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based kendrick.png
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>Work hard, stay out of trouble, have sex, get a clue.
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whats the deal with his pirate flag?
Didn't he fuck live Morgan or Mandy rose

THE based.

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Sid thread?
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why does he wear lipstick?
https://youtu.be/t-32v4IVHJo Goat Theme

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I need more dumb shit, please help
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>Raven takes 15 minutes to defeat Sasha Botch
>He wins with a fucking knee drop
>100% 5 star match

I thought Fire Pro was suppose to be a realistic simulation. What gives, nerds?
The nerd who made horesetty probably maxed her stats and raven's logic might be off
is this on your cell phone or what?

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where the hell is wrestlemania 34-1999? its not on the network and i cant find it anywhere on the internet.
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Fun fact. Wrestlemania 2000 was the WWFs 2000th ppv counting all of them.
did these retards not have spell check?
Remember when they repackaged the goodwinns and made them Jeff Jarretts bodyguards?

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The beat goes on edition

Highlights/Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DacaVmXioEg [Embed]

Becky getting stretched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd_MXBdqmgA [Embed]

80 Minutes of Becky being Becky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fukhVzFKsA&feature=youtu.be [Embed]

Previous thread: >>3147146
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Good choice of OP
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PS: Fuck Yoshiko
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Act shot first
>insulted /wew/
yes he is right
pussy numale simp

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Based Trips working you into a seethe
>getting so worked by BME you have to make anyone anonymous

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maxresdefault (1).jpg
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Kino doesn't even suffice to describe how good this shit is. New episode lads, get in here.

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Why is vanilla fingerbending midget in the chad club?

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Floyd mayweather
Conor McGregor
Ronda rousey
Canelo Alvarez
Manny pacquaio

Biggest draws

All 5'9 or under
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well yeah basically, he still thinks its 1989 where it was like big guys are the only draw but its a different generation.
>comparing real fighting to man drama
Not one of them is a wrestler, though.
Vince was right.

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kairi cute.jpg
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This is the most beautiful person in the world.
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I fucking hate her.
Weebs seriously need to get standards.
Arms are too far back, about to take her rotator cuffs to snap city.

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It's been done.
His gimmick is that he and his wife are obnoxiously into each other and always doing PDA. How in god's name is "two married people who are so into each other to the point where they're making everybody around them uncomfortable" a cuck. It's literally the exact opposite.

You are so stupid.
His gimmick is that he isn't used.

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Someone should tell him that WCW lost the war, and Austin drew more dimes than the NWO/Hogan
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stop posting threads about yourself
You tell him, cowardly faggot
>Austin drew more dimes than the NWO/Hogan

this is not true

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ITT: Wrestling """"geniuses""" you hope suffer a career-ending and possibly life threatening injury.
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>career ending
>doesnt have one
>Never drew a dime
>Shitty gimmick
>Shitty worker
>Shitty look
>Worked into a shoot by Foley
>Constantly btfoed by Foley
>Cried when he got btfoed by Foley
>a literal who
>Manages to be the Jannetty in a team with an inanimate mannequin head
Somehow still thinks his opinion on wrestling matters. This is like a SyFy movie extra seething at Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel for being unqualified to judge show business.

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owens vs shane.jpg
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>lowest drawing champion vs a non-wrestler is Smackdown's top feud

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>Lowest drawing champion

Pretty sure that's not Nash in the picture, Bub.
You mean Punk?
Owens' universal title run was a fucking failure I'll give you that, but this feud is already 10x better than Shane's was with AJ

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