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So I never come here, but I need some help. I've always worn running shoes cause cheap & comfortable, but now kinda realizing it looks kinda weird/autistic to wear running shoes all the time.

So I don't really know what kind of shoes to wear, I normally wear straight-leg jeans cause I'm fat (mostly darker jeans) t-shirt, hoodie etc, normal basic boring shit (not the point here tho, need shoes). Got max $130 to spend and I hope I can find something decent for that price.

Been looking at cheaper air max's (pic related) but it feels like a poor man's version of the 89/90. Also looked into Adidas superstar but I see too many girls wearing them. Air force seems too common and I don't really like the look. And converse have flat soles which hurts my back (because fat)

>Be fat autistic neckbeard
>Wear jeans, t-shirt, hoodies, basic boring shit etc
>Need new shoes, budget of 130 dollars
>Want to look less retarded

Thanks in advance
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Rick Owens
Raf Simons
>Rick Owens
Pic related is one of their cheaper shoes, not counting the 81 dollar flip flops which is the only thing within my budget, so no thanks
Also Raf Simons looked just like super-expensive adidas, I got a budget of around $130 and I'm a poorfag and also need money for rent, which I won't afford buying shoes for $500+

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3MB, 2114x2114px
w2c these new balanceses
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Look like NB crt300s
where can I find these? new or used, anything is of interest
was too much of a poorfag last year

should i cop for $500?
also what size should i get if im a size 8 in stans?
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Yes and they run about half a size large. It doesn't really matter though. You can adjust the straps to make them fit better.
placed order for a size 8, fuck saving for a car i need my rafs
that colourway sux senpai

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/fa/ lingo explained pls

just a newfag here wanting to understand our terminology as /fa/gs
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lauer meer
yvz sonlonron
WTC=world trade center, means that your fit is the bomb
W2c=want to cuck, means that you would literally cuck someone to get that item
C/n=cancerous or neat(when describing an item)
Effay=short for effeminate means girly
Rick Owens=CEO of abercrombie and Fitch, known for being Jewish

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Need ideas for trainers to wear this summer, so they have to work with shorts

I mostly wear vintage/90s fuccboi, so try to keep it wavey lad
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All white am90's
Asics Gel Lyte III/V

New Balance CT300 are nice in summer but tennis shoe style
Reebok classics m8888

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is feeling like shit all the time effay?

>max 4 hours of sleep a night
>only 1.5 meals a day to save money
>4-5 cups of coffee a day
>a few cigs, about a pack or two per week

pic unrelated
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Sounds p effay. I'm about the same but no smokes
> depression is coming back
> cant sleep at night
> sleep during the day
> up all night
> starting light drinking habit low during the week
> starting to smoke
> totally fucking up school
save me senpai
I am a wage slave.

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Sup /fa/, i'm a website developer and i'm thinking of starting up a clothing and shoes e-commerce store. What would you reccomend I sell? What brands, styles, etc. I already have access to stock...
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You guys could really help me out here
First of all, would you ship worldwide?
Which country you at?

Where to buy clothes like what Zyzz wore?
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the jerk store
post it to another board. I'll find you, bitch.
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2KB, 97x125px

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general cop thread

should I?
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Kinda basic. How much does it cost
W2c mang
if you like Dean Blunt

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I just fell for this meme. I fucked up right?
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ur mom is a meme
pls no bully. I don't have money to cry into anymore
if you're going to buy palladiums at least get the leather ones

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Get on my level, I make fashion my bitch. Worship me plebs. This suit cost more than your lives.
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Are you fucking for real?
lmao check the swag, its ok, not all of us can reach these heights. Its just important that you recognize this.
delet this

This always happens to my jeans. I blow the crotch out them thangs. I know I can't wear 'em every day and expect form to hold up, but do you have any tips to lengthen the lifespan of my jeans?
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patch them back together
wear higher waisted ones
buy thicker ones
wear looser ones (not preferable but it works)
hey OP, I suffered from the same problem. My jeans would have a 6 month lifespan before crapping out on me. I recommend getting a pair of Paige's jeans made from their "Transcend" fabric. It's a stretchy almost spandex-y material that looks like denim. I've had a pair since October that I've been wearing literally every day and there have been zero signs of crotch wear.
>shilling this hard

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what do you think the unfashionable fuccboi reddit uniform is nowadays?
here's what I gather it is:

>distressed jeans
>oversized or longline tee
>oversized earthtone hoodie (optional)
>bomber jacket, biker jacket, or overcoat
>grown out undercut, young leo, or manbun
>dad cap (optional
>white leather low tops, yeezys, or chelsea boots

it's so played out, late majority tier (quickly becoming laggardcore) & normie
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File: image.jpg (51KB, 400x473px)Image search: [Google]
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File: image.jpg (200KB, 937x1171px)Image search: [Google]
200KB, 937x1171px

can someone post the most recent cp achilles look-alike buysheet? otherwise I'm gonna buy the gustin version for $150
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File: image.png (284KB, 700x500px)Image search: [Google]
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is this a black person shoe?

File: 1454208126799.jpg (15KB, 395x395px)Image search: [Google]
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Is limb lengthening surgery /fa/?
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what the fuck
File: image.jpg (29KB, 840x405px)Image search: [Google]
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I am a girl and am 5'3 on a good day so that's why

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