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What are the most /fa/ nike air maxes?
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I personally don't like them at all and I barely like nike in general
I like 90s the most, that's a fucking terrible colourway though..
What's a good colorway to you?

>wake up
>my levis denim sherpa arrived
>put it on

Im just saying, if you still havent copped one GO FUCKING GET IT NOW

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lol is this like 2014?
its been and gone retard
Shut up retard 80s is never passe
Im literally the hottest guy in campus right now because of my sherpa jacket girls are coming up to me to take pictures and post it in their instagram #So80s
Can you post a picture with it on
How's the fit

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feel train.jpg
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last one about to hit three hunna

>currently 135 lbs
>want to lose 5 lbs in few months
>8pm already on calorie goal (500cal deficit)
>hungry as fuck

>barely any friends
>cant stand normies
>want to be alone when im with people
>want to be with people when im alone
>consume quite a lot of alcohol to suppress feels
>smoke weed

>drank a lot last week
>went running early morning after
>puked out blood

>decent wardrobe
>unsure what style I like the most
>last year living with parents
>room looks ugh and i hate so many stuff
>want to buy designer stuff that i love
>have to work more at my shitty job
>it pays really good tho

i just want to live on my own, have a proper paying fun job and have some good friends
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why don't you go live on your own when your job pays good?
Kill yourself.
Unironically, you will never something in your life with this attitude and cry on this shit page.

>unsure what style I like the most
>last year living with parents
>room looks ugh and i hate so many stuff
>want to buy designer stuff that i love

What? Are you fucking gay or something?
I live in a crazy small town, going to college next year so then I can rent an appartment

im straight senpai
might suffer from some sort of perfectionist obsession

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who /adidas/ here
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Nike here
w2c some sort of Adidas letterman

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how should I improve?
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will post some wallpapers
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File: Screenshot_20160828-092802.png (3MB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 1440x2560px

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effay jobs.

I'm a manager at sunglass hut. I love and hate my job.
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I work at staples
Unemployed artist.

Bonus points if you're actually terrible, but draw crude line drawings of pizza and try to sell them on Etsy, while still telling yourself you're actually a good drawer, you're just doing this to "make a bit of extra cash right now"
Assistant to an agent in Hollywood. Anyone who aspires to be an agent could be exterminated from the Earth, and nothing of value would be lost.

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I have 11 inch biceps due to being a low test fuccboi, and every t-shirt I have ever owned that isn't skin tight on my torso and chest has made my arms look even smaller as there is too much material there, resulting in a sort of wing effect (pic related).

Is there any website or brand (preferably available to the uk) that lists arm sizes for t-shirts, or does anyone have any tips for finding t-shirts that don't accentuate my puny arms?
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Just buy tshirts with longer sleeve length. Box t-shirts typically run a tad wider but have a longer length sleeve, try sizing down.
if you dislike your puny arms maybe you should try physical activity
>my arms are too small
>how can I fix this without actually fixing my small arms?

hmmm rly makes u ponder

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>"You are super cute and i would totally date you, but your clothes arent fashionable enough "


Hows it feel getting the truth bomb like that. You actually think fashion helps in anywat with getting a gf or people actually judge you on it? Sorry to flip your whole world view upside but it just needed to be said. Peace bros i got to go pick up my hot gf, im wearing a walmart tshirt and jeans from kmart.
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Cool bait thread.
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>implying im not a raging faggot

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uni thread freshman suffering edition
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who /mtl/ here
bro also freshman @ this shithole what's ur snap we can chill

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just random inspo thread innit

pic is old school garage moschino shit
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File: 1472042769661.jpg (1MB, 2304x2938px)Image search: [Google]
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Its so cringe how feminist try to say the fashion industry is devil for hiring skinny models

am i the one who thinks they are just butthurt because they are not born tall and skinny looking ?

why don't they understand that fashion models are skinny because of genetics attributes. They have low bone mass and elongated limbs, enabling them to look skinny without being in absolute danger of anorexia.

also why is there so much hate toward skinny people ?
People keep saying on social media "being obese is good, you need to be yourself"
fucking cringe worthy

pic related for your goof of the day
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fucking kek

is that bitch holding the model's hand ?

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Because the other thread is a jumbled mess, to be frank.

Goals: devise an updated look for the modern reactionary. No skinhead, no neo-nazi thug, no cuckservative preppy style, no ultranationalist hooligan style.

No political discussion.

Collections to consider: Kris van Assche for Dior Homme 2012-2014

Focus on footwear now? What boots to wear with your fashy undercut, slim fitting black trenchcoat and perfectly pressed dark trousers?

Old threads:
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File: fascismgeneralletters.jpg (242KB, 900x1349px)Image search: [Google]
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super embarrassing
What to expect itt: tons of discussion about fedoracore cosplay garbage that nobody in their right mind would ever wear in public.

>tfw you realise being skinny is the most /fa/ body type and working out is try-hard-hs-chad-mode
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Good luck with that I'll be over here getting my dick sucked.
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both are best depending on your looks/style/activities
>this is what the anorexics at thinspo actually belive
most /fa/ is normal and /fit/
skinny is the same as fat tier ugly as sin

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New grid thread
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File: 1471226176552.png (830KB, 1500x1178px)Image search: [Google]
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File: fit.jpg (361KB, 1500x1002px)Image search: [Google]
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>ugly as shit
>dresses horribly normal
>tfw madly in love with her

Why do I spend my time trying to be as anti-normie as possible but still revolve my life around them .

pic not rekated
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Just stop being autist you retard
dude just see a therapist, you have some serious issues bro

My therapist (well psychiatrist) shotgunned a bunch of meds on me, many of which did jackshit, and basically told me CBT shit that I already knew (bro just breathe bro, breathing techniques).

Not OP but shrinks are useless imo. Unless you get slapped with a script that has actually helpful meds (benzo) (and many won't because they're regulated af and many psychs are too pussy to give you a script so you're better off scumming them off your sketchy drug dealer friend), they ain't worth shit and are a waste of money/your medicare fund.

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