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I think it's nice that WWE gives retarded people a chance to work and earn a living instead of being stuck in a group home somewhere.
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She'd be earning more as a sex worker
Not with that face.
Yes with that face. There's a market for her type

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because of all the stupid people on this thread, saying certain wrestlers are the GOAT, you need a refresh on reality.
These are the best wrestlers of all time( Not In order)

People that have already cemented their legacy

1. The Rock
2. Stone Cold
3. John Cena
4. Hulk Hogan
5. Triple H
6. Shawn Michaels
7. Ric Flair
8. Bret Hart
9. Edge
10. Undertaker
11. Mick Foley
12. Kurt Angle
13. Randy Orton
14. Eddie Guerrerro
15. Rey Mysterio ( Because kids really loved him)

Current People that can go down in this list

16. Kevin Owens
17. Seth Rollins
18. AJ styles
19. Roman Reigns( if he has an entire overhaul, im giving him a spot because he has the best look over any wrestler in my opinion)
20. Jeff Hardy( Even though he was better back in 09', he still deserves this spot
21. CM Punk( He isn't in the first 15 because he may come back)
22. Cesaro
23. Enzo Amore ( Because he has real talent on the mic)
24. Chris Jericho ( He definetly already earned a spot, but isn't quite done)

People I forgot while making this list
Randy Savage
Roddy Piper
Sgt Slaughter
Daniel Bryan
Dean Ambrose
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im sure i forgot other people, but this is a good start
I would like to hear why Rock is above Austin

considering Rock was always in Austins shadow in wrestling
(Not In order)

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>a 53 year old man is in better physical shape than every single poster on this board
Where have all the real men gone?
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Prove him wrong faggots
I can get in shape, Meltzer can never cure his autism

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Job to young women and have an extra body for house shows
To make Asuka look young and thin by comparison.
She's doing a bad job of it then

Wow, your bros where right, Asian women are gross, I'm going for beautiful white women like this one from now on, fuck NJPW and their fangirls for making me think white women are not attractive.
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Wow breaking news the daughter of Brock Lesnar isn't hot what a fucking break through
loooks like Brock in a wig
5/10 made me google

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Who was the bigger draw?
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None, anti-draws aren't draws.
Probably CM Punk no one chanted for Shitman Shart 5 years after he left and most like trips being off camera
HHH but they all were pretty bad. Shitman Fart undoubtedly the worst of the 3

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I miss that theme, it was fucking based.
For here comes the pain this was the main theme song.

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>le overthinks a carny business man
Why does Al Snow think he's some sort of genius? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4KPNqybebh0
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Because he was the leader of a stable called J.O.B. Squad (as in jobbers, but you already know that you business ruining smarks) and was mega over because he always gave the crowd Head.
cause if it wasnt for wrestling hed be an alcoholic mechanic in ohio
Would you watch an Al Snow shoot if he didn't use a controversial gimmick?

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I know it's kinda on the nose but would Vince consider bringing this Character back just to maybe capitalize on the whole IT thing?

I would mark for a new wrestler to take the Doink gimmick and bring it back

I think either Curtis or Bo would be a great choice
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If we were talking any other promoter it'd certainly be possible, but:
>being aware of any pop culture past 1987
There's the stories about Vince finding out about Gladiator around 2002-2003 and wanting to do something with it, only to be told the film had long since worn out its welcome, to name one example.
he's just an old man...
No one can fill Matt Bornes shoes

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Is there a title with more prestige than this in wrestling?
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Let me guess, a fucking ladder is now champ in DDT?
no ya mark

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Why people like him again?
>retarded theme
>happy go lucky pukeworthy gimmick/attitude
>nothing special in the ring, power, presence and move wise
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Was it a work?
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Reminder if the Shawn Michaels didn't exist Owen Hart would be alive
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he ding-dong diddly giving a necrophilia blow job?

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Jesus fucking Christ. How could you? How could you hate this man, /asp/?
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dave confirmed patrician taste. all goofs destroyed
What a fucking creep.

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ITT: Favorite mid-card themes.

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*works your dick into a shoot*

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