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just a reminder
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fashion changes constantly. its not like i stop to wonder how my gats will be percieved by the public in 5 years. i like them, and i like them now.
Holy shit OP I had no idea that time moves on and fashion changes!

Thank you glorious OP for enlightening us all.

Let this be a warning to all people wearing clothes! Never wear anything lest it look out of place in retrospect.
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What's the most effay eye color?
Mine are bluish grey just like pic
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either bluish grey or hazel
Pure black or gray.
very very dark brown

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General SLP inspo
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>ant inspo

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Black guy here

About to get a high fade haircut. Wondering how I can get a more v shaped fade like in pic 2, instead of straight up like in pic 1.
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OP here, also feel free to recommend different cuts, just tired of the afro.
get a fade, keep up w your lineups, and start working out/eatting you underaged faggot.

- the older you
Get big already anon, what are you waiting for?

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How should I dress if I want people to know that I'm /lit/?
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read a fucking book and develop your own style r-tard

seriously trying to telegraph you interest in literature as an aspect of your identity is pretentious and lame.
why do you gotta try so hard
Wool sweaters, dark blue or black slim jeans (not too tight), something inoffensive like Clarks Desert Malis. Messy hair somewhat long

Then you can be me and I'm more /lit/ than most of /lit/

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ITT: Your favourite period or decade of fashion.

Personally I love Venetian and Georgian fashion for their elaborate designs, ruffles, and complicated hand made clothing.
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Roman drape game too strong

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i want a cute haircut that I can attract men with

help me out here

[spoiler]i am a boy[/spoiler]
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It usually needs to be mid length (sort of the length of the image you posted).

After that, it totally depends on your hair. Is it curly? Naturally straight? Dark?
hitler youth
my hair is currently near my shoulders but the bangs are shorter

its wavy

What hats can guys wear without being called autistic? Everything from the fedora to the beret seem off limits.
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Literally nothing. Bucket hats and caps are also auts now.
If you can pull off a wide brim hat it can look great.
But it is extremaly difficult to do so
dad caps? as long as its not for anything remotely formal

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what is /fa/'s thoughts on kankens? ive been rocking the baby blue and diggin it
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canvas can be done well on bags but in this case it hasn't.
design looks like something just above kmart. too busy and lazy at the same. pretty much only the professional photography makes it look good
bad in real life.
i have a graphite one and am really impressed by how much it can hold. it can hold my school work + work clothes (and shoes) + lunch.

i like how it looks, but the patch is a bit obnoxious
that's because it isn't canvas you fucking retard

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you guys jelly?
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no but it is evident that you are a monumental autist

I would be jealous if I was about 8 years old

Sneakers are played out, buy some real shoes.

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im a fat dude and i need some opinions and suggestions on my hair.
im going to post some pics of what ive had
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You look like ray mears and meatloaf had a kid. Thats not an insult btw.

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where to cop thread?
where to cop hoody?, shoes?
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Mods delete this trash

Idk about the hoodie, but it looks techwear-ish so whichever brand sold that old meme
dude just delete this thread

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Is supreme /fa/?
Not a lot of people are into it where I'm from
I just copped the suprme/champion collab windbreaker last week
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>Is supreme /fa/?
yeah but /fa/ doesn't think so
they think it's in the same tier as huf and obey which isnt true, they dont look at the collections
Should I pay $350 for a Maroon Box Logo?
Overpriced hypebeast trash

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Why are poorfags the worst? their best fits are H&M and most likely underage.
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i honestly think the rich kids on here buying memes with their parents money are the worst posters. at least poorfags have some creative constraint to work with
wubba lubba dubs dubs

this guy gets it, you dont need to spend a whole lot to look good
the poorfags if they can dress is fine. just the ones always looking for "affordable yohji" or a specific obscure shirt from one picture that's affordable.

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bomber jacket appreciation thread
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Nice, MORE
This is the one I have but from alpha industries. I've only seen one other chick in this city with the same color.

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