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Look in my eyes, what does /asp/ see?
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a quieter
A failure in the UFC
the cult of ding-dong diddly

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ITT: Old /wooo/ memes from before we fingered our sister, contacted autism, and started browsing /asp/ instead
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/woo/ is not very funny
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I've non ironically never visited that place, it sounds like the neogaf of rasslin'

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Is he a draw?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>Trinity: In Christian doctrine, the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons in one Godhead.

Cool story, but where does he fit in?
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Isn't God his son at the same time? Who fucking knows.
He was begotten, not made, so the Son always existed. The Father just decided the time and place of the incarnation. Jesus is supposedly the "Son of God" but before that his soul (oor something) was "God the Son" but not really "the Son of God".
Ok, cool thanks. That was actually really informative. Anyways: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHXgNn18z90

Should Bray Wyatt embrace his growing juggalo fanbase?
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> This guy had an affair with young Jojo
>Bray and Jo
What else?

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Russo? Yes

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*e-begs for new computer*
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You sure do seem to keep up with Russo, he must be living in your head rent free. And that was Jeff Lane.
>not receiving a free PC from someone online
What a mark, bro
ya ding-dong diddly worked by Vinne Ru Tha God

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Rematch on Raw?
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maybe on 205 live

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why did she have to ruin her body with those ugly boltons?
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Is that Kaitlyn? Her WWE era fake tits were perfect. They didn't become disgusting until after she retired.

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Has anyone noticed that the Mods have been somewhat better lately? By that I mean they're starting to notice certain posters and threads being cancerous and have been deleting shitposts more frequently. Has anyone else noticed this? Also, general discussion on ways to improve thread quality.
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The inside jokes are really unfunny here. le yelissa has run its course.
You need to go back. Your kind isn't welcome here.
They deleted at least 20 threads yesterday

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How is Onita so Based, lads?

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He's retiring soon
LOVED this match
>When he is super late into his career and is tagging with the Great Tam who is the idol protégée of the old broken down deathmatch wrestler
Cutest gimmick desu senpai

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>Cena/Miz feud
>Miz regularly goes after Cena not having kids with Nikki and not committing to her.
>Cena responds that Miz doesn't have any kids either and insinuates that Miz is "shooting blanks".
>Fast forward to August, Maryse is pregnant.
>People typically wait to announce they're pregnant for 10-to-12 weeks, roughly three months.
>Three months ago was mid may, about a month after Cena beat Miz at Wrestlemania.
Did Cena peer pressure Miz into getting his wife pregnant?
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He probably thought that he was going to be taking a lighter load for a while after carrying the IC title for a year. I doubt he expected to have to carry it again so soon.
Based Cena working smarks into upping the white birthrate
Maryse has said that she wanted to make up for the time she lost while Miz was on the road. It's not unthinkable that they'd decide to hold off on kids as their careers reignited. Cena politicked that promo since Miz completely btfo'd him before every week after that.


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Real talk: She is not conventionally attractive, she's not a model. What she is is interesting and intriguing. Its a face you could laugh with and eyes you could get lost in. She's REAL.
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I'd rather a chick that looks like her than some random vanilla plain boring barbie blond #52
she looks 1000 times better with long hair. i'd smash
normally i find tattoos and piercings repulsive but i want to fuck this bitch silly. why?

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>cage match with a door escape
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It has to be the dumbest rule to a match.
> The imposing, intimidating steel cage! 15ft tall, once you're in your only means to escape is to scale the cage and reach the outside!
> Or you can just ask the nice man at the door to open it for you
> Royal Rumble where you can just stay on the outside as long as you want
"Man, I can't believe I drew number 5, what a crappy number. Wait, I could just stand outside the ring and let it fill up.
to be fair, anyone coming in after you could just throw you into the ring

Also general wrestling fans fun making thread
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Reminder that your need to mock fellow wrestling fans is actually rooted in self loathing.
You should try not hating yourself so much.
Yes, because I'm an autistic nerd with a family that spergs to wrestlers every day for attention. Spot on reminder fella.
Maybe, but Christian is legitimately insane and deserves the mocking.

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