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I need to comfiest shoes for work. Anything better than Roshe's? They gotta come in all black.
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pitch black nmds
I usually wear Adidas zx flux for work, they're super comfy
Adidas Energy Bounce 2.0. I bought some for work last month to replace my 9 year old Air Max Lights.

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What does /fa/ think of Air Max's and more specifically the 95s?

Here in the UK I see 1s and 90s everywhere and only see the 95s (black usually) on chavs.

Was thinking of repping the white 95s though for a change.
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uk also, any variety of nike air max immediately rings chav bells in my head. these will never be effay to me
I have white 95s and white jay 1s. I never see anyone else wearing them in white here in phoenix. Only af1s on mexican manlets or mexican chicks. Air maxes are always very colorful if I see them and jay 1s are usually red and black and on older mexicans.
Also I will note that air maxes aren't even close to as comfortable as jay 1s once broken in. I do have slightly narrow feet with high arches though and I wouldn't wear j1s if I didn't.

Also people will comment on the thick fucking sole on air maxes. You will look like you're compensating so I wouldn't buy them if I weren't at least 5'10". But if you do want a height boost and don't care about that stigma then they are a good option.

File: thors-hammer-silver-pendant-3.jpg (71KB, 470x429px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /fa/, what's your take on this kind of Pendant? Never wore a pendant, but I am nordic living in germany, so it would theoretically fit.
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you are not "nordic" in that sense. You are not a viking. you're a skinny metrosexual teenager and unless you look like the technoviking or are literally varg vikerness you will look like a faggot tumblrite avengers fan like all the others who wear this, we LITERALLY went over this exact topic not even 24 hours ago
So as a dane with a beard and a somewhat "fat" body I should rock this just fine right?
I'm lifting though. Not techno viking level yet, but I guess I can wait till I got this far.

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Is Mac /fa/?
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mac is always /fa
File: 153.jpg (360KB, 828x1250px)Image search: [Google]
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Ya he has his own style and pulls it off well. Not his fault that his fans copy him unsuccessfully.
he kinda looks like a fag

Ok its already starting to get cold where I live and I need new LOng John Silvers.
Is merino wool /fa/ approved?

What do you guys do to keep warm in winter?
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Merino Wool, midweight Minus33 on Amazon. Around $50 and have lasted a couple years with no holes.
Honestly, the Uniqlo warmers do a good job for me, about 10 bucks and this is coming from a Chicago person

Those would be really uncomfortable if you don't shave your legs

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is there comfier footwear on the market?
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File: blac-crocs_thumb.jpg (31KB, 640x351px)Image search: [Google]
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My Crocs literally blow my ultra boosts out of the water. Plus they're like ten times as fashionable as my played out ultra boosts.
>ultra memes
>cofiest footwear on the market
confirmed for not knowing shit about shoes
oh yeah i forgot about those, they are much comfier

File: Dandy-street-style1.jpg (145KB, 682x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you think about dandycore?
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all those girls who shop in groups at h&m and zara will look at you and laugh

Opinions on Supreme, favorite piece?
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Supreme is all about brand recognition and for some reason I just have no pride in that brand name.
Maybe it's because only niggers appreciate the brand and hype it far higher than it should be.
Since I have no pride in wearing the brand and that's all their clothes are about, my favorite piece is none of them
street wear is not fashion.
hats obviously.
very nice suede on this years 6-panels.

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>ywn live in a /fa/ city
>tfw poorfag in a flyover state

why continue
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who said you cant go and move to an effay city anon
what part of "poorfag" did you not understand? effay cities are expensive
get a job in europe
apply for visa

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How tight are these supposed to be? I have a hard time getting in and out of them but once put on they're kinda okay but pretty constricting around the toes. These are US 8.5. I tried 9.5s which is my regular size a few weeks ago and they were huge. Are they supposed to be this tight or should I try to find 9s?
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Converse usually run a bit smaller compared to your actual shoe size, so I'd recommend going after some 9's or if you're feeling like getting something different with the same style (to the point where Converse sued em but lost) just get a pair of PF Flyers. They have plenty of different price ranges and material, I have a basic canvas pair and the arch support in those shoes is fucking choice.
you mean bigger?
are you short, OP?

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I have to get glasses can i still be /fa/
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Yeah, just don't get those faggot ass Drew Carrey frames. Get frames that fit your face.
Does techno interist you?
yeah wont be getting those ones lol

not really ambience stuff can be alright if its like 3am

File: IMG_20160927_160700.jpg (154KB, 768x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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Is he /fa/?
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File: IMG_20160927_161109.jpg (475KB, 2048x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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>This Guy fucks your Gf
>What do?


What is the most /fa/ belt?
My friend has been trying to say to get pic related.
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lol tacky branded belts are never effay
how is it tacky
its saying
"look everyone at how much money i spent on this belt"
not to mention the logo and gucci stipes are ugly as fuck for something to be worn around your waist
just get a plain fucking black belt my man

I want the best black hoodie I can buy for under 300 dollars.
Comfort is an absolute must.
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>no zippers, pull-on hoodie
>Reigning Champ
hijacking this
what's the best NON-BLACK, non-boring hoodie under 300$?
I'm talking interesting colors, textures etc. can be a pullover
rick owens gimp hoodie, really comfortable and has raccagni zippers, apex of black hoodies
i got mine for $200 a few months back

File: Choose.png (878KB, 1184x942px)Image search: [Google]
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Buying a pair of shoes later... Which among the four do i choose, /fa/?
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they're all pretty gross, but if I had to choose Id pick the white reebox with the gum soles. decent in a palewave look I guess, if you're into that faggy shit.
ok idk what the fuck u were thinking with bottom left, onyl vans you should own are old skools.

top left gross imo also.

top rights pretty ok but there are better white/gum soles out there i think.

superstars are normie girl shoes rn but there also fine.
I know that white superstars are normiegirl shoes. I just like them because they're what best represents 80's hiphop, which I'm a big fan of.

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