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What are for you the most fashionable and out of there band tshirts? (they don't have to be edgy, I search for some inspo)
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This is a classic t shirt for me
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Let me say the basics pants and jeans you should
had already. (Any fit)
Black pants or jeans, dark blue jean, sky blue jeans, neutral blue jeans (not too dark not too pale), dark grey pants or jeans, light grey pants or jeans, khaki pants, dark brown pants, green military pants, a grey swetpants in any grey color, a black formal pants, a blue ripped jeans, a black ripped jeans. (Or just buy a black formal pants and a expensive pair or blue jeans)
Post what basics need to be here
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links to basics of each color.. that sounds $$$$$$$$$$
Black skinnies one or two sizes larger than your own

And that's it
>you should own every single pair of jeans in the world

how do i get the stalin hair without going to the barbers
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get the barber's to come to you
In Tsarist Russia, barber comes to you.
Washing your hair once a week or less gives it great texture.

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box with clothes.jpg
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>Work, Lift, Eat, Study, Sleep
>Not a lot of free time
>Dont know what people wear in the outside world anymore
>Want to subscribe to them things where you order clothes online and then send you shit every month

What is the best one?
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>>Not a lot of free time
>yet still find time out of his day to post on a peruvian fishing forum

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Hey /fa/, another-kid-tryna-make-their-own-brand here.
Im in the works of getting everything fixed up for it but im fucking stumped for how to promote this shit. Ive made an instagram for it but how do I spread the word of it? Im tryna plug the shit out of it on my twitter and im gonna try plastering my town in stickers to get the name around to the skaterboizzz but is there any other things I could/should be doing? Cheers
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>im fucking stumped for how to promote this shit
the only way you are going to make brand that does tees/hoodies/caps etc., you know the same shit everyone else is doing but different logo to fly is to have someone famous to wear it
Why do you think that you'll show 100 people at most and it'll suddenly get around to 100k people, that's not how it works. Invest in proper marketing, you can get tools for social media for like $100 all together and if you have like $1k you can pay for promotion
Make it extremely limited and somehow make an extremely sought-after design. It will get popular on /fa/ and you'll rake in internet cash.

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ITT: cardigan/sweater inspo

how the fuck do i into cardigans?
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INB4 someone goes "hurr durr cuckcore"

That's only if the person is A) A fat cunt and B) Buttons the fucking thing
File: Mens-Slim-Fit-Cardigan-18.jpg (111KB, 634x828px)Image search: [Google]
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whats so wrong about buttoning a cardigan?


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I never wear hats but I bought a MAGA hat a while back and I never wear it because I have no idea how to.
Post MAGA Inspo
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all this last minute shilling is embarrassing. look forward to the election being over and you guys killing yourselves.
Not even shilling I just want to wear a fucking hat.
Why don't you try crawling back inside your mother and wearing her?

Old one gone I think, I miss it. Post your favorite shoes of all time. Pic related, my personal favorite right now
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I don't get the hype for these shoes. Look straight outta Zara
stan smith
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God I wish these were real

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Why do all backpacks look like shit? Gib some interesting looking packbacks pls.
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>asks why [most] backpacks look like shit
>posts shit backpack

to answer your question, because of people like you
thanks for your contribution

still no good looking backpacks in sight
Anello makes some amazing ones

Who else hates his life?

> Tfw you will never live in the dreamhouse you want, travel different countries for business, stay in the executive suite, rotate thousand dollar suits or wear designer casuals in your free time in the Hamptons.
>Never own a Countach, visit fashion week afterparties, fug models or wear a Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calender Chronograph.

What do you do when you're a poorfag with delusions of grandeur?

I cant afford the lifestyle i adore and it hurts everyday.
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>What do you do when you're a poorfag with delusions of grandeur?

I drink and smoke myself to an early death.
Get that money you have delusions about. What's stopping you. All you have to do is make it your goal in life, your driving force, get rich or die trying. Find a way to make money rob do whatever it takes. If you actually want it you'll find a way.
Thats actually quite /fa/

I tried this. I put all my 25k savings into stocks and 3 months later i have 5k left.

I contemplate death everyday senpai.

My need for this lifestyle consumes me.

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Who pulls it off better?

Roadmanz or Slavs?
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faggots trying too hard to be black
slavs are literally the supreme race
slavs ofc
This is like asking who's smarter, a literal retard vegetable or a 230 IQ scientist.

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I'm pale af
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I don't like the brown leather jacket with the black boots

mine were dark grey originally, now worn down quite a bit and therefore lightened
looks cheap and ugly

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is this effay???
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BTEC sport core
Yeah, I would wear these down town AND uptown

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I'm looking for fashionable b&w shoes
Similar colorway to pic
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what's up I don't give a fuck
what do you think of these OP?

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yo dude you cuff your jeans?
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shut up faggot

the le manlet cuff meme
>cuffing both
when will they learn

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