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what core is this
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Loosewave, it's the next big thing, throw out your skinny jeans.


>mammy look I'm an office worker

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Hey /fa/
when is it okay for a guy to wear crop-tops.

I believe my waist area is not too bad looking but I'm feeling a little insecure about wearing top-crops even though I do wanna buy some for summer.
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absolutely never unless you're literally a gay little faggot on the trot for some nigger dick up your twitching hole
I honestly find it very, very off-putting, even on in-shape guys. Lower abs + adonis belt don't look good isolated like that (especially if there's any hair).
At a gay pride parade

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Anyway that sells techwear clothes ?
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this pic is shit.
techwear is shit.
it cant be pulled off in real life.
techwear more like kekwear
This is barely even techwear. The bad and the meme mask are pretty much it

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Which one?
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middle cause floral is pretty /fa/
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farts in the ass.jpg
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None, please.

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Hi Theo!
Kerry blues, lakelands, and Airedales are by far the most effay dog breeds.
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underrated post

based on your personal fashion calculations
what do you believe will be the next biggest trend?
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wide leg pants
pants with the crotch lower kind of like parachute pants
Short men's shorts
90s style basketball jerseys

No poorfag edition

Anyone have experience with issey pants? Thinking of copping some wrinkled trousers
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Just bought this Yohji Coat. Legit the most expensive thing I've bought cost like 1000AUD. Feels good mang.
>Expensive fashion
>posts shitty $100 cucktaylors
that shittt cuck taylors are cdg faggot

Hey /fa/ has anyone tried to incorporate any camouflage/boots into their look? I've been looking at it since I'm trying to improve my look and I'm a bit of a surplus faggot. So being able to work with that would be nice.

Pic unrelated
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Gats, Bundeswehr, m59 parka, german army parka, combat boots are good, but buying surplus very often gives you a bad fit.

>im still pretty new to this, so feel free to correct
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Solid colors > camo

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what does /fa/ think of Afghan Clothing?
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dope but its associated with poo in loos so it can never be /fa/
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>not rocking a pakol

afghancore will be the next thing

now that bomber jackets are objectively dead, what's the most effay versatile casual jacket
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Fedora jackets
I really liked my bomber.
I had bought an olive one when fuckboys weren't wearing them. Now it's rotting in my closet.

How would you make this look effay?
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this is a digits thread now
Nice trips

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Is it even possible to make hijabs look good on someone?
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File: Turban_a7c214_392140.jpg (77KB, 426x640px)Image search: [Google]
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posting headwear inspo
Yes, pic related
desu they can, it just depends on the persons looks. You can't tell me you haven't seen those pics of 10/10 middle eastern girls on the internet.

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Talk about supreme, ask questions about prices, authenticity, etc.
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Probably only Supreme tee I really like. Want to cop, but not sure if it's allowed to wear something like this in public.
I don't fuck with Supreme but I really enjoy those "Supreme drops" vids that Complex do.

Dat Racks nigga, bruh.
supreme's cool but hypebeast, no style, fat rich kids are killing it

these kids think they can wear just total autism clothing thrown in with a supreme hoodie that daddy bought them and they can be fashionable

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So I'm thinking of getting a pair of NB any suggestions??
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New Balance 998 “Air Exploration”
File: rd_3-17-16NB998RWB2.jpg (69KB, 800x533px)Image search: [Google]
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CRT 300s look great.

UO online has a great selection of NBs

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Hey /fa/. What do I do if I have hair like the lad on the right.

Usually I cut it short and right now I have it settled in the under/hitler youth cut. But if I go much longer it looks like pic related. If I put a lot of shampoo and conditioner I look like a mop.

But I still want to grow my hair out senpai.

Tl;dr: What do I do with my hair if I have much of more volume/hair than your typical person like pic related?
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Our right or their right?
Sorry I mean left.
Bump. Somebody answer me.

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