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Is James Bond effay ?
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yea nigga
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Daniel Craig era Bond is pretty sharp, but pre Craig Bond (especially Connery) is the epitome of every fedoracore supreme gentleman's dream.

who coppn
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Imma try to. I really really really wanted the banned 1s but i didnt win raffle I tried for the reverse shattered backboards but took an L. Imma expect an L for these as well but these are clean
Can't, muh welfare check don't come in till the end of da monff, I gotta have another kid or some shit. I'll take this l but next time I won't buy so much weed and get these
reddit com/r/streetwear

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Hey /fa/
I have a life long problem trying to cop t shirts that fit well at 6'4" tall. Almost without exception they are too short , borderline belly-shirt status or large and flowing like a tent. I wear a size large and have a 44" chest size but am rather slender in the torso. My inseam is 34" so much of my length is in my torso hence the issue.

Where can I cop longer t shirts without looking like a wigger? Pic related is my typical look and the length of shirt is about perfect but my instinct tells me anon is a manlet. Tall guys help pls American Apparel can be decent but I need better options.
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>34 inseam
there's your problem

manlet legs for your height. kys
Yeah but I have a GOAT torso it's a trade off I'll take.
this is why lankets will never be A E S T H E T I C

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varusteleka 48.png
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itt we discuss our favourite camouflage patterns, bonus points for rare military patterns that aren't in use anymore.

pic related is soviet german strichtarn and I think it's pretty rad.
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Check the milsurp thread on /k/
File: Alpenflage.jpg (2MB, 1428x2551px)Image search: [Google]
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I like alpenflage a lot but its hard to pull of
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+1 for chocolate chip.

Seriously, is there any camo pattern for effay then Chocolate chip?

As a guy how do I get into girls fashion without selling my soul, and without turning [flaming] gay?

I just like dressing up women to the way I like it. I dont care about looking good myself.
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become a stylist/designer and wear just plain black clothes like raf
>wear just plain black clothes like raf
Nice tip.
I hate so much choosing what clothes to wear for myself.
Might as well just buy plain solid colored clothes with minor variations and wear that for rest of my life. You've just eliminated a lot of stress out of my life anon.

btw who is raf?
raf simons

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otz 2.jpg
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Hey there /fa/

I'm looking for nice shoes that fit healthy feet. I know about Vivobarefoot and Otzshoes, now I'd like to get some brands that give me enough room to wiggle my toes and are actually effay.
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PF Flyers
Soft Star (my personal favorite)
Merrell has a few
New Balance Minimus
Primal Professional
Sense of Motion

Pic related are the Soft Stars I have (also got a pair on black veg-tan). Fantastic shoes from a construction, fit, and materials standpoint, but they're somewhat ugly. That's the price you pay for healthy feet, I guess.
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Oh, and Birkenstock works too as long as you don't mind aggressive arch support.
No. See how the toe box tapers inward from both sides? Unless you have excessive amounts of empty shoe in front of your toes, they will get squished and will be unable to splay out properly.

clear frames: gay hipster nu male, or fashionable?
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Gary Oldman is barely pulling them off so I'd say stay away.
depends on the face theyre on
What about blond-ish frames for a guy with blond hair?

I want to look somewhat unique and fashionable without looking like a numale.

Beard thread.
I've been saving mine since August and it's growing in pretty good.

Today I picked up some Beard Oil and Beard Balm from Bulldog.

Never used these products before, are you meant to use both of them or only either oil or balm?

Pic related, this is what women do when you got a beard like mine. It's happened twice now.
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Lets see that peach fuzz
Well I don't have a phone on me and no cam.
I will admit that in the wrong situations it still has that pube texture..growing in very nice now though as I said.

I'm hoping the beard oil and balm will help with this as well

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>What is techwear?
We wear clothes to be comfortable, to cover up our shame, and more importantly for our protection. Technical clothing, focuses on incorporating functionality that enables breathability, water-resistance, comfort, etc. through the use of textiles and construction techniques. When you mention clothes a wide array of different designs will come to mind and it goes the same with techwear although the fashion community likes to lump technical clothing into this one look. This idea that it's a futuristic military style, but that's just not the case. Conroy Nachtigall a former designer of Arc'teryx Veilance explains creating technical clothing as:"It's not thinking about zippers is not thinking about seem tapes, not thinking about ... all these little elements. Those are all part of the end goal"

>Guide to Urban Techwear *Under Construction*
Help expand our new guide to Urban Techwear. Edit anything you see fit that will add value to the page. There's now a brand list to add to and reference:

>Talk about Techwear on Discord

>Y-3 Sport A/W '16 Campaign

No cybergoth in this thread please, if you want to talk cybergoth then make a general for it
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Anyone got any reccs on a decently prices messenger bag? preferrably waterproof
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you could buy mine, senpai

40 dollars and we got a deal

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Tfw too ugly to look /fa/
why even live
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You stop being such a little bitch and deal with it.
it's my genetics how
i can't enjoy life
every time i look at the mirror
ps: i'm a skinny manlet too
Then get /fit/, so you can be happy about at least one thing.

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>Go to /fa/
>Get told your outfit is shit by a faggot wearing 90's shit.
Do you guys even know its 2016?
The real cringe is even talking about it when it's not relevant to /fa/

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Boots withs jackets/coats inspo thread
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File: media-20160910 (1).jpg (58KB, 523x698px)Image search: [Google]
media-20160910 (1).jpg
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File: media-20161004.jpg (171KB, 1120x747px)Image search: [Google]
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File: media-20160910.jpg (48KB, 564x564px)Image search: [Google]
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karl cat.jpg
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why are cats the most effay pets?
also effay cats inspo.
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bump. fuck dogs
where is b l a d y b u s ?

File: myfalcongarmentsma-1.png (1MB, 714x900px)Image search: [Google]
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I know I'm breaking protocol by posting a photo of my face unobscured, and smiling no less, but fuck it.

I've had my nylon MA-1 since about April and it's still one of my favorites. I've also got a Navy Calf DR2, will post a photo of that another time.

Might pick up an olive Peacoat, just not %100 on the color wool for the peacoat - anyone got a photo of what the olive might look like?
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Senpai bombers are overplayed into the realm. Only the SLP style Souvenir/Teddy Jackets aren't but not everybody likes the loud design. Every fag on this board has a pea coat but they aren't normie tier yet, a dark one would look better than olive.
hol' up, hol' up. i just remembered something from /fa/ past. remember there was that guy who made slim-fit leather jackets and stuff and advertised them on forums? what was that guy called?
a black person in my white safe space


File: 00Z0Z_lnF9zmcfZTn_1200x900.jpg (134KB, 1200x900px)Image search: [Google]
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So I wanna convince my mom to take these combat boots I got specifically for her. They are iconic steel toe vtg army boots. I need to show her what it could look like. Give me some inspo for mom. She is 60
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File: 00d0d_c7G9Q0ZepHr_1200x900.jpg (109KB, 675x900px)Image search: [Google]
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My mom is old but pretty fashion conscious. How do I get her to wear combat boots? At least in the garden?
Maybe show her some loose/yohji fits
awww thats sweet anon

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