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What's /fa/'s opinion of Scotch & Soda?
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>Don't ever buy clothes from me or my son ever again!
I like it
I like their t-shirts a lot, I think they have great quality, I always buy them on sale tho, bit overpriced

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shit /fa/ i just got jizz on my new pair of raw denim jeans. how do i clean them without ruining them?
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quick, lick it off
saliva breaks down the chemical properties of ejaculation
just wash them jesus
theyre denim not fucking paper
read OP again

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Post stuff you've copped from goodwill, inspo, etc.
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Anyone know good thrift stores in NY?
It's the biggest city in the country, there's probably 1000's.
Almost all of the clothes and shoes that I currently wear are from thrift stores
I'm too lazy to post pictures but recent cops have been prosperous, including some allen edmonds, Florsheims, dress pants and chinos, sweatshirts, flannels, etc.
i also bought a really shitty fake LV watch but it was neat and $1

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is this type of fashion really acceptable to some of you? what happened to dressing like a normal human being? i hope you know the rest of the world is laughing at you
>"they just dont understand because they arent /fa/"
>"looking like a complete goon and spending shit loads of money on things that can be bought for the same quality for a fifth of the price is so /fa/"
>"dont worry guys,we just have superior intellects and they arent /fa/ so who cares lol"
i hope you all get hanged.
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no one here dresses like that
failed /thread
youre goin through some stuff and i hope that you find a better outlet for your emotions rather than impotently raging at things that dont affect/concern you
I've wondered about this myself, but I've come to the conclusion that /fa or fashion is more of a luxury or subculture thing. Yes, what you said is true, but as a saleman, I know people are more likely to buy a practicular brand, or what they believe everyone else likes over what they need/ what is better for them. And the truth is, we are all guilty in one way or another of this. Just my 2 cents

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How do you cope with the fact that one day you
will actually go bald? I'm not really thinning (my hairline hasn't changed in the past years)
but one day I probably will be.
How can I still be fa
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It's the time in your life you turn from \fa\ to /fit\

Only if you are currently balding or will be balding in the next couple of years.

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anyone know what jeans koonye wears?
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h&m, saw this pair on clearance for $10
kanye a broke boi
u lyin mothafucka h&m jeans look shit tier

File: outfitkillmepleasethx.png (228KB, 1005x692px)Image search: [Google]
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I wore this today and got some weird looks. i had the shirt tucked in. the tan block next to the pants is what color the pants were - i couldn't find a pic of corduroys that are the right color so yeah. did i fuck up? and how can i fix it in the future?
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untuck the shirt
Do you also have a shit beard/patchy stuble?
So people looked at you weird for wearing 2000's hipstercore?

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I want to cop sum of those New Balances. Show me some good ones. What think of one's in pic?
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File: ml574slb_nb_14_i.jpg (59KB, 960x546px)Image search: [Google]
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really plain
File: IMG_20160324_180557.jpg (101KB, 940x660px)Image search: [Google]
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Opinion on Hummel Stadil High?
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These are dope
Awful sole

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I have a wedding to attend on sunday

It's too late to buy a suit and get it tailored

What are you spposed to wear when you don't have a suit?

Please respond.

>pic not related
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full rick
File: IMG 023.jpg (27KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
IMG 023.jpg
27KB, 800x600px

pls i'm not rich
mankini by rick owens

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I like the things posted on /fa/ but that young edgy thin kids looks will not work on me.
I'm 29 and can't pull that off.
How to dress casual manly/mature /fa/, and don't fall into hipster lumberjack dadcore nu-male? Is it even possible?
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full rick
Im 22 turning 23 in abot 6 months, and I'm already gettinf depressed when people tell me theyre 29

I might kill myself when my mid life crisis hits
you still have a lot of time, I would kill to have 23.

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Sup faggots

Looking for some advice on basics. Been looking at Reigning Champ, Norse Projects, and Acne Studios for a grey crew neck sweatshirt (pic related).

Which company would you guys recommend and why?

I think I'm deciding between Acne and RC because the Norse stuff looks a bit less relaxed/casual
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jil sander for real basics.
this tbqh
none of your meme scandinavian faux minimalism crap
The best sweatshirt I've ever worn was from Joe McCoy, but it's farther down the athletic scale in terms of style.

So does everyone who wears this shoe actually listen to Kanye West? I just see so many people wearing them I get confused. Also, do you have to be >5'6 to wear these? I've noticed thats kind of the general law
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If you're under 5'6 then you really shouldn't wear any flashy brand names or you'll just look goofy. bit different if you're a girl
I have a pair and don't listen to/like kanye at all. I think his ego is bigger than his fucking body and the body of his sex troll combined.
Why does your height fucking matter to wear shoes? You guys care to much what other people think.

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i was preeing the dream girl thread and this image really caught my eye - i would really like to wear this type of look more often to become an /fa/ dreamgirl lol. they seem more of a relaxed fit of men's chinos but does anyone know where i could get some like this? i wouldn't mind buying men's as long as they had smaller sizes.
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thank you! dreamgirl coming2u soon.
They are pants, just pants. How hard is it to find normal pants? They're not oversized, they're not distressed, they don't have a special wash. They're just normal pants. You don't need to browse ssense.com or farfetch and buy designer pants (although they are superior in every way compared to normal pants brands). The pants pictured in the photo is probably from an Asian store somewhere in Asia (seems Korean). But they are just normal pants so seriously just any tan pants will work as long as they are of the similar straight, tapered fit. From that, we have options such as Uniqlo, or just any women's clothes stores in malls, Asos, theiconic, idk! Just any general clothing stores. They don't even have to be specialized in women's clothing! You could just as well find a pair of Dickies in that similar cut, provided that the size fits you and is of a length that comes down to your ankles. That wasn't so hard, was it.

File: alexanderwangeyebrow.jpg (39KB, 980x490px)Image search: [Google]
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never used to like eyebrow slits but ever since models were sporting them at alexander wang ss16 i've really wanted to try it to edge up my look. thoughts?
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Absolutely never a good idea.
only if youre gay and your anus is watering for a big veiny cock, if not then dont do it
File: scum.jpg (406KB, 1280x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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s c u m w a v e

(also gay scally fetish)

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