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I'm tired of uncomfortable, minimalist sneakers and Gazelles just make you look like a limp-dicked self-loathing numale.

Are they versatile? What should I wear them with?
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OP here, I think I posted a limited edition pair. I just got the classics. Pic related
You really can't go wrong with af1s, just wear whatever you want. I'm glad you didn't buy gazelles, adidas are overrated in general and vans are boring unless you're wearing a really nice technical jacket. CPs are just overpriced. But fuck flat sole shoes in general.
Theyre a great shoe but in toronto they have a very JHEEZE BACKWOODS WALAHI MY YUTE connotation

can fur coats be effay?
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When is it acceptable to wear tweed?
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you mean "tuede" idiot?

I do not.
When it doesn't look like a costume

The guy you posted looks like he's wearing a costume, so don't do that

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idc about the way they dress but their music has to be /fa/...pic relate
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big sean went super A E S T H E T I C

but if you want that real shit u gotta fuck with trunk boiz
need i say more?
This so much
"Feel like Romeo, Moncler coat when it's cold"

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Can someone explain to me why do you hate this style so much?

Like, can I get a genuine explanation, what bothers you about it? Why don't you like to see people wearing it? Why do you derail every single /fa/ thread about it or make fun of people who are into it? I just don't get it.
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Bad fast fashion. If you can't figure out why on your own then you're beyond the point of instruction
everyone looks the same, ripped jeans, yeezy, UB, etc.
no real individuality so never really original, and its all about how much money you spent vs actual quality and original pieces
What is "good" fashion to you then?

Could you post some pictures?

Also how the fuck is this fast fashion when Jerry Lorenzo and Virgil Abloh constantly call out other brands for being fast fashion. Virgil recently said that Zara, Uniqlo and H&M are the McDonald's of clothes and the true cancer of the industry.

Post any articles of clothing that feature a language using the cyrillic alphabet. Designer, milsurp, thrift, you name it.
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You first.
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Did you click on the image, my friend?

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>is smoking */fa/*
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No. Also, when does school start back up, anon?
solid statement
>yellow teeth
>bad breath
>clothes smell horrible
>wasting money
>stunt growth
>ruining your lungs
>age worse

If you want to get high do less harmful drugs like LSD or shrooms
>people will think I'm kidding

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99 cents senpai, cop
lel, how new are you to you eBay?

post /fa/ starter packs.
ill start
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Is it true you can play life on easy mode if you're attractive?

>Dating some heiress 6 years younger then himself
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>Is it true you can play life on easy mode if you're attractive?

Obviously. Good thing is that soon enough we will bio-engineer babies to make them look perfect and in a few generations everyone will look good therefore we won't validate people on their looks anymore but on their worth and usefulness to the world.
Wasn't he married with kids? So he abandoned his family? Typical nigger behaviour.
my mom always told me i had to be a good person because i was attractive and it would be easy to be a bad person

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Just dumping some Old Vogue
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I need a suit for a one time function with a budget of $300 or less. Where do I want to shop?
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Just Macy's huh
Honestly m8 go Uniqlo comfort jacket and pants. If it's just a one time thing and you wear some decent shoes it's definitely more than serviceable.

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R8 my new sweatshirt /fa/
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Have you ever met a famous model?
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>gee Bill why does your mom let you have TWO waifus?
My mom.

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