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Want to spark some actual discussion on this board. What Designers or brands ethos Do you identify with the most and why?

Is there any brand that you could 100% only dress in for the rest of your life?

The only brand that I feel 100% this way about is Our legacy. The brand fill in the niche of making borderline ugly normal clothes something i have learned to really appreciate with the rise of "cool" streetwear in brands such as off white and Fear of God. This as my way to distance myself from "fashion kids" who just wear what is trendy and cool
Also what do you think about the impact social media platforms like instagram and tumblr has had on fashion as hobby or lifestyle? it makes me sad to see designers like Raf and Gosha only get recognition for an Adidas collab shoe and T-shirts when there is much more depth in their work. Also the thing that I dislike the most about It is that they have led to simple copy paste styling and mindless trend following (Kanye west and vetements are the first that come to mind) Where brand recognition comes before aesthetical value and turns aesthetical value and personal style into a secondary reason. I think Johnny Johansson the CD of acne expresses it really well " I liked Prince, and I like the way he dressed and he’s been inspiring obviously, but I think there’s something else going on at the moment in these last ten years. It’s been more about branding than anything else. Like if I see Rihanna for instance, you know, it’s just the latest brand. There’s no expression"

Pic unrelated
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Not even memeing. I love both his philosophy and the fact that despite the looks his clothes are extremely easy to wear.
It would be nanamica, very functional and not too causual at the same time plus it doesn't look like they are pushing any ideology, very chill
<OP i can relate as i am a HUGE fan of rick owens but feel kind of discouraged cause i dont really see how you can make one or two rick pieces work with a normal wardrobe as most of his clothes look best worn with full rick/ julius/ damir doma and other designers who take the same approach to clothing as he does.
Great pick i really like the choice of a functional brand if you are going for a brand to ONLY wear in the future

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As a Florida /fa/g how do i dress effay when i can't layer?
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lol i was gonna make this exact thread
it's pretty frustrating actually
i just end up wearing a lot of longsleeve t shirts bc not many people do that here and it's bearable

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Did you wear these shirts in middle school?
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thankfully no
>middle school

desu I have a few of these that I wear just normally. effay as fuck if you do it right.
no, I always thought they were trash

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If you were born with your eyes too far apart or too close together, or the position of your eyes is too high or too low, or your eyes are too big or too small. You're screwed. You'll be called a creep on sight. You "look at people funny".

The worst part about it is the normals will tell you it's all your fault.
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try having a lazy eye
Maybe your eye is just depressed. Have you tried asking how its day was?
at least u can get that corrected lmao

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At what point does the line between fashion and foolishness begin. When people start laughing at you? When people dressed in generic Walmart clothes start giggling? Do you have to hold back on what you wear around others?
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It all depends on if it actually looks effay or not. If it doesn't and you get laughed at, then you'll be seen as a try-hard autist, but if your fit is effay then using the fuck it mentality should benefit you by being deeply loved by a small amount of people where you live.

I get laughed at by what I wear in my small southern town, but girls are always taking notice.

Depends first how attractive you are. Start with that.
It's about attention to the small details. Do the hemlines flatter your height and figure? Does the neckline flatter your face? Does your haircut also flatter your face and hairline?

The more attractive or confident you are, and the better your eye for detail, the more unconventional you can go.

If the guy in the photo wore longer pants and a smaller shirt, he wouldn't look as short.

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Hi guys
Was thinking about getting a bag to always have with me,to put my wallet,camera (not a dslr but a mirorless one or even my canon AE1) and a notepad.
Backpacks are too bulky was going for a waistpack do you guys have any ref ?
Was thinking about thoses ones, 3L might be too much ? dunno
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just get a small canvas bag. i carry a canvas rucksack around, its not bulky because its just one pocket. thinking about getting a seabag like the one from the secret life of walter mitty. also props on the ae1 its a great camera, ive exposed like 3 dozen rolls of film each on my two.

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/Pol/ack here. What do you /fa/ggots think about wearing real fur? I've never worn any but am considering a nice parka with raccoon fur lining the hood for this winter. Is this really any different than wearing leather or is it just a meme?
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fur and leather are patrician

dont listen to buttblasted vegan kikes
Depends on the rest of your clothes

I am a vegetarian, BTW. More of an issue of mass factory meat than anything else I suppose cause I still eat fish and have a laissez faire attitude about others eating meat and have a ton of leather in my wardrobe.

Pic related is the jacket I was thinking of copping.

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how to buy levis?
What is the /fa/ approved cut and wash?
I can't wear skinny jeans because my knots don't fit.
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I just bought a pair of light blue 501s. They're ridiculously comfortable.
Dont, lol. This is cheap walmart trash.
try on the 501, 505 and 550 and see what you like the best

i recommend sizing up

only buy raws or medium stone wash

Where the hell can I pick up a slim-fit Alpha Industries bomber jacket in black? Have they all sold out and become incredibly rare or what? There's literally no UK shop that sells them now.
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>slim-fit bomber jacket

Kill yourself. You either go full bomber buff jacket, or you got suck a dick
>wearing bomber jackets at all

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Haven't seen one in awhile. Lately been into vintage eye wear and hair. thought about the 92 La riots and the Koreans fending their shops.
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Can you recommend some of your favourite outfits, so I can get an idea of how to dress like less of a sperg?

No hipster bullshit, unless it looks good.

I am skinnyfat, and have black hair, I'm also 5 "11 if that helps out.
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>inb4 learn how to dress yourself fag
Post pics
No, this isn't /soc/

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I'm clueless about fashion, which colorway should I pick for this jacket ?
And what kind of pants ?
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>Replacing mommy with strangers on /fa/.

Do you want us to tell you what to eat too?

Go get a consciousness of your own, kiddo.
He's come to a fashion board for fashion advice. You're cancer.
I already picked which kind of boots so be proud of me mom.

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Can we discuss terrorwave?

I like it because I'm kinda bored with fashion and this seems like a cheap and interesting thing to pursue. I could probably put 3-4 solid fits together to experiment with this for a few hundred bucks.

Does anyone have inspo to share?
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Literally go through livestream footage of the Ukrainian thing that happened a while back. So much good terrorwave inspo.
I suggest Varusteleka or kommandostore for your one item of surplus, and thrift stores for your 90s pants/shoes.
Doesn't have to be cheap desu
Designer terrorwave would be the best
>I could probably put 3-4 solid fits together to experiment with this for a few hundred bucks
You mean for 100 bucks or less. This is the kind of look you go thrifting for.

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hey /fa/, i saw pic related and decided i should do the same.

can you refer me to any ocean themed clothes? hawaiian themed shirts are kind of gay so are there any other options?
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issey ss15
File: 2.jpg (377KB, 1366x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 3.jpg (293KB, 1366x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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I saw these pants online for a good price but wondering if they're legit, could someone help me out before I order them? there's only 3 pics but I'll post them all
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Le nom est vraiment gay.

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