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What kind of rings should a man wear and should he wear at all?
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Everything is /fa/ if you are autist enough

I'd say two. A simple one as your wedding ring and the other being a decorative one.

And just on the ring finger, of course.
One on each ring finger or 2 on 1?

Does anyone know how those kind of orange geobasket looking sneakers with those 'ice spikes' on the sole are called? Some anon made a thread complaining about how he would wear them.

I searched: rick owens spike sneakers
But found nothing help
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File: Screenshot_2016-04-06-21-19-11.png (755KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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Something like this
File: IMG_9662.jpg (3MB, 2000x3000px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 2000x3000px
If you mean these, they aren't Rick Owens, they're Carol Christian Poell from some googling
They look luke something rick would make.
Thanks man

File: image.jpg (33KB, 302x408px)Image search: [Google]
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what are some effay running shoes? I'm trying to get back into fitness and I want to look good while going so.
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get asics
not sure how great they are for running but i like these lad
These, and freerun w/ flyknit upper. Avoid the weird stuff with the sock lining. Any Nike in simple colors (black, white) will look good.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (84KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I need help learning how to shave.
I'm 18 and my dad wasn't around when I started growing facial hair. No one really taught me how to shave, so I kind of just started to pick up a razor and wing it. I generally get the job done, but it never looks great and I always end up nicking myself, so I know I'm doing something wrong. I get the idea behind shaving, but I don't know any sort of tips or tricks to make it easier. The hair grows thickest on my neck and chin. Mind helping me out, /fa/?
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Youtube is your friend, this guy has a good tutorial series:


-From a fellow Dadless youngin
With the grain then against the grain.

File: cube-table.jpg (282KB, 1932x1380px)Image search: [Google]
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/fa/ Rooms please.

Preferable poorfag tiny studios and creative fresh solutions.

DIY, modded, crafty, reuse/recycle highly appreciated.
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File: 1455110705371.png (1MB, 969x691px)Image search: [Google]
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Right side is pricey but obligatory pic
File: 0oGkGNQ.jpg (468KB, 1240x1240px)Image search: [Google]
468KB, 1240x1240px
christ, that is nice. I wonder how much rent would be for a place like that.

File: STREET WEAR!!!!.jpg (286KB, 2000x1330px)Image search: [Google]
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When will "Streetwear" die out?
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when theres no more streets

File: 1289157006675.jpg (226KB, 912x684px)Image search: [Google]
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was sorting through some old HDDs and found this in a /fa/ folder
Anybody have any more, nudes?
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i only learned what happened to her a couple weeks ago, rip
rip ):
That fat pig is dead and this thread should be too

File: most beautiful british model.jpg (91KB, 618x891px)Image search: [Google]
most beautiful british model.jpg
91KB, 618x891px
The key to looking good is fit.

If the clothes fit well, you will look good even in AmJack clothes.
If the clothes fit shit, you will look shit even in designer outfits.

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File: kitty.jpg (105KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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this bitch is ugly as sin and I hate her stupid mustached face
What about avant-garde fits?

that shit dumb af mah nigga wtf are you ? captain obvious lame ass nigga

Anyone here wear Brunello head to toe?
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No desu senpai
No but that's a really nice fit
Brunello Cucinelli
Loro Piana
Tom Ford
Dior Homme
Saville row tailors

Why wasn't I born rich as fuck dot h

File: image.jpg (164KB, 700x707px)Image search: [Google]
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Why is "good fashion" so timeless? This pic was taken in Latvia in 1975, and looks straight out of an inspo album
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the only reason it looks modern is because it looks like something hedi would do for saint laurent, which is currently fashionable
if /fa/ was around in the 90s, or even the 80s, this wouldnt look as subversive or interesting

the idea that fashion can be "timeless" is a fucking joke
this style is always relevant you cuck, trends mask them and make it seem like it doesnt exist.

File: white vans.png (292KB, 583x583px)Image search: [Google]
white vans.png
292KB, 583x583px
What does everyone think of these?
I'm thinking of copping a pair for the summer, apparently they're making a huge comeback
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i've been meaning to cop a pair of these for a while, just haven't gotten around to it
been wearing white leather slip ons for around a year now, they look disgusting
ty terrible glued soles
Enjoy looking like a faggot middle schooler

Literally the least /fa/ kids I knew wore these in middle school, the type that played runescape and ate Cheetos for lunch break

OP, listen to this wise man
not only will you look like shit, everyone around you will notice (which isn't the case most of the time but for these pieces of shit it holds true)

File: 5629.jpg (54KB, 600x375px)Image search: [Google]
54KB, 600x375px
You people pay attention to clothes all the time so you should be able to help: I usually wear one of the same two pairs of dark blue jeans I own every day at work, but both have shit stains on them and I don't have enough energy to take them to my apartment's washing machine. Can other people tell? I try to sit down as much as possible and also they're dark blue so I'm hoping no one notices.
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Epic thread yo
post pic or gtfo
just say someone left a chocolate bar on the bus seat and you sat on it

how do i make myself look like a god
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File: JRLapus.jpg (133KB, 515x619px)Image search: [Google]
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nother pic for ref
this kid went to my school. Tbh when I saw him in the library he just looked like any other gay kid

is he autistic
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he might be
his older brother is
no hes just constantly doing his best kanye impersonation
Travy you work too hard

I think he is if you've seen his interviews and how butthurt he was about drake and rihanna

I am not a fashionable person, but I have a question

Do you look at peoples shoes?

I ask because I only have one pair of shoes and they have been broken with holes and rips in them for a few months. I didn't think anyone was noticing but today at work I had an exchange with a co-worker

Essentially I was walking with a cup of coffee and turned a corner and almost bumped into him.
I tried to apologise in a funny way by making the joke 'Coffee stops you sleeping.... but the burns would get you weeping!'
I laughed.
He looked back pretty annoyed and said 'yeah but who knew that shoes with holes in helped you creeping, I didn't see you coming, be more careful in future'. Then looked at my feet, shook his head and stormed off.

Now I am concerned that everybody knows my shoes are destroyed.

Am I being paranoid?
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I mean, if your shoes are so rekt there are holes in them, you should probably buy new ones
I only give a shit about people's shoes when they're some hyped pieces of shit that look terribad on them
have you considered buying new shoes?
yes, they do. a lot. interestingly, normies look at other people's shoes even more than /fa/gs, because that's the easiest part of fit for them to understand.

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