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Post your mountainman, ranch hand, ruggedest outfits and inspo.

2017 is the return of the masculine man
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Goddamn where can I get this duffle bag?

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Koreans needed some Christmas gift. You know
How am I supposed to wear it?
in your wallet

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I've done nothing for a few years after high school now, and I want to finally go to post-secondary.

Is going to school for "fashion design" a huge mistake? Has anyone on this board gone to school for fashion, or know people who have? From what I understand, you have to be very good at what you do, and even then you'll still need some luck to "do well".

It's one of the only things that interests me, and then of that small list, is one of the few that I could actually get a job pertaining to my potential degree. I'm too stupid for STEM, English and writing interest me but everyone knows majoring in those is a joke and waste of time. I feel like fashion could be a useless waste of time too, even if I enjoy it. Going to school for something for years and then not making a career out of it doesn't seem like a very good time.
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I have no experience with fashion design so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I've heard it's a pretty demanding career, you need to have a great work ethic and a good understanding of math. Great taste is definitley a key attribute you need to have but it will take a huge amount of effort to actually succeed. Have you ever constructed a piece on your own?
I can sew kind of OK, but I've never designed and put together an original piece before. I suppose that would be a decent place to start, see if I hate it.
I'd never be able to make it but it does interest me

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Not trying to shit on your parade, but there is an immense amount of truth to this. You can certainly do both, but never neglect your body.
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inb4 waves of /fa/ggots get triggered
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who makes these?
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Hey, what's up?

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Anyone have these Meermins? I'm looking for a cheap alternative to slp jodphur and saw these

Are they sleek enough to substitute an SLP jodphur?
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or are the scarosso's better

Just buy slp you faggot

Those have a completely different silhouette
I've tried a few pairs of meermins and they're kinda shit compared to AE, CnJ, Grenson, JFitz. Then again those other brands are twice the cost. Not really relevant, but meermins are kinda shit.

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going to tokyo in mach. staying in shinjuku. any shops/shopping suggestions? or particular items unique to or best bought there (socks, etc.)?
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you want to go all the way to Japan just to buy socks?
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im traveling there for leisure. i mentioned socks bc japan is known for them, e.g. anonymous ism. so i was wondering if there are any other pieces that japan is known for.
nope that's pretty much it

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any suggestions of a winter boot for trekking through the city? no preppy duckboots. something more contemporary and minimal. not something that looks like im going hiking.
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CP Winter combat boot
mono black docs and treat them with some waterproof shit, works fine for me
these are hot but i have like $300 tops to spend

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i legitimately cannot find a winter season coat
Everything looks so shit this year
For the love of God, help me, /fa/
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go to a thrift store
This is relevant to my interests. It's cold as shit here and I need to walk everywhere, need a warm as fuck jacket to warm the cockles of my heart.

how do you go from this
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to this
to deez nuts
from shit

to more shit

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>Le skateboard is for kids may may

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have any of you ever dated/fucked a model? and not some instagram slut with fake tits and 8k followers but an actual high fashion /thinspo/ type girl

how was it? would you do it again?
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M8 I haven't dated or fucked anyone let alone a model
I've masturbated to a few.

Went pretty well, would do again.

What ever happened to this sneaker? It was ahead of its time when it released.
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i still wear mine

might pick up another pair as beaters
Still dope, adidas has killed a lot of hype for most of their shoes that dont have boost. So its nice that stuff like eqts and tubulars are easy to get.
got put on the backburner cuz retro had a pretty big summer for all shoe companies

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Be honest /fa/.

If they weren't limited and were for like $150 you would buy them.
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they are $150 idiot
The 350 releasing soon are 220
pirate black 350s in OP's post were $150 on both releases

So I'm going to travel and I'm looking for the most thicc hoodie as possible. I insist on the thickness. It has been a long time since I look for a hoodie like that. :(

Plz no reigning champ

Thanks !
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wtaps hoodie i have is pretty t h i c c
Camber 441 Industrial Double Thick Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

their jackets are so heavyweight (I have like 4) and that one is double thickness, man. I can't even imagine how comfy it is lol
explain the price tag to me

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