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Anyone ever got jumped for their clothes here?

Like, how dangerous could it be to go around in a, let's say, Raf parka or geos around a fashion-aware city like New York or Paris?
Would some reseller bums try to steal it?
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lmao leave your house once in a while, you've been inside for far too long
fashion thieves will just scam you over grailed desu

lots of the NY fashion niggers are massive scumbags
kek. i do t think your niggers are that educated. if u got the newest nikes you get jumped and maybe for gucci or a rolex watch, something they know.

Is being 5'0 as a girl awful? I'm 5'0 and my boyfriend is 6'2. He doesn't really care and he actually likes being much taller than me, but I always feel like a child. I'm 5'0 and I'm 75lbs, so I have a child's body. I don't mind it now, but what about when I'm 40? I feel like I'll never look like a "woman". How do I accept the fact that I'm going to be 5'0 forever? :(
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That's unfortunate but what does this have to do with fashion?
you will never get respect

also statistically you're only going to be with this guy a max 2 years until you grow out of the "i want a tall guy" phase

since he will get tired of having to be held back in life by you and will get over the fetish
Is having a loli body effay

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Find a flaw.
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inb4 "guy on right is too fat to be /fa/"
guy on right is too fat to be /fa/
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Is it possible to not look beta with glasses? Do I need contacts to make it?
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Yes. No.
are you retarded? you only look beta if you act like one. like glasses even matter

Fuck I probably got baited
>not going Clark Kent mode

Are Adidas Pharell Hu's the next big thing? Should I cop before the normie wave starts
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ew please
I don't see these catching on.
They're too much like stans and too much like yeezy's.

The ones that want yeezys are gonna wear yeezys, and the ones that want to wear stans will wear stans
So I don't see this getting too popular
Mate, they're $110. Yeezys are like double that.

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architecture thread
Since there is no architecture /arch/ board in this website and photobucket charging for 3rd party hosting destroyed skyscrapercity I'm making my architecture threads here now. Post dank buildings. I'm moving this thread from /int/ so please don't be like "uhl, I mean only Art nouveau (or Neoclassical) architecture is real architecture because I don't like glass buildings"

Pic a model for the never built "Mauá building" in Petropolis by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemayer
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one more building from him
Take this to /p you fucking idiot
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Commie blocks stepping in

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Return of the headband? y/n?
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just go ahead and rock it. don't be a pussy OP.
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Most people I see wearing it are black
I guess it looks alright
looks great with a fro desu

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lets see it boys

from our own waywt
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looks pretty good to me
Only a retard would post a fit pic next to a gravestone
she died quite young

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The only one I have
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deerhoof vs evil.jpg
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I only have this one. It's very green but I do wear it sometimes..

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Last one hit 300
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>posts cringe

k den
Dykes cant be effay anon

I've got an issue /fa/. I'm having this want inside of me to wear girly, feminine clothing and the like. I'm a dude and I hate the idea of transexuality but sometimes I just want to dress somewhat girly (or sometimes full girl, with skirt and ribbon etc) but at the same time I know I can never become a girl for a day and would look horrendous wearing those things. What do ?
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I struggle with this every day. The only answer is to get yolked and find the dainty girl you want to be and make her yours, my man.
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20 and Still a Virgin, can't get chicks.

Maybe I should try nofap and see if that makes me more manly
You don't have to be a girl to wear feminine clothing. My gf is making me a skirt to wear while dancing, I'm pretty excited. Probably gonna wear it with a short sleeve button down, untucked, and work boots cause they're my comfiest dancing shoes

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How come the white people on here are so ugly and unfashionable? Shouldn't it be the other way round? Honest question here, because I've looked at the WAYWT and hair threads for years now and it's disillusioning
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how come chinks are all such bad drivers?
Whats wrong with violent crime?
name one good black fashion designer

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W2C Quavo's floral button-down?
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Floral pattern? Worn by a swagfag? Gucci. I don't even have to check. It's Gucci by default
Don't start threads like this. Ask in where to cop next time
Rappers would look so much better in more subtle full SLP than this ghetto mish-mash mix with fucking chains.
My bad I knew it had to be something dumb expensive just couldn't find what thank you anyway :)

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Super excited for these. Thoughts /fa?
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They're ok.
Seeing them in person might change my mind though. I doubt it though. Once you've had a pair of J's, you've had em all.
This will be hard to cop right? Is it pretty much bot required? Never bought from an online drop before.

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What are some good fits I could wear them with or what do you usually wear them with and without looking like those Kanye clone street wear memes.

So far I've just worn them with light tan above the knee shorts and a green carhartt tee.
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Pure boost dpr
Pureboost DPR

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