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How does he keep his hair out of his face?
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Years of practice
A team of stylists and editors
i thought that was a wig

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what does /fa/ think of dressing your children up
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It's a meme, seriously.
Just let your kids be fucking kids. Buy them nice quality shit, but don't dress them like a fucking street nigga
Absolutely disgusting

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A sandwich for anyone who knows who this faggot is.
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wow who is this guy he seems familiar i have no idea who he might be
Is that fuckerberg?

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Which of these are cooler?
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Or the all black ones?
I like the aquatic colored more

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Gonna be spending £100 tomorrow, what shall I buy.
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a better waifu, slut
buy a hookah m8

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I know atleast one of you fuckers knows how to back door this, I don't care if it's a meme show. I'm sick of taking Ls.
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willl they do this for future nmd releases?
Post the link idiot
Do you even know how their system works?

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It seems to me that over the course of the past 20 years, there's been a widespread glamorization of unhealthiness and laziness. I think it started in the 90s with Kate Moss, grunge and the whole heroin chic trend, but since then it somehow melded into the mainstream to the point where it's impossible to be fashionable without looking somewhat self-destructive or unkempt.
It can be extremely subtle, like, even sportswear brands that still use flashy colors contrast them with dull grey and give them patterns and lines that contradict the shape of musculature instead of emphasizing it.
It's as if every trend that popped up in the past few decades could be boiled down to cosplaying as some kind of down-trodden pariah or self-punishing ascete. And it's not limited to niche trends like goth or milsurp variations, it also extends to mainstream fashion both male and female, like the bohemian pseudo-hippies of the mid-2000s, the millenial neo-existentialists wrapped in scarves and oversized peacoats that give them the silhouette of a scarecrow, the overwhelming amount of combat/work boots and leather jackets on upper-middle class chicks in the current decade, even the beard culture buff hipsters try to look like they're the product of hard labour and stern high-brow culture. Even the "qt" archetype, that's some kind of sickly neotenic twee, with giant eyes, a weak jawline and flat or wispy hair. Like have you checked out Zara and H&M's latest women's stuff? It's all black trenchcoats and muted colors. I know winter collections are supposed to be low-key but it looks like a shy attempt to make girls look like school shooters.

It's like people to look like they don't give a fuck because life has been super rough with them, and those that just try to look attractive have to compose their wardrobes from pieces that were design to appeal to the first category.
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Cool beans
Interesting premise for a thread and I hope it spawns a nice discussion. good luck, opie.
"unhealthy" "lazy" and "unkempt" fashion is almost as old as the fashion industry imo. 80's punks, 60's hippies, 30's flappers... back in the renaissance people wanted to look fat and pale. Whatever. There's still lots of people out there who look good because they look healthy and well maintained. Only people who are dressing to get laid worry about looking like everybody else who's trendy. If you're interested in fashion because of aesthetic ideals (which you obviously hold) you should only be worried about wearing whatever the fuck you like to wear.

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how would I get my hair like this?
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Another one of these. Show it to your fucking barber you retarded shitstain
time travel to early 2007 when this look was fashionable
I see way more fashionable people doing it now than in 2007

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Water is effay. Being healthy is effay. I need a water bottle. Post some good looking water bottles.
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Fuck your narrow mind and fuck you and your water. Just get a fucking regular water bottle you fuck.
If you don't mind waiting a month, you can grab the same one off aliexpress for half the price and without the shitdick logo on it. Great bottle
i own the supreme x klean kanteen that just dropped

its a nice bottle!

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btw isn't the guy that made this from /fa/ too?
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What was the official response?
Same dude who made the fuccboi spreadshirt
He is also founder of Grailed I believe or at least works for Grailed.
Seems like a pretty cool guy
He's god on grailed isn't he? Smart dude

Im new to fashion so please give me anything that looks like this and doesnt cost around 2,000$
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make one yourself
no, thats why it costs $2000
Hm, but no lookalikes at all in stores?

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Hey, im a short girl with big boobs, way too big for me >_< I don't really like them because I don't know what to wear :s Any tips for the summer? (:
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Stay inside
Pretending to be a girl on 4chan won't give you whatever validation it is you think you need.
If this is you, searching google for that image leads to your twitter jsyk

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Is it ever ok to wear these?
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nice quads faggot
so which do you wear?
fucking boxer briefs retard
they're the most comfortable and if you slap a calvin klein logo on the waistband they suddenly become effay
boxers look nice but feel shitty, briefs look shitty but feel alright. thus, marry the two

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is there a cringier clothing line than Supreme?
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File: tumblr_npfmelezAJ1unxnx9o1_250.gif (266KB, 250x189px)Image search: [Google]
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supreme will be in a state of rigormortis by the end of this year
if by rigormortis you mean more alive than ever, selling with higher numbers than ever, then yes you are correct.

mainstream saturation may take away the "muh secret skate brand" vibe but it brings in a metric fuckton of cash.

what would you rather have--a brand that 18 year olds on 4chan respect or like 50 million dollars?

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hello i was hoping you could help me with something
on one side of my face my beard is growing upwards towards my ear and it doesnt look good
is there any way i can fix this and make it grow down?
and if not would this be a problem for growing a big beard?
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Shave and lose weight
im skinny and if i shave i look 12 + im balding so no
If thats you in the photo, you're not skinny
You should shave either way

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