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What's the most effay place to put stickers?
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not on a macbook
gaht daym
looks like a little kid's toy computer
On your trapper keeper anon
In the trash.

Post socks, preferably in grey palette, black, white or any colors that look effay.
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w2c nice decently thick (but not hiking sock thick) plain socks
i think i might just cop from uniqlo
I think that Levi's makes pretty decent thick socks.
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Sup lads.
I'm looking into a new winter coat and would like to grab something that has the cav empt style without the $800 price tag.
I'm looking for something black since that makes up the majority of my wardrobe.
Are there any good substitutes or am I gonna be forced to pay 500+ for a decent winter coat?
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lmao just grab a black bomber somewhere for cheap
I've checked around most places; there aren't many (none that I found) that flirt with the graphic look without overdoing it.
Can't think of any other CE brands that do similar stuff. That's why it's more or less unique despite what fa says.

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constructive criticism edition
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>constructive criticism edition

dressing from thrift only wont make you look effay outside this echo chamber and people will just assume youre poor.
also stop trying too hard, you arent a fashion model, looking artsy in the distance only makes you look like you have down syndrome

there is it, 80% of waywt is saved
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This was comfy as all hell
[worried laughter]

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Can I have maga hat inspo?
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can one pull this off without looking autistic?
not unless you're 45 and drive a shitty pickup
Also anyone wearing this hat looks like a fucking dickhead

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Patch Thread: "muh property" Edition


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Please give any feedback you can on the pastebin! Ask questions too, because I'll either write the answers into the text or start adding to the FAQ section
Jesus how much time did you spend on this?
spook shit

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What's an effay way to lace your boots?
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Screenshot (2).png
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i find it hard to take advice from someone that cuffs their jeans
File: 20161127_181751.jpg (2MB, 4128x2322px)Image search: [Google]
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I think I'll just go with this

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Is it ok to wear American eagle underwear if you're in your late twenties? Is it still considered to be a teenage clothing line?
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22 i'm wearing american eagles, really no one cares
American eagle is so basic

Wear Calvin Klein or 2xist
If you're not a model then no one is going to give a shit for what underwear you have as long as it's not tighty whiteys, wear whatever is most comfortable to you

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Suit 1.jpg
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What's the name of this suit pattern called (the one in the right with black and white dots)?

There's a solid black suit on the left for comparison.

I got it yesterday from Zara because I needed a third suit for work, I wanted another suit to be honest but it was considerably more expensive.

Also, do you think it would look good with brown shoes? (Cont on next post).
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Suit 2.jpg
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Here's the pants with brown shoes, do you think the suit is versatile or am I fucked?
Ask stupid questions in fuccboi general
Thats 100% hounds tooth. The Suit will be grand and would probably work with most colours.

Anon I have to ask why the fuck did you buy a zara suit they are shit. Get a Wool one from a Thrift shop it'd last you longer

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Alright losers, I'm only here because you faggots might have some good ideas. I already have a brown leather jacket and a black peacoat. What are some other good types of jackets to get. No faggot shit. I'm in shape so thin jackets can work.
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Great way to start a thread, prick.
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Parkas are popular right now
What do you call these types of socks!?

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Where can i find shorts like this?
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Where can i find a girl like that?
Literally everywhere.
Why would you buy them now though? It's winter.
Bleach dye shorts are just irresistible to me

File: brand-whore-2.png (147KB, 716x438px)Image search: [Google]
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unattractive people who know nothing about fashion, so they just wear brand names constantly. Like I have nothing against liking a brand or whatever but being a walking billboard is not being fashionable. Stop wearing full meme.
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if its japanese its ok tho lmao

I want to get a Hitler jugend haircut but I don't want to show a picture that looks like it's from that era. Do you have any modern pictures of the hairstyle?
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Why would you give a shit cuckboy? You afraid the gay hairdresser is gonna call you a nazi ?
It's a jew and they have good prices
kys legitimately don't exist
I hope you die

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the new fedora
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Except it isn't
look i know you just bought it a few weeks ago and im sorry but it is
Seriously, what's with all the NASA shit recently?

File: 1990s-womens-fashion.jpg (38KB, 600x300px)Image search: [Google]
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Prove to me Modern Streetwear isn't just a glorified retake on 90's ugly fashion with some homeless chic influence.
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why does it matter
Because the elitism in streetwear is killing fashion.
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I don't think you really thought out your question too well

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