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What's the general consensus on pin-rolling?
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Too lazy or broke to get hemmed or prefers that look. Quit looking for validation you insecure twat.
a generally good way to cuff your pants
Do you really need a "general consensus" on fucking pin-rolling? Is this where we're at now? Jesus christ.

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Best product for a hold like this? Moveable without being hard or shiny. Currently use some garnier product, but after a few hours the hold gives out
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Gatsby if you're a poorfag
Hanz de Fuko Claymation
kevin murphy rough rider

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Are eye patches effy?
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Only if you're nuclear.
>tfw want to have facial disfigurements so I can wear patches and masks

Or a really cool scar.
i would say no but if you have a missing eye i would just get a glass eye to replace it

hello i was told to come here to ask my question but i'm still not sure if this is the correct board since i'm not looking for fashion advice

i need to get coveralls for trade school but i've no idea how they're supposed to fit.
i've tried on a size that fits just about right with my normal clothing underneath, but there is resistance in the shoulders when i lift my arms. a size larger gets rid of that problem but is baggy and i end up looking like pic related. i'm worried the bagginess will interfere with whatever i'm working on

is it normal for coveralls to be baggy like this? also do tailors even tailor coveralls?
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why don't you ask /diy/ dude
i did
they told me to come here
oh; I don't think anybody here really wears coveralls, since this board is 99% NEETs

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Here's a link to the /fa/ and /cgl/ Discord for anyone who has been looking for it:

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Why have they created a discord for two tangentially related boards?
if you dont

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My last exploded, decided to try this.
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how did your belt exploded, anon
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So why did Raf make Converse ripoffs again?
>Not nearly as good as Ramones or Ann D.'s Converse-like designs
>Looks kinda cheap in photos

Are they better in person, or what?
I guess this is the same person who stuck an "R" on the side of Stan Smiths ("muh superior leather") and called it a day so it's kind of expected? But still.
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looks like raving shoes, the ones you fuck up badly
only a lil expensive for what they are
Like, I saw these on sale today for about the same prices as normal cons, maybe a bit pricier, but I don't see why you'd buy these at normal price. You might as well get CDG cons or Jack Purcells, save a few bucks, and have a better looking pair of shoes.
Saw them at Neiman Marcus yesterday. They look like ass in person. But I guess if you find them for in the low to mid 100s, they might be worth it.

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>Size down they said
>They're still too big
Sh-should I try and go down 2 sizes? :(
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throw those away and dont buy another pair

Did you actually measure your foot or are you going by your usual Nike size?
I went by my Red Wing size, which I downsized for.

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Why don't you own an Ermenegildo Zegna suit?
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oh trust me i do. i own about 20 emrmengildo zegna ties, a leather bomber jacket, a cashmere coat, 3 dress shirts, and a pair of linen pants. its all pretty well made shit.
tell me more
Why the fuck would the avant teens on this board own or even have heard of Brioni and Kiton and Zegna?

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Came across this fire fit from one of Reddit MFA's top-tier posters. Thought this would be a great thread idea for /fa/.

Post your fits and inspo.
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>implying i have ever had a relationship
This shit is corny as hell. Not to mention how terrible that fits her. This is high school tier.
>this picture was taken at the exact moment a rogue cannonball hit Rebecca Harvith in the back. Her boyfriend, who was present for the tragedy, said that he's "above all devastated that the shot was ruined"

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who finna double up to be honest
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the only real shoe worth buying

Yessir mah nigga ima finna dubbel that sheeeeeeeeit brotha from anotha motha

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Hey, /fa/. I have no sense of style whatsoever and I just want a general opinion of what to wear, and what brands are the best. I heard you guys were good at this, can you help me?
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if you are that pleb just watch Alpha M stuff on youtube. He is the first step if you have absolutely no clue
warning though he's a muh menswear faggot
TMF is another one too and he's an even bigger menswear fag but he pulls it off better
Use alpha M as a basic guide. I find most of his suggestions a little mature and basic but its a great starting point for somebody like you. Once you get an idea of what you like and how you wanna look it'll all come naturally to you.

Another thing to check out is fashionbeans. They update their site regularly and state fashion tips that arent dated

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german ebay
dumb idiot /lit/ crossposter

What are /fa/'s thoughts on stick n pokes?
Show us what you got
>pic related mine I got about 6 months ago, planning on getting some more soon
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Just get a proper professionally done tattoo you hipster dumbass.
I have nothing against stick n pokes (when done right and not with ballpoint pen ink and a safety pin) but man that's a bad tattoo and really weird placement esp. if it's your only tattoo
The photo doesn't do it justice. But yeah it's not the best. Luckily I like them looking kinda shitty

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britbong with low to medium budget this winter, these still in fashion/effay?
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blunt. unfashionable since when?
Double brested jackets tend to make you look fat.

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