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hillary hair.jpg
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So which one was best?
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Jan 93 No question
sept 93 for her

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nagel jacket.jpg
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How much $ would it take to make one of these? And how do you make one of these? I was thinking about copping but I don't wanna spend $400 on it
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buy a levi jacket used; 50 bucks max
get the colors of acryllic paint and paint it yourself
another 30 bucks
Goodwill denim jacket $5
Make a cloth patch of the design or paint it $30ish
Is there a way I could print it or nah

Are overalls effay?
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I recently copped a pair and was wondering what the effay consensus was.

Also general skater and slacker inspo thread.
Only works if you have the body and general attitude for it

Tall and lanky is gud

Got to be a goof ball fuccboi or else youre just a fag in overalls

Also the right overalls need to be considered
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w2c this blanket? Room inspo thread
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maybe it's a few hundred Brioni ties sewn together
that's pretty dank
Literally 2 mins in google...

Its just called a Waffle Weave Blanket, find one within your price range, cheapest i could find near me was about $60.
thank you, I was searching shit like "square pattern blanket" and wasn't getting anywhere lmao

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self explanatory
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this guy looks like a fucking faggot.
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$_20 (2).jpg
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Any doc marten experts? Looking to buy this pair of docs and want to know why the bottom of the shoe look different to the ones online. Could these be fake??
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lol don't worry, anon. Those are real.
Is there somewhere online I can find the exact model?
usually the vintage ones that are made in england have that bottom, the ones currently being made in china and thailand have that other bottom
youre smart for buying made in england ones i sold my new ones and use the money to buy vintage england ones and still had money left over :)

Does anyone here actually own Wrangler Cowboy Cut slims? They're recommended all the time for high waisted jeans but I've never seen one person wear them on here. I want to get a feel of how they look on skinny people.
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i do
Can you post a fit pic?
don't have any pics of me in particular, but i'll post a few that closely resemble how they fit on me

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Who has or what is the most effay lifestyle?
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i don't know about lifestyle but that dude just comes off as incredibly sleazy, there's really nothing effay about that
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this guy
File: Duelist_Kingdom_Castle.jpg (38KB, 633x469px)Image search: [Google]
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dont be an idiot, buy an island.

File: 2016-08-28 20.21.47.jpg (948KB, 1842x3276px)Image search: [Google]
2016-08-28 20.21.47.jpg
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Why has the price of geos absolutely plummeted? They were a solid 800 for a decent pair on grailed for the longest time, now its like 500 lol I just wanna get back how much I spent on them damnit I never even wore them that much.
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mine were 400 bnwt from a retailer
good job buying used joints for twice the price l m a o
u bought in at the peak boi, try not being a late adopter next time
Nah I bought em for like 5/600 around the time of the 70% ssense sale I'm just tryin to maximize profit lol when would be the best time to sell? They're a common shoe size sobi don't think I should have a huge issue selling

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Too poor for Ramones, so it's Chuck II for me
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Take off the patch and put something edgy on it
golf wang

wolf dick

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2MB, 3264x2448px
Hey /fa/ I think I have a problem
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yeah that carpet is atrocious
Yeah, your problem is you need to add more colors. Get a pair of red ones.
Why do you tie your Converse so tightly like that? It looks fucking terrible.

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I have 11 inch biceps due to being a low test fuccboi, and every t-shirt I have ever owned that isn't skin tight on my torso and chest has made my arms look even smaller as there is too much material there, resulting in a sort of wing effect (pic related).

Is there any website or brand (preferably available to the uk) that lists arm sizes for t-shirts, or does anyone have any tips for finding t-shirts that don't accentuate my puny arms?
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Bump I need this too
File: andre_barnett2.jpg (36KB, 278x278px)Image search: [Google]
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kys to be honest desu
How rude

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Going to Chile (santiago) next week... where can i buy good clothes (not too expensive) apart from topman and h&m?
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File: _screenshot4_88a1f886.jpg (15KB, 574x324px)Image search: [Google]
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I banged once an american chick who spend 1 year or something like that in Chile.

I knew her from an university meeting in Barcelona. She talked Spanish with a very funny chilean accent. I really love chilean accent.

Also she sucked very well and was very dirty in the bed.

I forgot to threw the condom into the toilet. Instead I threw it into the trash. I hope she didn't kidnaped it. Fucking feminist sjw.
Who asked

Chile, despite being the richest country in latinamerica, is still poor as fuck. You wouldn't find interesting /fa/ stores.

However there is always the chance of finding local brands with fa designs at cheap price.

i got a skateboard

what shoes should i get?
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Nike SB for skating
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full rick

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Between depression and ungodly amounts of overtime, I've let my hair get severely matted and fucked up, like dreadlocks but in a big mat instead of individual dreads. What's the best way to detangle my hair? I've seen some ideas with coconut oil and different detanglers online, but I figured I'd ask you /fa/ggots.

Also, hair care general.
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How fucking dirty do you have be, my dude? fuck. just shave your head and start again
I work construction and didn't take the time to detangle my hair when I showered. The hard hat jostling back and forth makes the tangling worse, and apparently washing your hair without detangling it makes knots tighter. I'd rather keep the hair if i can, I've had it for a while.
you've essentially got yourself a dreadlock type called beavertail

google "how detangle dreadlocks"

then follow instructions

that's it.

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