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Is Troye Sivan /fa/?
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new americana core
He looks seriously underage.

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I have pewdiepies high up fag mouth and low eye height

people say I look like him but I cannot stand how he looks

what kind of surgery
assuming im pic related
would compensate for the low eye height
or reduce the shit lip & nasal teeth?
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The fuck is wrong with you dude? Sure people don't like him, but that doesn't mean he's unattractive. Getting plastic surgery because you look like a famous fag is an awful idea.
i think i need to stop coming to 4chan
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I personally think hes highly unattractive
but thats besides the point

I simply am using him as a reference as I have an extremely similar face to him
which I would like to change
not just because its similar to his face in particular

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Anyone have those pics from that thread where that anon had a Rei and Asuka embroidered cap?
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calling that anon or anyone else who was in the thread

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post /fa/ commercials
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What is /fa/'s opinion on vintage brands reviving or rewinding their products? i.e. Members Only, FILA etc...
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I think it's pretty cool. I like the nostalgia of it all.

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In need of some advice and/or guidance:
>be me
>18 and british
>doing some shitty journalism course at a shitty uni
>have little to no interest for the course or general career options
>take a huge interest in fashion over the past 2 years, but not really enough to get really into it
>now deciding i'd much rather find a course in fashion design or something related

One issue, my qualifications are all in english and history, no textiles or art qualifications in sight so getting into a uni which offers a course i'd like to do is currently near unavailable

So, /fa/, my question is, for anyone who is taking some kind of degree in this field, what are my best options to focus my future career on fashion? (preferably doing a degree in it aswell)
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OP here, completely forgot to add:
Would it be worth taking some form of summer course? For anyone that has done anything like this, is it worth it?
do a sewing or pattern cutting evening class. If you like it, I'd recommend doing an art foundation and taking the fashion pathway, then see if you want to do a degree in it, and what specific area of the industry you might be interested in. you will meet other creative people and build connections which will set you on a good track. it may also help you realise it is not for you which is also a good thing

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I have been travelling for a while and now its time for a few months in japan and Korea, given the colder weather and the heavy usage of my clothes its time for a few new pieces.

What i am trying to ask here is, where would you guys look for current male fashion trends to impress in the two countries. Also does anyone know about stuff that's cheaper to buy in Tokyo or Seoul than anywhere else, or maybe some special brands to look out for?

I don't have that big a budget, but some nice high top sneaker (cant afford Geos or anything like that) and 1 or two cheaper designer pieces should be possible.

Thanks for any input.
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this is something i posted on reddit a while back, it trails off a bit off topic but w.e

"If you're into used clothes they have one of the best thrift markets in Gwangjang Market(광장시장). Gwangjang isnt just good street food like most tourists think, you have to find the west gate 2 then walk up some stairs.(find a map of the entire market) Once you're there, its just clothes everywhere. They get all the used/vintage clothes from Japan. The prices are all up for negotiation, the people selling tell you one price, always cut what they say in half and then some. There is amazing stuff there, just pay attention and dont get overwhelmed. Word of warning though, my girlfriend hated this place for it but the people selling will try to get you to look at their stuff and try to sell you stuff. They can be pretty annoying about it too. Make sure to bring a lot of cash if you’re gonna buy clothes there!! You can also check out hififnk which is near hongik uni station(hongdae). Around hififnk there are a lot of cool stores and smaller brands too. hongdae also has a lot of cool thrift stores too. the address for hififnk is 1f 565-6, yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea Hifi is also cash only. I'd avoid like lotte market and shit like that. its all overpriced.
Garosugil has a lot of amazing stores too, GO INTO ALL THE STORES THAT ARE UNDERGROUND. seriously, they have small doors and stairs leading down, go in!!! dont be scared to go in through some ratchet entrances. avoid all the brands you already know since it will be overpriced. For example, H&M is overpriced(double of what it is in the states) Like in the rest of Korean, sometimes if you pay cash you get a discount. Make sure you ask for the global tax free receipts also. (MAKE SURE IT SAYS GLOBAL TAX FREE ON THE TOP) Myeongdong is okay I guess. you dont really find many korean only stuff there. Its all kind of catering to tourists and chinese people, so its gonna be overpriced compared to the rest of korea.
go back to yli you fucking faggot

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Do you have a fashion role model? This can mean a favorite designer, model, or artist.

My #1 choice would have to go to Shui Tsang, he's seriously a god.
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What are the basic requirements for this style
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Live in 1950s Japan

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boxing shoes for daily use?
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Femanon here.
How do you dress and still look /fa/ when it's freezing cold outside?
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What "hides" a big nose best. Long hair or short hair?
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hair that doesn't have big length differences, like undercuts suck for big noses. Go for a short messy-ish even one.
big hair, but it's more about face shape and other things that determines if it fits you. A big nose is just a confidence check. If you own it, it doesn't look bad.
1. Getting out of puberty

2. Beard

It's somewhat common for noses, specifically in men, to grow a bit faster than the rest of the face. The accompanying lack of chin creates the standard ugly teen boy duck-nose look. Facial development evens out up til the age of ~23.

A beard is commonly used to balance out the face through making the chin appear more marked, and making the overall face appear longer/bigger. It makes the nose appear smaller relative to the face, and makes you look less bad in profile.

If you can't fix that, then you're fucked regardless of your hair.

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The Pebble Steel is still the best looking smartwatch. Prove me wrong.
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Smartwatches are awful
Okay no problem bro...

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Need some insights on these shoes, total value is 61 usd.

Also general fashion interests
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these are called chavs , don't dress like that unless you want to be ridiculed by everyone who isn't a chav.
I think there clothes looks good on them

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