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What exactly happened here?
Do you think apart from the surgeries something in his diet or mental state changed?
He looks good.
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>1. Haircut
>2. Braces
>3. Surgery
>4. Stopped being a kid and become an adult
plus grooming, look at the difference on eyebrows
these are three different people.

you are a total sucker for advertisement

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is it genuinely /fa/ to be skinny, or is it just a meme? i'm about 5ft10 and weigh 120lbs and have always been pretty self conscious about it. i never got bullied at school about it a huge amount but people used to make jokes about it quite a lot. should i try and gain weight, or get more muscles, or something? what is objectively the best look?

another question, is being pale /fa/ as well? because if it is, i'm in luck.
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Being skinny and pale is objectively fa. Have the same stats as you and if you're good looking have good style you'll have no problem at all pulling artsy bitches and twinks
>you'll have no problem at all pulling artsy bitches and twinks
can confirm
>Finally meet a cute artsy girl
>She lives together with her bf
Just end my life

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>already balding (BADLY)
>15 years old facial hair (absolutely shit)

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Do you think you could pull of the Walter White?

If not, start wearing cowboy hats.
shave the facial hair and use minoxidil
been using minoxidil and finasteride for about 3 years now, no result

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effay band/music related shirts
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This one? Or...
File: IMG_1834.png (2MB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 750x1334px

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>mfw I've sold over $10k worth of fake Vetements and Supreme to fuccbois
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Show me your ways. I'm poor as fuck.

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Where to cop an outfit like this? I'm having trouble find the right kind of blazer. Any suggestions?
>Dressing based on anime characters
Okabe is a normie so it's ok.
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>okabe is a normie
definitely not
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This one is Dior
anime autists need to leave

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Which animals are /fa/?
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Mexican Hairless dogs
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>All Dinosaurs
>Pink Dolphins
>Woolly Mammoths
>Sea Monkeys
>Dust Bunnies
>Non-Ugly Humans
>Ashera Cat's
>Homo floresiensis w/ Gigantism
>Sperm Whale
>Valonia ventricosa

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Can an ushanka be /fa/?
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anyone have a pic of these hats with a pea coat?
Only in Russia
da. but only if you have a slim head i guess

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What are some comfy shoes?
I'm a size 11 but for some reason my feet are really susceptible to hurting really badly in shoes and being unable to wear them in, specifically either around the pinky or the back of the heel.
I have one pair of Vans Old Skools that are worn to shit now because they're so comfy, but I want something different.
Can't wear any other vans without pain, can't wear converse.
WHat do
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Try checking if you need orthopaedic insoles, most shoes really shouldn't hurt your feet unless you keep buying weird shoes or have a severely fucked up foot structure
>WHat do
grow a pair of balls
grow a pair of balls and wear uncomfortable as fuck shoes all day ya reckon

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Post your closets /fa/.
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hyi vittu mitä paskaa
File: 4L_Et2pLRU4.jpg (260KB, 1536x1152px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT: Leather sneakers that ffs look good
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The only leather "sneaker" that will ever look good is palladium baggy's, but those could be argued to be boots and not sneakers
did you just arrive from the fedora lounge or something
those look disgusting.
try camper or timberland

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I'm about to buy some basic tees from Uniqlo, do I need to size up/down?

Does their clothes shrink in the wash?

Also, Supima or the normal "packaged dry" ones?
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supima quality is ass now, I wouldn't recommend it.
they're also really stretchy and long while also being pretty tight so I can't really recommend sizing up because of how long they are compared to the width

no idea how the normal ones are
Ascolour makes better blank tees

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Can we talk about this store for a second?
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Isn't this where you say something about it or are you just retarded?...
i like nordstroms
Good shit

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which one is the most fa?
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8 or 19. 10 is nice and simple, probably my favorite, too. I love capes.
Never wear one IRL, though
2,4 ,8,10,17 are god tier
11 and 12 are the best

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How do I know for sure if I am balding? I am asking the already bald dudes of /fa/

>Since July or so see more hairs on the drain after showering, though there is no noticeable thinning (IMHO or maybe I am in denial) or pattern baldness could be observed just yet
>IDK if its just the lighting but when I look in the mirror (with lights above) I could kinda see my scalp
>whenever I pull my hair right now I am able to pull like 1-3 pieces of hair
>just counted the "losses" as I just showered and counted like 35 pieces when I ran my fingers through it and collected the hair (I know I know)

What do? All the males on the dad side of my family is bald, while none of the males on my mom's side is.

When you go bald, does your hair go at once? Or does it take years?
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Rate of hairloss depends on the individual. From what I've read, if your hairline is nearly non-existent before age 30, that's pretty aggressive.

Sure signs are:
1) Hair miniaturization along the hairline
2) Acne/Itchiness around hairline
3) Asymmetry in depth of recession
4) Thinness
look at your parents and grandparents
I have all this symptoms and i'll be bald next year or something (i'm 23)
I can't style my hair how i want anymore but since i started using minoxydil the hair loss has been stopping.

I don't have my hopes really high tough

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