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I copped pic related and need some trainers to go with it, help me out fa I'm gonna do some shopping soon and I'm not sure what footwear to match with it

Also which kind of tops? Was thinking plain white, dark red, grey and navy blue t shirts. Also a few long sleeves, maybe in grey and navy blue.

Would that look good? Mainly need help with footwear but some tees/sweater suggestions would be great
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>>11944607 OP pic is how 510s fit me. I hate that look :(

I need nice skinnies like picrel, but cheap.
Dude. They're black jeans. You're better than this.
I don't only wear those, I have some slightly dark blue slim fit jeans too m8

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At what age did you grow out of cuffing your jeans?

Me? I was 16.
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Fucking shit he ugly
nice man real proud of you best of luck for the future

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Will a trump presidency kill off loosewave / slackercore in favor of more aggressive styles (punk, hardcore, etc)? Considering how cities, 18-35 year olds, and the fashion crowd in general are pretty much entirely liberal, anger towards the now regressive establishment might once again take over style and music. Thoughts?
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it'd be cool.
but you're probably just gonna see pseudo-punk college hipster fatties.
The ones who dye their hair turquoise and wear a leather jacket (maybe with a nose ring too) but are otherwise dressed like your average stereotypical SJW fuckface.

And let's not forget that punks are slackers first and foremost.
You can very easily incorporate loose wave into punk.
Look how loose his suit fits

What is your guys opinion on mens moccasins? Ive always thought they looked really good but everyone else considers them un-professional, am i a minority on this one?
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the style i had in mind with the shoes
It's a casual style. The shoes in particular, but the whole outfit really.
Who cares fit professionalism in a casual outfit?
Don't like em unless you get fluffy ones you wear at home. Wear loafers instead

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w2c self esteem
i used to feel attractive and i still do from time to time. but over the past year or so i've become more and more insecure and more and more depressed. tips on getting my confidence back? anyone got anything similar going on?
i get told i'm not ugly nd catch people mirin but i look in the mirror and just see garbage.

general feels thread too, i guess
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Do you have any circular depressive habits? Like listening to sad music or just never leaving the house? If so, cut that shit out, you don't get anything good from it. If you have friends, do shit with them. If not go volunteer somewhere and make them.
>Do you have any circular depressive habits?
I think browsing 4chan qualifies.
Depressing music is often very good

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Stopped reading there.
I'm thinking about how it makes me sad that white people are becoming to America what Jews were to the nazis

I'm also thinking about how those shoes are okay
>I'm thinking about how it makes me sad that white people are becoming to America what Jews were to the nazis
you can't be serious

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Post clothing that (you) designed
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That's pretty slick OP, but be honest, can you even read Japanese?
it says space in english anon can't you read

File: tisci da gawd.png (597KB, 1196x798px)Image search: [Google]
tisci da gawd.png
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is that some of my favorite drink dripping off the heel?
I didn't ask for your favorite drink

As a skeleton where should I begin to start seeing some muscle and looking more like a toned model than a soft stick man? I have dumbbells and am going to begin body weight exercises but its hard to find advice or a routine for this look, most websites assume I want to keep growing when I just want some muscle to show.
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eat lots of protein, count your calories and just do some pushups/situps/pullups/lunges
stay hidratted
Should I just do body weight exercises whenever I have the time or will I do too much, i am very weak so can see the smallest of workouts straining my arms
Just do what the websites say. You're not accidentally going to turn into a bodybuilder overnight.

Do weight training if you want faster results, body weight training is more about endurance than building visible muscle and becoming toned.

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Post terrorwave bitches
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File: 1475621616432.jpg (225KB, 900x675px)Image search: [Google]
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this film was actually pretty good
this movie was actually pretty shit. why am i not surprised people on /fa/ have bad taste?

I like you

File: il_570xN.1046096976_3i8g.jpg (16KB, 450x450px)Image search: [Google]
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i would prefer not to.
so cop
nobody will get the reference

File: image.jpg (79KB, 688x1032px)Image search: [Google]
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Just copped this hoodie
What to wear with it?
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Why did you go in with no plan?
Is this a new meme of copping shit for no apparent reason and then asking what to wear with it? Do you people not think about what you need, then go out and search for it? Aka I need a metal bracelet watch because I tend to sweat a bit and the leather on my current watch is starting to smell like booootyy.

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Beard are pretty much everywhere, what is /fa/'s opinions on this trend? What are the most /fa/ type of beards?

Any of you guys trying to grow yours out now that its Movember?
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gonna bump with beard inspo
Beards are a slippery slope to nu-malecore.

The /fa/ route is a strong mustache without being curling it up or to keep it clean shaven

File: 1468789827125.png (325KB, 960x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey Friends, Y'all got eyes on any solid Parkas/Longer Jackets this season? Looking for something that looks nice, isn't too bulky, and is suitable to workin outdoors. On a 6 month shoot in Nashville here.
Gore-Tex/Waterproofing is a plus.
Thanks much
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File: 1200.jpg (46KB, 1200x675px)Image search: [Google]
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Damn those are nice, but hard to find retail.
hello late 2014, I missed you

File: IMG_0170.jpg (284KB, 1920x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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Why are Stan Smiths the meme shoe when Sambas are obviously superior?
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because stans work with more things and have an overall cleaner look to them

also because tennis > soccer
The stan smiths have the ugliest fucking toe box ever tho.
>Sambas are obviously superior?
you wish faggot, stans are literally the GOD sneaker

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