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>What Were You Wearing Back Then

Post the most effay pictures from your own childhood.
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My parents around that time
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I think this is the best I've got, everything else is pure 90's kidcore
That's a pretty good fit Anon, especially since below the age of 8 and over the age of 60 are the only acceptable life phases to pull of a hat like that.

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you've gotta be fucking shittin me
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Fuck off. You don't need to keep posting this old as fuck picture. I doubt any of the people in it even post here anymore. Kill yourself.
Hey thats me on the left
>tfw the shooter is literally the most /fa/

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Anyone ever do this? I've been thinking about doing so recently. I generally cycle out clothes throughout the week, and sometimes they get ruined at work (stains, tears, etc).Thoughts?
>pic not related
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no otherwise you'll be known as that guy that wears the same shirt everyday
Unless you're buying it in different colors, I don't see why you need to do that.
I do. I don't wear a huge variety of colors so a lot of my basics are identical. Mostly it just saves me from having to do laundry as often.

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Got this hoodie today, Obey I know but pretty minimalistic in the front and has a bit of a meaning. Climate change and oil spills and stuff. (Go to 350.org) if you care. It's a tad bit darker in person.

Clean and dope like heroin soap.
Is this effay?
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>has a giant flaming globe on the front
>has an even bigger giant flaming globe on the back
wow, awful
>minimalistic in the front
>breast logo isnt that big
>solid light color

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What is the most you've spent on (mens) underwear?
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40€ on a CK three pack and 40€ on a RL three pack.

I think its okay. Could be far worse.
I am looking to buy some Calvin Kleins and Tommy Hilfigers today. I need about 10 pairs.. but I don't know if I'm prepared to spend that kind of money on boxers.

Dont buy them all at once or wait for sales.

Basic packs (white, grey and black usually) tend to go on sale a lot.

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What are the most /fa pets?
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Mammals are too dirty.
Birds require ugly cages.
Herps require ugly terrariums.
Planted aquariums are obviously the best choice, especially if they contain discus or angelfish.
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I don't want to be mean to the little pupper, but I'd probably go behind it, call its name, and then laugh my ass off watching it turn around

Hey guys I've always had short spiked p hair my whole life but for the past year ive let it grown.

Im thinking of going for the young leo inspired hair but not quite, im thinking a nape undercut that tapers from the nape and progessively grows longer to the front. Sides undercut aswell but covered up by the long top.

Kinda like pic related i made in paint.

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nigger just take a picture
if you actually look like an angry pinocchio there's gonna be a lot more factors to consider
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Ok but i just woke up so i got some bedhead and stubble
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>Let's see what you look like under those clothes anon!
>.... You do spend as much time on your body as you do on your outfits right?
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im skinny fat asf but my dick 8.1 and it was free! oh but you care more about a six pack aite peace stupid ass hoe shaking my head
are you a nigger senpai?
honestly I spend like 3-4 hours every single day browsing online fashion forums, if I spent a third of that time in the gym I would be /fit/ godmode by now instead of a skelly

what is wrong with me

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Currently growing my hair out from having a buzz cut. How would one achieve hair like this?
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images (1).jpg
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images (3).jpg
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just let it grow

what are some effay earphones
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does it honestly matter? As long as they sound good and aren't some ugly neon colour
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Silver Bullets.png
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File: heaven6_1.jpg (120KB, 725x305px)Image search: [Google]
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FAD Heaven VI

Pricey as fuck and no idea what they sound like but they look pretty

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So with the approaching Autumn and Winter seasons, is there any chance they'll become effay? Can the Poncho ever become socially acceptable on men?
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if youre latin/ hispanic
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Stephan Schneider did great ponchos.
<- I own this same poncho and wear it similarly suiting and all.

I don't like wearing anything flashy. I like earthy colors and simple articles of clothing like jeans, long sleeve henleys, etc.

Closest to what I could find regarding what I wear normally is pic related except I don't tuck my shirt in, nor do I roll my jeans.

Anyone have any other stuff like this?
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I shouldn't have expected anything different.
File: 2016-08-29 00.28.20.jpg (227KB, 550x513px)Image search: [Google]
2016-08-29 00.28.20.jpg
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I'm almost certain of this, look at such people Asap rocky, ianconnor, lil yachty and so on. Dreads and braids on black people are just so much more effay. What can a white person do? Just part their hair or bleach it.
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I'm black and I can tell you blacks are limited as fuck when it comes to hair styles. Here are my options;
black hair is terrible
You realize that there's more hairstyles than the one's you mentioned right?

are these effay? Why or why not
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simple design, comfortable, nice colorways. I think they're effay.
I like them but if you look at other pics the sole and the seam between the sole and the upper makes them look like cheap shit
they feel and look cheap

Can ugly girls be /fa/ or should they off themselves?

pic unrelated
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Pic related, and yes
they should definitely off themselves
165cm and over is /fa/
plastic surgery

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