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Is there such a thing as good quality, made to measure and/or custom menswear that does not break the bank? Is this one of those things where you have to pick two, to the exclusion of the third?

As with most things in life, I dress mainly for the approval of well informed nerds online.

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$750 for a bespoke floating canvas blazer (only use ethnic Chinese tailors)
$50 for a MTM shirt
$200 for MTM trousers
But a ticket to HK costs quite a bit too, and you'll need to stay there for a couple months or make a few trips.

Unless you live there, that is.
You could try Brooks Brothers' suiting essentials program.

$650 for a suit where is not exactly made to measure, but made to order where they still take all the measurements and you get to choose the fabrics and lining.

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>buying from big cartel
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what did you expect for a 10$ shirt famalam ?
That shirt looked gay on the pic and you somehow made it look ever more gay.
uuh I think the tone is a little off from the preview

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Is Bryson Tiller effay?
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Hell naw
But he's literally a walking definition of what women are into right now.
>what non-fa women are into.

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hair style.png
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it's called a receding hairline

>tfw dad is in his 50s and hasn't gotten a single grey hair so far
god bless
grey hairs are cool, receding hairline not

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i havent been here in six months

someone spoonfeed me the latest 2016 meme clothes
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wellie boots
air max 96s
3/4 lengths
frosted tips
Loudly colored new balance 999s
Khaki shorts
White socks
Short sleeved work shirt
That hat that future wears
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Normcore is back

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Okay, so I've won half the battle. I'm going to a casual outing with guys and girls, and there is someone there who thinks I'm cute.


It's soon and I only now realized that going in my teenager getup of vans and a hoodie won't cut it anymore. I'm 20 btw. I'm tall and slim

What I have is:
Assorted T-shirts with graphics
Plain white T-shirts
Black and Dark blue jeans
2 pairs of Vans, one red one blue
Black Bomber Jacket
Assorted Hoodies
Yellow Flannel overshirt
Green patterned shirt

How do I not look disgusting? I don't need to look /fa/, just... not yuck.
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Post a pic of what you would wear.
Full rick
black jeans
white tshirt
black bomber
black hoodie
pity u dont have plain black shoes

i want to buy this but i cant find it on the converse website, do you guys know a place i can buy them for under $100 and on red?
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They aren't coverse, those are PF Flyers
nike roshes u idiot , how the fuck do u confuse them as converse

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Hello im new to this board but i cant afford common projectinios so i need an id on those cause theyre better
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nike roshe
looks like nike roshe. but these colorwars are kinda hard to get as they're just limited runs.
>>11116293 is correct.
these are called roshe runners by nike.

Hello /fa/. I am a poor third worlder robot who's trying to be /fa/ and I don't know the first thing about fashion.

I bought pic related dirt cheap. I know it's fake but the guy I bought it from convinced me the design was exactly the same as the original. Now, I am looking for it on the internet and I cannot find it all except for this one website where I got that picture. I wanna fucking cry. Is there a Yeezy Boost 350 that has that kind of design?
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No there isn't
Also bought these

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Hey, what should someone who is trying to get into techwear look for? I really like acronym's stuff, but I'm not trying to sell my soul for a lightweight windbreaker. Post outfits/infographs etc in this thread, for people who are trying to into techwear, like me, to use for inspo
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anyone got any places 2cop a plain all black tech jacket?
Tbh shit like the North face for jackets, maybe patagonia. Y3 for shoes. Most all shirts work. I found a pair of cargo sweats that work amazing with techwear stuff. If I were you guys I'd get enough for 1-2 outfits and leave it cause whole it's fun it looks cringe as everyday.

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Jeans, nigga
What are some proper brands?
Have been through Lee's and Nautica jeans in the past but now i want to get serious.

Also, what other types of pants are good for a broader frame that won't make me look like a faggot?
No skellingtons itt, pls
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kirkland signature
Levis 511s/522s are good if you're on a budget

APC/Acne if you wanna spend a bit more

Nudies can be expensive but are usually somewhere inbetween

Naked and Famous also
pepe jeans london

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I'm not a great looking dude, i'm not the most in shape dude, but I can change that, or at least live with that.

But I will always be cursed with thin, terrible hair. Is there any chance in hell of ever being able to have a decent hair cut like this?

The only thing I can do now is either grow it out so it doesn't look as thin or just go skinhead
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We're in the same boat... I've let my hair grow once, and it looked great, but I was a 12yo and it looks like it's totally different now. Idk if it's thin because it's always short or if I'm slowly turning black
post your hair op
same, I had long greasy ass hair that looked terrible at 12 but it was still better than this

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Ausfag getting into /fa/. Read the fuckin sticky already.
How bad would it be to get all the basics from uniqlo? Not the greatest store from what I've read but still pretty solid for an entry point and value wise. They seem to have everything and sizing is gonna be easy since there is a store I can go to change/exchange easily.

I'm still not exactly sure where to get some boots from but I think I want some decent high black ones, a pair of white vans and maybe some desert boots.

Yeah, yeah. Shit is basic as fuck but I have no decent clothes at the moment and don't want to spend too much when I don't know my taste ect.

Anything else I should look into that I might have missed?
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Uniqlo is good for basics senpai
Can you get any decent boots around 200 range? Black combat boot style-ish.
go to op shops or buy palladiums its the only way here in aus sadly

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Tattoo thread.

I'm getting a free tat soon by my mate who can do it well. Its only B&W. I'm thinking of getting this dude on the bicycle.
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bump virgins
File: Made_in_Britain-004_large.jpg (27KB, 495x262px)Image search: [Google]
27KB, 495x262px
The bloke tattooing me is a huge liberal so hell naw.

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adidas selection.png
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Help /fa/. Which pair or pairs should I get?
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buy them all
all of them are autistic.
the less i think is skate copa
all of them

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