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what will happen to FOG, AMIRI, Palm Angel, Off White and every other copy cat when this trend dies
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Disgusting that literally simple shit retards put together is 'the pinnacle of high fashion' to a vast majority of people
I sold a shirt by a band called Fear of God on eBay one time. I had it listed for like $10 and you could clearly see the Gildan brand shirt-tag in the photos, but I got nearly a dozen messages from people asking what season of FoG it was and if it was legit.

absolute fucking morons.
Probably will continue to live on due to fanboyand meme-rapers. Virgil actually has a pretty interesting women-line which he supports thanks to trend-whores.

C.E, Gosha and Undercover will last much longer because instead of hype-riding they at least have an unique aesthetic other brands don't provide (CE with vaporware, Gosha with gopnics, UC with post-punk references).

is zara /fa/?
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It's my favourite
That doesn't even look like a rat, it's obviously a small hand
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>retarded american can tell rat from mouse
>other retarded american asks if the sweatshop company that steals all its ideas from high fashion is houses is /fa/

You tell me. Is pic related /fa/? One is Balmain fw10, the other is Zara shortly after.

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not a single actual fit yet, just tryhard foot selifes, wonder why? could it be they are way too high and look like chick's ugg boots on the feet?

stupid fags were paying $400 on ebay for them and now resale has fallen to retail prices lmao
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it seems like you've taken it personally
just think its funny. did you order a pair? heh
People trying to flip them for hundreds more than retail was probably the dumbest shit this year. Like, I think they're cool shoes but you'd have to be some kind of stupid to pay $600 for "Rare Complex-Con exclusive" shoes that are the exact same as the retail ones going for $185.

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Found a brand new Adidas Boston marathon jacket sitting in my parents house, thoughts?
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$_35 (1).jpg
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Close view on the back logo
>asking other people to define what is cool

That's not cool
It's pretty neat. I don't know if I'd wear it, but it's nice.

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Fellow /fit/izen here.
Anyone know any effay gear for lifting?
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I got you fampai.

Nike Tech Fleece Pants.

Comfy, durable.
Full Rick
> vintage shirt, like a sports team
> fleece shorts

I'm sure the powerlifting/oly threads can give you recs for shoes

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Has the so-called "nu-male" look gone too far?
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how do i avoid looking like a numale?
Steven doesn't look like a nu-male. He's just got kinda old school glasses.
Shave and be fit.

Best Shoes You Had
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new balance
stan smiths
>look good
thankfully they haven't been memed into oblivion in my shithole.

>wearing a vulva on your foot
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A what?
underageb&… I hope.

you're not making any sense OP

Hey /fa/, I wanna get a bigger upper body but in the meantime while I'm just starting to work out, is there anything I can wear under my shirts or sweaters that mimics having bigger arms/chest/shoulders?

Something like pic related but slightly padded in the arms, chest and back/shoulders
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jesus christ
Button up shirts with rolled sleeves.
No, wait until you're swole mole

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reebok club c.jpg
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sneaker thread
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Nike Air Max 97
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These are dope

Here's my latest pickup
stop posting these, they'll become a meme like nigger smiths

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[[[Cop or Not General]]]

Pretty decided on copping the shirt but im split between the brown and the off white one (right to the brown)
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lol dnc any. Why waste money on a name-brand fucking flannel?
looks thin

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generic shirt man.jpg
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ITT: Fashion pet peeves

>buttoning down shirt sleeves when not wearing a neck tie or in a very formal situation.

Doesn't it just feel like a voluntary straight jacket?
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>necktie clip is askew
>mismatched belt and shoes
>suit jacket sleeves exceed shirt cuff when arms are at one's side

They're actually quite comfortable if you get the right fit. They are awful garbage with a garbage fit though I agree.

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Cringe Thread
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File: vlWbwUV.jpg (262KB, 1242x1407px)Image search: [Google]
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Fuccboi final form.

You're welcome.

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trump shirt.jpg
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Buy my meme shirts
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underage b&
make punpun shirts and those will sell
Kill yourself you fucking hypebeast faggot

thoughts about hats like this?
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i like them in theory, but i only ever see them on hipster-instagramer trash

only real way to pull them off is to have great style mixed with a very high-quality fit, can't go cheap zara shit on these

the wider the brim and the more structured it is, the harder it is to pull off
gotta use crisp tailoring with high quality pieces

in fashion, one fancy piece in an outfit lends itself to an equally fancy rest of the fit
fancy hat will look bad with a slobbish fit
kind of how geobaskets look super out of place when worn as plain old sneakers

my buddy pulls off a moderately wide brimmed somewhat floppy hat
works with his kinda casual menswear style and hair

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