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I finally saw one of you in real life
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That's not a ridiculous all-black clown costume though.
Really wouldn't have been much worse
that's me

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Do they make shoes like this irl?
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Bump for interest.
You know I'm surprised there isn't a Japanese brand creating wearable products based on anime designs.
was this pic in akira or drawn by the same animator?

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Sup /fa/, I grew up in the UK during the 1970's, and from 1985, I worked for a fashion retailer. Was just wondering what is considered fashionable now, and if any of these brands even stand-up to what people are into these days.

Back when I was 15 - 25, the widely known "expensive, and fashionable as fuck" brands were as follows:

Evisu (Japanese style at the time)
Best Company (mainly sweaters, heavy knit t-shirts, hoodies)
C.P.Company (casual stuff, hoodies, sweaters, jeans, hats, shirts, t-shirts, VERY high-end at the time)
Stone Island (same as above, but not as rare, and much more affordable)
Adidas (sneakers/trainers - Gazzelles, Forest Hills mainly)
Nike (mainly Jordans and air max)
Replay (jeans, tshirts, jackets)
Prada (if you had money to burn)
Chevingon (spelling may be off here)
Lacoste (known mainly for track gear, and bucket-hats/sun-hats)

Not meaning to be a washed up old piece of shit, but after finding a bunch of my old clothes at my now deceased parents house, it brought up some feels and memories. A rate on my brands from the time would be pretty cool as well. Picture semi-related, I have the same t-shirt but in a light blue colour.
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Has massively decreased in popularity as they over expanded pretty hard at the same time a million more Japanese denim brands broke into the market. Only worn by very out of date mainland Chinese now.


Still considered fashionable although a bit more conservative. I think of really cool dads when it's mentioned. Very low key as well, respected by those who know what it is.

>Stone Island

Has blown up in popularity over the last 5 years and is now worn pretty regularly by rap stars and other celebrities. Also has a hardcore fan following that's existed before all this and will still be around after. Certain stuff fetches crazy prices on eBay as a result of this. Considered very fashionable pretty much everywhere although I think it still has a bit of a hooligan stigma in the UK but everywhere else it's just considered cool.


Crazy popular right now and currently shitting on Nike but I doubt any of your old stuff would be considered cool right now except in a few certain sneakerhead circles. Otherwise it's all about the ultra limited ultraboosts and Kanye West sneakers that they're doing right now.


Depends on what you have. Nike is Nike, some of it is worth nothing and considered lame as hell some of it is worth loads and is worn by celebrities, designers, etc.


Cool as fuck. New stuff and vintage alike. Probably one of the only major houses that doesn't get ruined on the regular by nouveau riche flaunting it. If you have any old technical stuff (like raingear and what not) it's pretty sought after and considered way ahead of its time by certain circles.


Kind of lame, cool mostly among people that don't really have a clue like your average mom. To anyone into fashion it's just considered another mall brand.

>Best Company

Never heard of these, most of the stuff you have is probably still considered cool especially the Stone Island and Prada gear.
Thanks Anon, I never thought any of my old shit would still hold some value/weight in the fashion community. Towards the mid 90's Evisu sort of turned to dogshit, so yeah, I can see how and why it never recovered.

I'm probably dad-as-fuck these days, as I'm in my late 40's, and have two kids in their 20's. Might pass some of it on to my son who is big into his clothes and stuff. I find nothing more embarrassing than seeing someone my age dress the way they did when they were 18. I'll hold onto my more sentimental/age appropriate stuff, but I will definitely pass on my Stone Island stuff. I don't want to make myself look like a bellend wearing something designed for someone half my age.

Among my Prada stuff: leather jacket from about 1990, and some sort of jacket made out of a weird papery material. Rest are shirts (which I will never wear again), and t-shirts. I will see if I can get all of it picked up tomorrow and maybe post a few pictures.

Again, thanks Anon.

Stone Island is pretty classic, I actually work in a clothing store that sells it and it's almost entirely middle aged guys who buy and wear it. Kids can only afford stuff like the t-shirts and baseball caps. It's pretty masculine and cut pretty wide too so if you still fit that stuff it wouldn't look out of place or like you were reaching at all.

Also you might get a kick out of this interview, from the buyer / founder of the most forward thinking mens boutique in the London / UK. He grew up in the North East and Prada was what got him into fashion. You've probably got 5-10 years on him but it's a funny connection and goes to show the type of gear you had still holds a lot of cachet:


Why aren't shoe lifts more advised to short guys?
I'm lucky I'm not that short at 5'7 and a half, because with 2.5 inch lifts in a pair of boots I can look almost 5'11.
I feel so much more confident wearing them, to be honest I really don't see the downside apart from living a lie, but that's what we all end up doing anyway amirite
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I don't care if I'm short
I don't think anybody cares that I'm short
What about hot grills?
People care. Trust me, there are plenty of people who are glad that you, a beautiful human being is short.

can I get some good fits for girl tits
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Thought this was the girl fits for good tits thread, my b
hit the gym and train chest twice a week

Anyone know where i can find this hat? Really fuckin rare but idc if it's a fake one
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pls no
You can get this hat at www.lemonparty.org
It's was sold at mshka nyc for 36 bucks I think it came with a limited print of yung leans first album
I sold mine probably a year ago

All socsthetic posts welcome, NO political discussion.

Second purpose: Refine a socialist style, a type of uniform if you will for the rising 'alt left', or whatever you want to call it. Not aspie literal uniform, but a way to hint at your left wing ideals. Style bibles are always fun!

Come up with a /fa/ left wing symbol/accessory/idiosyncratic mode of wear that people can use to inconspicuously to signal others of their true beliefs.
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black bloc
go away
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new man lissitzky.jpg
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stone island replica.jpg
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I keep seeing this replica on ebay but where can I buy it as people are trying to charge £300 to scam people, thanks for any help. :)
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don't buy a replica, dude
It looks so good though :)
then buy a puff jacket from a cheaper brand
the replica industry is full of forced labor and worker exploitation

Buy/sell/trade thread.

WTB any kind of shoe in size 48 eu (which I think translates to 14 or 15 US) for my brother. He has big feet.
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all my friends.jpg
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Reposting from the shoe collection thread. I want to get rid of the stans, if anybody wants to trade or buy either of the pairs, hit me up with your email/grailed. Both pairs are EU 43
File: 01.jpg (390KB, 1100x1302px)Image search: [Google]
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Rick Owens Cargobaskets, $500 plus shipping
File: a-032951-thumb-360x540.jpg (79KB, 360x540px)Image search: [Google]
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Undercover "Earmuff Maniac" distressed jacket, $300 plus shipping

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Are white linen shirts effay or is it just the wearer?
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Probably the wearer you need to be skinny to rock one in my opinion

this is where i lose every time.
I could totally pull it off

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what brand pants are these?
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Specifically, the pants and boots combo. I'm 6'0, and squat and deadlift so my butt and thighs are bulky, too bulky to wear any sort of slim/tight jeans. But I really really like this look, especially with the rolled up jeans. Is it possible to do this with relaxed fit pants?

Maybe a stupid question but I'll go for it.
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You had your choice, to be /fit/ or to be /fa/. You fucked up.

Be a man and live with your choice and put on your Under Armour shorts and Tapout t-shirt like you deserve.
that looks awful
you can wear relaxed fit pants and taper them assuming you dont have cankles and they'll look pretty good
try levis 514, this is my go to jeans desu, or any slim straight jeans.
inb4 /fa/ yes you can.!

I fucked up and got the wrong size for my Lemtosh, I will end up looking like pic related.

Is this an acceptable look or should I try to return them and take the 150 euro loss on the lenses?
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You will look like a gay sissy walking boipucci anyway

Just because of the glasses?

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Are field jackets slackercore?
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8th gradercore
Never seen an 8th grader with a field jacket m8.
I'm a slacker and wear a field jacket, so maybe?

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How does it feel, boys?
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Not bad at all. Thanks for postin' the propaganda, always good to know what the enemy is up to.
Delet this
kek, what's the source?

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