic context
>side zippers on boots
>suede anything
>sunglasses that aren't dark aviators
>streetwear past the age of 20 (supreme, bape, etc.)
>cap-toe shoes/boots
>music t-shirts if you aren't obsessed with the artist
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That's one fine opinion, but I bet you won't post a fit, you little bitch.
The most durable Levi's I've ever had were Italian.

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Should I buy designer or luxury brand clothing /fa/? I have just read this study that wearing luxury brands makes you more approachable and more likely to succeed. What brand should I buy?
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Don't go full-tool and buy $2000 suits or $300 t-shirts but a little here and there is fine.
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>but a little here and there is fine.

And what should I buy?

I mean, is there any clothing with brand that can be seen that is not a suit (which I already own). What do you think about watches or shoes?
How about: anything you feel like and that also suits your current wardrobe decently well. Buying watches over $10k isn't really worth it unless you make absolute bank, shoes over 1100 aren't really worth it either. Remember the possibility of buying used especially with watches.

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where to get a same or a similar backpack??

thanks in advance
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Sandqvist have a couple that look like this

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How often should an average short back and sides haircut guy get a haircut? I don't style my hair at all.

Is it extremely bad not to shave for 2 days out if laziness? I worry that stubble is extremely bad looking.
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I get short bns haircut maybe every 3 months. I don't get about stubble but that girl you're talking to might, your boss might.
Every month at least for short cuts. Ideally every 1-2 weeks but nobody has time/money for that. Skin fades look better than edges if you are getting infrequent haircuts.

Lyl, my boss is worse than me in this regard.

I normally wait a long time between haircuts, almost 3 months I think, but the reason I as is that I don't have much of a fringe after I get a haircut but I do right before. Which is correct?

Which colour moc toes should I get?
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Doesn't matter, cuck boots are cuck boots
blacksmith or iron ranger.
List us some non-cuck boots my dude

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