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I'm a pleb and don't understand how shirt sizing works outside of Small-Medium-Large

if a men's casual button-down shirt tag says 16 1/2 - 33, what does that mean? how can I measure myself, or my shirts, to see how it will fit?
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no you mongol, its neck/sleeve.

16.5 by 33 is in the large bracket.

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What are some /fa/ related books you guys like?
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in b4 lolita

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general inspo for shoes
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dope as fuck imo
omg yes? whats the name
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I'm so jelly of this desu

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Hey /fa/
My converse x cdg have gotten dirty over time, should I keep them dirty?
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Eh I mean I clean my shoes off every now and then. If they get extremely dirty/muddy then yeah. But I think worn out looking shoes (no holes or torn sole) look pretty cool.
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also want to know this for my shoes like pottery
I think I like them looking a little beat up & thats also the general consensus among most people

keep em dirty, unless they get muddy.

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should I size up with skinny jeans to avoid them looking like leggings?
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maybe you should consider slim jeans faggot
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my legs are skinny so whenever i buy slim jeans they're a bit too wide but when I buy skinny they fit like leggings. i want them to fit a bit like pic related
try different brands

Girlfriends looking for any sweater similar to this one. Can someone help?
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Woodstock was p cool. '69, at least.
Lol I live in Woodstock

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Hi /fa/, construction worker here looking for steel toed work boots that look nice. Preferably under 250 unless they are super nice

Also looking for work pants or jeans that'll stand to wear and look nice as well.

also, workwear thread I guess
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File: workwear-for-roofing-works1.jpg (92KB, 615x508px)Image search: [Google]
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Sorry, pressed on wrong image
You will need to spend more than that to get save work boots let along good looking ones.

Also why the fuck do you care? If you're doing any kind of work that requires steel toes, you're not there to look good.

Just buy durable, protective clothes for work and look good after you fuckboi.
OK, I'll spend more if nessecary

But sometimes I've gotta run straight to somewhere else and I don't have time to change. Plus, I just like to look nice, even when working

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the ride never ends.gif
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lend me your feels /fa/.

>been looking for a specific piece for a while
>brown tweed waistcoat
>at consignment shop earlier today
>looking through the suits and stuff
>there it is
>vintage brown tweed, Brooks Brothers waistcoat
>i'm salivating
>my boner cannot be contained
>look at size
>i'm a 40R
>try it on, fits a little lose when the back strap is at its tightest
>arm vents buckle with excess fabric

>absolutely devastated
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>what is a tailor
File: macdemarco_cigarette.gif (1MB, 446x344px)Image search: [Google]
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>wearing a waistcoat

whats wrong with a waistcoat if you have to wear menswear regularly m8?

File: AZK1122_1.jpg (211KB, 1800x1800px)Image search: [Google]
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so today i wore them for the first time when i walked my dog thinking i would be the flyest motherfucker and got roasted HARD for these gay ass hearts by some teenage skaters. there was a girl with them and im pretty she said something that sounded like "fucking loser"and they laughed.

thank you /fa/ for making this 35-year-old man feel like an awkward teenager again. I've managed to block past memories of bullying from my teens and now they are coming back to haunt me thanks to this dreadful experience.
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>35 years old
>Caring what tweenage skatefags think.

There's your problem.
>wearing cdg play
>posting on 4chan still

You did this to yourself if this isnt bait
What are those I've seen someone wear those

File: RzKvtlw.jpg (363KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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Can I get a recc on glasses?
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Hipster ones so you don't look like a nerd

Hipster is the best excuse ever
File: images (4).jpg (3KB, 98x144px)Image search: [Google]
images (4).jpg
3KB, 98x144px
So, like this?
Bigger frames

File: 1455202102461.jpg (309KB, 1292x736px)Image search: [Google]
309KB, 1292x736px
...Is this in?
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lol no


File: 100 dollars for a t shirt.jpg (28KB, 480x480px)Image search: [Google]
100 dollars for a t shirt.jpg
28KB, 480x480px
Dropped 100 dollars on pic related last night drunk
Kill me
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are haterz getting mad?
it's not a bad shirt, but I wouldnt drop 100 dollars on it
is it 2005 again?

File: image.jpg (100KB, 634x781px)Image search: [Google]
100KB, 634x781px
Where can I get this jacket, it's sick. I'm already bought the hoodie.
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WWII tanker jacket

Check out the website, they have some other cool reproduction jackets

File: 1449502472352.jpg (69KB, 680x900px)Image search: [Google]
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I've been away from /fa/ for a year , some one put me up to speed. What are the new meme shoes? What aesthetic are we pushing now palewave, lunarcore or are we still usually dressed in Rick Owens and Raf Simmons?
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plz go and never go back
>/fa/ isn't a hivemind
everyone is still shitting their pants over geos and ramones, which are basically nicer-looking converses

slp is trending right now, but rick will always be seen as the fashion overlord here

File: 373-3003045-HF003_M.jpg (47KB, 444x492px)Image search: [Google]
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Apparently Hanz De Fuko discontinued this stuff a few months ago, and I didn't realize until all outlets were sold out.

Can /fa/ recommend some good pomade? I loved Scheme Cream because it didn't dry out my hair or scalp at all, it could even be left in for a couple days and my hair still was adjustable and not dry.
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what's good for thick, stubborn hair that won't dry or flake?
For my thick straight hair I don't like too much shine but a good hold (obviously), I prefer American crew Fibre.
What about American crew Pomade?

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