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What's the consensus on these? Worthy upgrade of the classic version? Should I invest in these (my old ones are literally falling apart), or just cop the old version?
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I'd say cop were it not for the fact converse shoes don't last longer than a year anymore.
look nicer. more comfortable.
Whaaat? Surely that must be the case of some faulty individual shoes. I bought mine four years ago and they seem fine.

(Though I don't expect the quality from over 15 years, where those are still wearable although all holey)

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Non-clothing inspo thread

Post effay inspiring pics of things that aren't clothes
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Here we go, Prep General.

Post Inspo

Question of the Thread: Can non-ivy league schools (state school, maybe even community colleges) be prep?

Bonus: Can Blacks be prep? (This was kinda asked in the last thread, but not fully answered)
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None ivy private schools and state schools can be preppy. It depends on their prestige. Community college is not preppy.
Black Ivy League student:

Concerning non-Ivy schools and prep:
Of course people can dress preppy at non-Ivy schools (you might get weird looks if you're at Flyover State U, but who gives a fuck) and there are schools that are non-Ivy with preppy aesthetics (see Duke, Vanderbilt).

Concerning black people and prep fashion:
Did this seriously need to be asked? Literally look in a catalogue from J. Crew: there's always one or two black models. It can be done.

I don't even dress preppy anymore, got it out of my system at prep school. Shit was whack anyway desu, however I was able to amass a pretty good collection of sweaters and cardigans to rotate through.

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post inspo, underrated brands, w2c, all that.

speaking of which, where can one get a biker jacket that is also is functional and not retarded-looking when zipped up/has actual pockets?
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low budget

high budget
can't afford slp (god rest hedi's creative directing soul there)

and i think acne's gibson is ugly af. what do you like
I hate the acne leather jacket but it's still the best one on a budget...
Fuck cheap clothes just save up for an slp one dude. You can easily wear it with a cheap tee, some thrifted jeans and a pair of converse or something.
Outerwear is the thing that lasts the longest so you should invest in quality

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Great fun was had when we last time had one of these.
What you'll do is join the /fa/ dubtrack.fm at the address
There's a quick signup I think and then you'll be able to queue some fresh tracks and discover new tunes curated by your fellow /fa/ggots and discuss music and life in general. It's pretty gud.
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Is the new 4chinz design effay??
it looks like its made by GOOGLExAPPLExCP
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It's an April Fool.
yeah but is it effay? i want to show it to my friends if it is

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model 3.png
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is this the most /fa/ car?

>clean and minimalist body
>does not fuck the earth
>drives itself
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The short 4-door fastback body style looks weird to me. Not that /fa/ imo.
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self driving cars arent effay
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Are communists /fa/?
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/fa/ is a liberal board. Stay mad Nazi
>Communism= Liberal

Haha, nice try goyim.

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Is this snake effay?
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post more snek with hat
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lol wtf is this thread
/b/ in my /fa/ whats happening


wew lads looks like SLP is soon going to shit
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conveniently occurring on aprils fools day
y live
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Pic unrelated.

Post some 100 degree inspo. None of that knitwear/pants stuff.
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I dig it. Though I thought memechrome isn't effay anymore

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Any /fa/ approved gangs? The Brits are pretty dam fly.
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Reekz mb.jpg
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Post some effay patches
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Undercover badges effay? How would I wear it anyway
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this should come Monday and i'm planning on putting it on my north face backpack

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are anime characters /fa/?
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>anime characters
>posts a pic of a gorilla
i don't understand
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hell yeah nigga
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Post progress, etc
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Think I'd look good with long hair? Also black or keep it dyed blonde?
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soz lad
I know, right? Fucking acne fucking up my face even more than nature did when I was born

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