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How do I get a bod like Lachowski?
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lmao thats a body of a 10 year old who plays soccer occasionally
just because his face is great it wont make his body good
don't eat much, lift once in a while
I have that, and that's what I do
Eat clean/stay lean
Do some calisthenics
Don't train legs

Im about to go into college and I wanted to buy a new pair of general use shoes. I am in between old skool vans or nike air force ones. Which one or do you have a better suggest?
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Air force 1 lows are a classic and go with everything plus they look good beaten up. Id say af1s. Or both
AF1s are a classic staple. Vans are a fad.

Go with the AF1s.
Well AF1s are going to be a lot more comfortable and last longer, but they're bulky as shit, so unless you little feet they look ridiculously bulky

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Moving to Montreal in 2 weeks for uni, does anyone know of some /fa/ clothing stores?
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Such a disgusting run down city
montreal is a fucking shithole good luck
ssense, off the hook are okayish and theres a couple of designers around here too but you wont find much nice things here its really a shithole

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Can Transitions be /fa/?
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Right until you walk into a building and gotta wait half an hour to stop looking like a fag

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Thread for general discussion about Kanye.

Whether it's the music, the fashion or cultural influence it's undeniable he is one of the most significant figures of our generation. Love him or hate him, let's get some discussion on his influence on /fa/ and fashion in general
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I'm a massive Ye stan and I think he is the most culturally significant individual of this era - both for music and fashion influence

But I'm open to hearing arguments for and against this
can anyone deny that the yeezus tour was another level of /fa/ compared to any other mainstream artist's world tour
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I'm tired of getting soaked when I bike to work in the rain. Where can I find an attractive and useful poncho that will protect me from the elements?

Pic definitely related.

Affordable would be great too.
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yo that's me, dunno if want an id but that's the arrivals element poncho, you might have luck with a jp market such as rakuten (and ebay), or local milsurp.
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apc raincoat.jpg
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copped this on grailed
should be arriving in the mail soon
cop fenders for your bike first!

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post stuff that's not shit
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> Last one almost 300 posts

This thing is 300 bucks made of 100% Italian wool. Massimo Dutti. Worth it?
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That's a huge collar
4 u

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let's have a nice room inspo/interior design thread.
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Friendly reminder that there is no point in dressing well if you aren't /fit/.
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165 no muscle
Unironixally interesting.

Im fit but Ive seen some people that look ok in skeletormode

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We all read the shitty, "is smoking effay?" threads but what about weed? All the negatives about cigs are not present in smoking weed. You get the aesthetic of puffing on a cig but with a less harmful substance that actually has benefits to smoking it.
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lol benefits ,makes you lazy, less confident and make worse decisions
this is coming from an everyday smoker
ehhh just depends person to person i guess. i feel relieved when smoking weed. clears my head,lets me think. I have never made any real dumb decisions while smoking, at most saying something kinda dumb but thats it.
Less harmful substance but still harmful since you're breathing in the other bits resulting from the chemical reaction of lighting the joint. Not to mention the "withdrawal" symptoms people might encounter. Some people get really irritable and moody when they don't have their weed. Not a legit withdrawal but it happens, and it's annoying to be around people who get like that and people who can't stop talking about weed.

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What shoes does effay wear and how long have you been wearing them

Adidas duramo size 12. Since early 2015. The insoles are basically gone and the bottoms have no tread left but I love wearing sneakers down to the very bone

>common projects Achilles low need not be here. Basically that shoe is nothing but a meme now. Fuckboy uniform right there
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Saucony Shadow 6000 Irish Coffee Pack Cream
got them a little over a year ago, I think
You must have fucking wide feet man
I don't have a particular shoe I constantly wear. At the moment I cycle through a few different things:
>Triple Black Y-3 Qasa High
>Raf Simons Rising Star II (White/Red/Blue)
>Sophia Chang Brooklynite Disc Pumas
>Lunarfly 306 QS Shanghai
>Reebok Instapump Fury
>Triple Black Metcon 3
>Black AM95 and Grey AM95
>Air Penny V

I'll also occasionally wear some AJ's like the Space Jams but I try to keep those as DS as possible so I'll wear them once or twice.

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Are these too douchey and cliche even for someone who's attractive?
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Get a regular beanie
File: Cuckoos-Nest-iTunes-Poster.jpg (389KB, 1400x2020px)Image search: [Google]
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Just wear a watch cap when it gets cold like pic related
These are less fashion and more function though and give off that vibe

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What is the most /fa/ exercise, and why is it swimming?
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weight lifting with the hardest gabber playing in the background or in headphones
swimming in a chlorinated pool is not effay. it'll fuck up your hair

my vote goes to biking

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Which blazzer would match this style?
It's for a wedding
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I hate that shade of khaki. Wear grey trousers and a navy blazer.
Why is he wearing a sock in place of a tie?
I blame instagram users.
To me, a knit tie looks odd if you are not wearing socks on your feet. I think they are more suitable for colder weather.

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