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Face rate thread lets go.
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7.4 / 10

not sure about that there mole. it's not bad but maybe we can cut it off when we become friends.
for a white man you have a really small forehead

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I am thinking about copping some ACRONYM pants, but not sure on which model I want. I know I want some P10's but not which type. Does anyone know the key differences between the P10-S, P10-DS and P-10CH? Which would be the most waterproof?
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I'm into techwear to a certain degree put please, tone down on the 'tism
wtc shoes?
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looking through acronym's stuff and I'm wondering about dese

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twitter and instagram only
P much this

Tumblr if you're an artist, just don't be a fag about it
Social media is the fucking plague of the modern world. I fucking despise it.

Ozweegos and NB shoes look like what my autistic cousin would wear.
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your cousin rich as fuck family, tell him to send me a pair
I would cop these in a second if they weren't made in China

raf needs to get his shit together
I agree and feel the same about Raf Simons

How do you deal with normalfags heckling you for dressing well?

I can't walk down the street without someone driving by and calling me a faggot, old people call me a pervert for wearing tight clothes, I get called a homo from "bro" guys all the time, I'm 90% sure normalfag girls are giggling at me when they pass by

How the fuck do I deal with this? Do I have to move to NYC or Paris or something?
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Where the shit do you live
if people are literally calling you a pervert because of the way you dress i think its time to re evaluate

post an outfit
Yeah post an outfit please

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why do all numales dress exactly like this
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I'm not sure, but I do know this is a shit pussy and stop shitting up my board.

>Dressing that well.

Numales are just neckbeards who support feminists instead of listening to Milo the Insufferable Twink Faggot Yiannopoulos or whatever it is GaymerGaytors do.

Neckbeards never dress as well as your pic, OP.
looks like I struck a nerve.

You're really upset your choice aesthetic is nu-male, low test, and flyover state as fuck

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what are some fa hobbies?
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Something that you like to do.
I don't enjoy anything anymoer
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Playing guitar. As long as you aren't playing butt rock and sappy acoustic songs(wonder wall) you're pretty effay
I play jazz myself

>/fa/ says Trench coats are a must
>go to Burberry's website

/fa/ really gives shit advice.
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there's more companies that do trench coats ya idiot

plus stop depending on the internet to be dressed, jesus.

shit thread.
>literally the original company that invented the trench coat


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Anyone here with experience taking finasteride?
I don't wanna go bald! :(
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started taking it about a year ago and my hair stopped falling out. no side effects. either take it or go bald
do you have to keep taking it or is it a controlled cycle like accutane
does anybody know if there is a way to recover receded hairline or am i already fucked beyond repair

Is anyone happy with their 5'10-5'11 height? Would an inch or two matter?
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I'm 5'11 and have never had any issues with it. I dont wish I was any taller because it doesn't matter. I'm also 135lb, so rather thin, and I've had people think I was a lot taller.

Girlfriend is also only 5'2 and I've only ever dated 1 girl taller than me and even then it wasn't an issue.
i am at the girl equivalent of 5"6, I would sacrifice innocent babies for those extra 2 inches tbqh

Post shoes that are timeless
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Hey guys I'm from b i was wondering if its a terrible idea to wear a long sleeve underneath a v neck t shirt, probably gonna do it either way, just wondering if I should feel bad about it. Thanks
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Is it 2005? I should ask my mom to give me money for my Yu-Gi-Oh cards
What the shit does that mean
Give me a real answer you assholes


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Which University has the most effay campus? Remember to consider the architecture and history, not just the students for your response.
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campuses aren't effay, living on your own is
Yale, Stanford, UChicago, Princeton and Occidental all have pretty cool architecture. Harvard's isn't bad but the campus has too much traffic. Wish I could've seen it when that was a more rural area.

If you've seen a campus in a movie, odds are strong it was Occidental.
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Hard mode:no ivies/no ivy alternatives

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Getting this tommorrow i am going to be god right ?
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You're going to look like every other fuccboi, people won't look twice.
Youre getting...?

people like you are the reason hot girls try meme bangs and look awful just to look fashionable , fuck off

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First time on /fa/.

What is the main opinion on these?
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get a noose instead
the thick leather ones look rockin'

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